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Ed Bugos’ Market Thoughts – FOMC Pumps Smoke to Reassure Bond Bulls

By me | August 12, 2010

But there was no change in policy.

The Fed put out a balanced view… essentially that there is growth but that the pace of recovery “has slowed in recent months,” citing high unemployment, sluggish home values and investment in “nonresidential structures”.  It even pulled out the deflation bogeyman by complaining that bank lending continues to contract.  Despite all this, however, it still anticipates the economy to recover –at a more modest clip than formerly expected.  And of course, there is no threat from inflation.

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Wake Jefferson Back Up + another iPod track

By me | August 6, 2010

Yesterday we resurrected Thomas Jefferson to give him a glimpse of what has transpired in the USA in the last 300 odd years since he wrote the Declaration of Independence.  After seeing just a few items he had a heart attack and died again.

Well, let’s wake him up, just one more time!  I gotta see his expression when he sees today’s headlines!!

Portland Lemonade Stand (Run by 7 year old) Runs Into Health Inspectors, Needs $120 License to Operate

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Resurrection + another track for your iPod

By me | August 5, 2010

Oh how I wish I could resurrect people.  The hypothetical question is often asked, “If you could bring one person in history back from the dead and have a conversation, who would you choose?”

I know who I’d pick!  Right now!  Bring back Thomas Jefferson, my favorite of the “founding fathers” of the US and the principal author of The Declaration of Independence.

Why?  I just think seeing the look on his face after he took a quick survey of his United States of America would be priceless!

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