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The Media and Police Finally Admit Someone Died from Underlying Health Conditions... And It Was...

BOOGALOO - Plandemic Losing Interest... So Now Here Comes Civil War, Martial Law and the Troops

They've Taken Your Job, Your Business, Your Freedom and Now They Are Coming For Your Social Security

CDC Admits COVID Death Rate for Healthy People Is 0.02%!

George Orwell Is Rolling Over in His Grave as the World Becomes More Dsytopian Than 1984

Welcome to our New Normal - Social Distancing Crowns, Bumper Cars and Pac-Man Eating Masks

Dr. Faux-ci Disappears as their Whole Scam Unravels In Front of Us and Youtube Implodes

Fake Sky News Report On Mexico City Crematoriums and Death Counts Exposed #filmyourhospital

COVID19 CATASTROPHE- We Need To Take Back Our Sovereignty Before It Is Too Late

IMPORTANT INFO Trust the Health Experts and Report All Cheek Kissers!

PLEASE SHARE - Italy Calls For Bill Gates to be Charged with Crimes Against Humanity

Wear Your Pool Noodles and Take Your Shot... Or Get On The Bus to the Camps

COVID19 - Civil War, The Destruction of the Dollar, Halvening and The Rise of Crypto

Here Come's Greta!... And Other Coronavirus Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Important Info on The Importance of Face Masks Until Bill Gates Has Vaccine Ready To Sell