Did Donald Trump Really Just Sign The…

into Federal Law?!

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From the desk of Jeff Berwick

The Dollar Vigilante

April. 10, 2020

See this picture?

That’s President Trump signing decades of your hard-earned wealth into oblivion. 

While the terrified sheeple jump for joy over their $1,200 “Corona Check”...

You and I know the economic terrorism really taking place.

$2 trillion in Universal Basic Income (UBI) stimulus for the slave class of the now 16 million Americans on unemployment (so far)… 

Including $25 billion in bailouts to the already struggling airline industry... And industry struggling due to stock buybacks and more bad management.

(They actually had the balls to call it the CARES Act. How cute.)

Of course, we’re merely repeating history here…

Hyperinflation and failure is an inevitable FACT of life for fiat currencies… especially when it gets printed into oblivion.

FACT: every single fiat currency in history has failed!

The dollar is no exception.

Over the coming days, every single dollar you’ve worked your entire life to save... will become the world’s most uncomfortable toilet paper.

By now, you might be thinking...

“Whatever, Jeff. You’ve been saying this for 10 years… Tell me why

I should pay close attention now.”

Well, because, look around... My predictions have been right on the money for the last 10 years.

And now its especially obvious the dollar hyperinflation crisis will pour down hard in 2020 and beyond.

Why am I harping on it even harder now?

Because now that you know what’s really happening behind the scenes of this plan-demic, I want to arm you with three actions you must take immediately to protect (and even grow) your wealth during the U.S. Dollar Hyperinflation.

Sound good? Good.

You probably remember this picture...


Ahh yes, the German hyperinflation crisis of 1923.

The cost of a loaf of bread rose to 4.6 million paper reichsmarks. 

It was literally cheaper to burn money instead of firewood for cooking.

Along with the currency, the life savings of every German citizen went up in smoke. Only those smart enough to secretly hoard gold and other precious assets maintained their wealth. Hint hint.

It was a Central Banker’s wet dream! Bankrupt the populace so they’ll do whatever you say.

Sure as shizer... the U.S. is hurtling towards an identical scenario.


Can you guess which 3 factors triggered German 1923 hyperinflation?


  1. The German government was in uber-deep debt after the first world war.

    To make things worse, the rest of Europe was demanding reparation payments for post WWI damages. Germany was broke.

Sound familiar?

The current U.S. National Debt is $24.2 Trillion and American personal (mortgage and consumer) debt is at $20.4 Trillion. Credit card debt alone has reached $1.1 Trillion.

America just can’t get enough debt! It’s growing faster than an Obama-drone can blow up an innocent Iraqi child.


2. They played on the fears of their population to make them terrified about what was coming next.

Then they gave the scared population an enemy and whipped their people into such a frenzy they'd call the police on neighbors to get hauled away to internment camps... And do anything else their government asked of them.

Sound familiar?

The media has given the world a new enemy... A plan-demic they're playing over and over again... All to get people more and more terrified.

Right or wrong, people are willingly placing themselves and entire countries under martial law and house arrest.

They're so scared they're calling police on neighbors who dare break curfew to go for a walk on the beach.

And their begging their government for more laws, more rules, and more "help".


3. The German government printed unbacked money faster than the Hitler Youth could stab a puppy.

Sound familiar?

While the Federal Reserve isn’t technically printing money, they’ve been doing something MUCH worse since 2008.

The Federal Reserve Bank’s
Hardcore Heroine Addiction


In 2008, the crazy crack heads at the Fed swooped in to stop the economy from total collapse by “printing” more money.

It’s called Quantitative Easing (QE). 

Basically, the Fed wires money to banks in exchange for bonds. The Fed is totally hooked on QE as a tool for economic stimulation.

If they stop hitting the QE crack pipe, the economy would probably collapse… and fast. And the Fed knows this.

Like crack, QE kinda gets your economy high for a while....

But just like every drug addiction, they keep needing more and more QE to get the fix.

That’s why today...

The Fed Pumps $160 Billion PER DAY Into US Banks
(this hasn't happened since 2008)


Here we are repeating history AGAIN.

In 2007 the repurchase (repo) market seized up. The Fed swooped in and injected billions of dollars to save the bankster’s asses.

This triggered The Great Recession of 2007/2008.

And it just happened again...

A few months ago, the repo market got weird again.

The Fed started forcing $160B per day into the banks to help keep them operating. No surprise. They’re injecting more QE heroin into the system to prevent the fake economy from going into drug withdrawal.

And now?

The plan-demic is giving them the perfect excuse to print TRILLIONS.

Listen, The Fed only has 1 solution to anything: 

Print. MORE. Money.

This debases the value of the currency, and we all know how that ends up.

Just like the fall of ancient Greece…

Just like the collapse of the Roman Empire…

Just like 1923 German Hyperinflation…

The “let’s devalue the money” game always, always ends with a CRASH.

Which makes you wonder...


How Soon Will The U.S. Dollar
Inflate, Crash, And Become Obsolete?


Personally, I think we’re weeks away from a major hyperinflation event.

(not years or even months anymore)

When it happens, the U.S. dollar will become officially worthless.

People will finally accept the U.S. dollar as garbage and The Federal Reserve will lose all power.

Burn it, wipe your ass with it, but don’t expect to buy anything of value with U.S. dollars.

Question is…

How will life go on?

Something else will have to replace The U.S. dollar… 

...and that’s where it gets really exciting.

Gold could become a medium of exchange again…

But a single gold coin is already worth around $1,500.

That won’t be very practical unless you need 3,500 loaves of bread a week.

Silver could make a come back…

But the supply of physical is pretty tight (probably because guys like you and I are hoarding it all).

When the fiat hits the fan, a NEW type of money will be needed.

What will become the NEW means of exchange?

You guessed it...



Do you have any crypto yet?

I hope so.

Because owning crypto today is like having an email address back in 1995.

Back then, only nerds used email. It was a novelty. A toy.

Until AOL came along and mainstreamed it.


Remember this?....

Remember this?
Remember this?
tenor (1)

Today, email is a primary means of communication.

Crypto is very similar... And THIS is only the beginning.

Of course...

The idea of crypto breaking into mainstream might have you saying...

“Hold On Jeff…
What About The Stupid Sheeple?”

Yes. The average person doesn’t use crypto… yet.

Buying, trading, and using crypto is pretty complex. 

For now…

Just like setting up a dial up modem to send emails was in 1995. 

Nobody had the skills to use it. 

Now look at the world today...

Your grandmother emails you chain letters and cat pictures.

Crypto is similar, however… 

Lucky for crypto, it has thousands of hungry crypto entrepreneurs already creating:

Crypto Exchanges

Crypto Converters

Crypto Casinos and Games

Crypto Trading Apps

Even big corporations are wising up. 

→ Amazon now accepts Bitcoin


→ Starbucks lets you buy coffee with Bitcoin


→ Facebook launched their own (shitty) cryptocurrency


→ Jaguar/Land Rover even has their own coin.

It’s easy for any person to clearly see the...

Crypto Dominos Are Stacked
And The Tipping Point Is Near


With the national debt in the trillions…

The Fed juicing the banks with billions in QE…

Sluggish REAL economic growth despite interest rates at all-time lows...

It won’t take long for hyperinflation to take hold... 

And for U.S. Dollar Empire to finally collapse.

Clearing the way for crypto to become the primary means of exchange.

Just like email became the primary means of communication.

Don’t get me wrong... 

Gold, silver, and other precious metals are great. 

You should get them into your portfolio because they too will grow in value.

That said…

Owning, Trading, And Using Crypto
Will Be THE Most Lucrative Activity
After The Dollar Collapse


Especially when the next crash pushes the dollar over the cliff.

In fact, many investment experts believe the cryptocurrency represent the greatest wealth creation and wealth-transfer mechanisms in human history!

Right now, crypto is ALL over the map.

Bitcoin is stagnant. Then it’s UP. Then it’s DOWN.

Trust me, I’m frustrated too.

That’s when I STOP…

And remind myself of the BIG picture…

This is still only the beginning.

There is massive profit to be made in many cryptocurrencies.

The key is knowing WHEN to buy, WHEN to sell, and WHEN to hold…

That’s exactly why I spent the last two years hunting down the most knowledgeable, savvy crypto experts I could find…

And it’s why I started happily forking over piles of money to “Crypto Millionaire Makers” Rafael LaVerde and Mr. X to provide me with the most accurate crypto advice money can buy.

If you haven’t met Rafael or Mr. X…

Let me just say these guys are good.

Like, really good at predicting crypto trends.

While everyone else publishing crypto news fills your head with inaccurate, confusing bullshit leaving you with even more doubt and uncertainty…

Personally, I want the BEST guys tapping me on the shoulder telling me…

“THIS Is The Bottom For Bitcoin BUY NOW!”

Because crypto has almost hit rock bottom, and is still extremely undervalued, NOW might be the best time for you to buy and make yourself a crypto fortune…

But you want to do that very carefully.

Last year, after learning about the pitfalls of dirty cryptos and also seeing the massive opportunity institutional investment into cryptos would be in 2019…I decided to get even more serious about navigating cryptocurrency investing and trading with more skill and anonymity.

That’s why I spent the last two years hunting down the most knowledgeable, savvy crypto experts I could find…

And it’s why I started happily paying the consulting fees of  “Crypto Millionaire Makers” Rafael LaVerde and Mr. X to provide me with the most accurate crypto advice money can buy.

First, let me just say these guys are good... Like, really good at predicting crypto trends.

While everyone else publishing crypto news fills your head with inaccurate, confusing bullshit leaving you with even more doubt and uncertainty…

Crypto Insights From Rafael And Mr. X Are Turning Investors Into

Now, before I reveal how I’ve persuaded them to share their advice with Dollar Vigilante members at a deeply discounted rate...

Let me tell you why I listen to Rafael and Mr. X when I want to profit from cryptocurrency… even when it’s taking a huge dump.

Rafael LaVerde


Rafael’s track record speaks for itself...

Although today he knows our educational system is designed to brainwash us, he became a thought leader in cryptocurrency while pursuing both a Masters in Philosophy and a Masters in Psychology.

That’s when Rafael dove into crypto head first… and started heavily buying Bitcoin when it was worth $4.

After proving himself as a die-hard Austrian Economist, anarchist, and early crypto expert, he was asked to join BitAngels where he saw inside hundreds of crypto start-ups.

Rafael saw the good, the bad, and the ugly…

After advising over 100 crypto start-ups, he was part of the DApps fund where technologies like Storj, Ethereum, and MaidSafe were presented to investors throughout the world for the first time.  

BitAngels and the DApps fund were pivotal in expanding creative entrepreneurship by creation of smart contract platforms in the STO and ICO markets.

Rafael now spots huge opportunities and smells ICO scams from miles away...

That’s just one reason why he’s the first person I call if I have ANY questions about where crypto is headed and the daily decisions I make.

The Anonymous Mr. X

blk and white mr x

15 years ago, Mr. X was just an IT network security specialist…

For an IT professional like him, cryptography and blockchain technology became like the “ABCs” are for you and me.

That’s probably why his trades are producing results like these:

→ In 2011 he discovered Bitcoin and started buying and mining heavily when it was under $1. Even if he had cashed out at the $3,179 low last December, Mr. X still would have made a 317,900% gain. Not bad, right?

→ He traded the 2013 Litecoin pump, riding it from $1.11 to $48 over a three month period. He called the bottom AND the top and profited on both, delivering 4,224% gains for himself... and his clients.

→ He discovered and started recommending his clients buy Monero when it was at $0.40 in 2015… Suddenly, it shot up to $500, making 124,900% gains for both himself and his clients.

Today, Mr. X trades crypto and advises private investors full-time.

Even now as crypto keeps trying to break out, he’s profiting nicely on day trades. He’s helping clients like me do the same by sharing his daily updates with us.

Mr. X is fully anonymous and plans on staying that way. This is a huge advantage for you and me because he can move back and forth between the Dark Web and public Internet without risk. He’s bringing previously hidden insights and trends to the surface for you and me to profit from.

So, is it luck that sets Mr. X and Rafael apart from other crypto experts?

Absolutely not.

It’s their deep, deep knowledge of cryptocurrency, cryptography, and blockchain on both technical and fundamental levels that allow them to continually create fortunes for themselves and their clients.

Not luck. Not speculation.

To be honest, these guys are extremely humble crypto geeks. They HATE it when I brag about their success like this, but I needed you to know why I consider them to be...

The Most Savvy (And Wealthy) Crypto Experts On Earth

That’s why I’m excited to share their insights with you...

I’m honored they’ve decided to go a bit out of their comfort zone of private consulting to help my fellow investors and traders here at The Dollar Vigilante.

I knew that most people wouldn’t be able to afford their consulting fees for technical analysis and daily tips...

Lucky for us, these guys don’t have much interest in helping rich men get richer to buy more Lamborghinis.

Been there, done that. Over it!

No. Rafael and Mr. X are hardcore anarcho-capitalists like me.

They believe cryptocurrency is THE MASTER KEY for busting humanity out of the economic prison created by The State.

They know that cryptocurrency (if used properly with FULL anonymity) has the power to break the chains of slavery that the central bankers have wrapped around us so tightly.

That’s why I’m excited, and extremely honored to introduce…

The Crypto Vigilante Newsletter

The Crypto Vigilante is your expert looking glass into the world of cryptocurrency trading and investing.

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Option 2:


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