Experts Warn: Time is running out. If you don’t protect your assets now, it’ll be too Late.

Protect Your Gold, Silver, and other Precious Metals

Real World, Practical Advice to Buy, Sell, Store, and Transport Your Precious Metals in all Corners of the Globe. Even if You Don’t Think You Have a Big Stockpile.

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All Signs Point to Financial and Economic Collapse...

And even if collapse isn't inevitable, currency decline, capital controls, and being treated like a criminal just for protecting yourself, have already begun in full force.

  • Time is Running Short

    As destruction of fiat currency accelerates, your desperately indebted government has no choice but invoke currency controls, so a time may come where it’s a crime to transport your gold and silver out of the country.

    Ask Tom M., who spent a week in a Mexican prison and then another week in an immigration detention center. No…he didn’t steal a car…or rob a bank…or even get a speeding ticket. He was detained for weeks for carrying around his own gold coins!

  • The System's Rigged Against You

    The entire western financial system is built on debt… it’s an anti-capitalist system set-up to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    It started in 1913, when Woodrow Wilson was bribed by the same ultra-wealthy banking families who have raped and pillaged innocent citizens for years. The bribe was to allow these families…the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, etc… to enslave the people of the U.S. with The Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue Service.

  • The Financial Game is at an End

    Government debt is rising to stratospheric and unpayable levels. The government has no choice but seize the assets of their citizens ito pay for ridiculous governmental debts and obligations.

    The entire monetary & financial system is headed for an end game scenario and the financial debacle of 2008 was just the beginning. If you hold your precious metals solely in the country in which you are a citizen, you’re putting all your eggs in one very fragile basket.

But You Can Be Protected if You Take Steps to Internationalize Your Gold and Precious Metals Now

Download our Free Guide to Discover Exactly How Even in these Difficult Times, Anyone can Get Their Gold Out of Dodge Quickly, Easily, And Legally

  • 1

    It Just Makes Sense

    Even if you don’t believe gold confiscation or heavy taxation is in the works, it still makes sense to get a sizable percentage of your precious metals outside of, and sheltered from, the control of your own government. Anything can and will happen in the coming years, as the fiat monetary system collapses and you definitely do not want to get caught without options.

  • 2

    The Information You Need... Right Now... Today...

    Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge took over nine months to research and is packed full of up-to-date insider information on the most intelligent, economic, safe and secure ways of buying, selling, storing and transporting gold (and other precious metals) throughout the world.

  • 3

    The Future Is Bright... If You're Prepared

    If you are able to preserve and accumulate wealth during the pending financial collapse, you will be offered the greatest buying opportunity of our generation. The insider strategies to create massive wealth include being in a position to take advantage of such opportunities, and it starts with safely protecting your assets.

  • 4

    Available Free for a Very Limited Time

    This powerful report normally sells for $44.95, and is more than worth every penny. But for a limited time, and only on this page, you can download this life changing information completely free.

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Get All This Free Information and More

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  • The basics of buying and selling gold and silver in every form.
  • A complete review of all the best companies worldwide for precious metals purchase on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Storage options worldwide to best secure your gold… and in many cases, in a very private manner to insure your financial privacy.
  • Information and dozens of real world examples from GYGOOD readers on the good, and the bad, that happened when they tried to transport gold to and from locations around the world. Learn about the critical things that you must do, as well as the things to avoid, when you transport your own precious metals. The info in this report can be the difference between a comfortable journey and uncomfortable jail time.
  • A full list of resources to help you get started with diversifying your precious metals internationally.

What Others are Saying About this Amazing Guide Book

“Great report. I can tell a lot went into it. I have spent the last year learning a lot of what you include in the report the hard way. I would consider myself extremely above-average in knowledge of this subject-matter, and still I gleaned a whole bunch of new info from your report!”


“I thought I was the only one who knew how important this info is… thank you for showing me I am not alone and providing me with some great info & tips I hadn’t considered”

Cheryl K.

“No one else has put all of this information in one spot. Thank you for simplifying my search for this info.”

Matt H.

“Thank you so much for clarifying what is an often nebulous thing… figuring out how to buy and sell gold internationally, store it internationally and how to transport it as well. Considering the amount of gold I own and wish to diversify the price of the report is a drop in the bucket and well worth its weight in gold”

Victor D.

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Buy, Store, Transport, and Protect Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals Now, Before it is too Late.

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Download Your Free Guide Now

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Get Your Complete Guide to Internationalizing Your Gold and Silver


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