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Anarchy Is Apocalypse, Claim The Powers That Shouldn’t Be [VIDEO]

“DO NOT TRAVEL TO CHERAN, MEXICO” Those are the official words of warning issued by the benevolent US State Department to all Americans. We know the government doesn’t like competition, so whenever a community organizes peacefully and prosperously without a big brother state extorting them, it’s time to ramp up the propaganda machine… for your…

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What The Puppet Masters Don’t Want You To Know [VIDEO]

Conspiracy theories: they’re a viral internet sensation. Most people either love them… or love to hate them. Say what you will about this emerging era of hyper-skepticism, but one thing is for sure: the powerful “elite” have given us ample reasons not to trust them. And sometimes, the greatest deceptions are lies by omission. I…

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The Government Is Lying, The Dollar Is Dead [VIDEO]

Have you ever thought about how much you are being lied to? Many years ago I went on a traveling spree, venturing beyond my “homeland’s” borders to about 70 other countries. It was during a time in my life when I’d begun to realize that not everything the government and mainstream media said was necessarily…

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