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Congress Moves To Ban Cryptocurrency, Crypto Skyrockets [VIDEO]

Did you hear about the con-gressman who’s rallying his gang in the District of Criminals to ban cryptocurrency? It’s true! Bradley Sherman is literally threatening to make you a criminal for buying your mom some bitcoin for Mother’s Day. Sherman thinks you should be locked in a cage for HODLing… Sure man! 👌 Here’s My…

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You Paid The IRS? You Got Scammed [VIDEO]

Taxpayer beware! If you sent money to a shady group known as the Internal Revenue Service recently, or ever, I have bad news… you’ve been scammed. This is not a joke. The truth is, you aren’t really ‘paying’ them, rather, they’re extorting you. If you’re employed in the US, maybe the IRS actually returned a…

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Bitcoin Is Still The Libertarian Dream, Says Jeff Berwick

Finance Magnates interview with Jeff Berwick, by Michael Pearl: Money, in its various forms and modifications, is at the core of the argument between socialists and capitalists, between libertarians and authoritarians, and so on. Ayn Rand, the Jewish-American Philosopher and writer, and the guru of many economical liberals had a very specific definition of money in…

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How To Live Free As A Perpetual Traveler [VIDEO]

One of the USSA’s primary strategies for preserving its power is the demonization of other nation-states. Without opposing governments threatening to take out yours, how else could they justify arbitrary borders, the TSA, passports, or even taxes, social security numbers, and all the other rackets we’ve come to expect from the state? No more prevalent is this…

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