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Where the Magic Happens – The Importance of Attending Investment Conferences

By me | May 6, 2011

I was recently asked by friend and son of the man who owns one of the top investment conference companies in Canada if I would run an article published by him.

I quickly scanned the article and was about to tell him no.  After all, he didn’t attack governments or central banks at all!

But I agree very much with what he is saying.  And he is making an important point to investors that I do wish to pass along.  The point is this: If you are a serious investor in the sectors of the stock market that we cover (precious metals, commodities, agriculture, energy) you should make a point of attending a minimum of one or two conferences per year.

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Rejoice! The War on Terror is Over!

By me | May 4, 2011

Despite my fact-based reservations about Osama bin Laden’s involvement in 9/11, the announcement of his killing, which also hasn’t been very convincing, seems to have convinced the majority of the masses.

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Osama bin Laden and 9/11 – You Can’t Handle the Truth

By me | May 3, 2011

Note: I’ll be appearing on Jay Taylor’s “Turning Hard Times into Good Times” radio program on Voice America at 4pm Eastern today.

I couldn’t have been in a worst place when the news hit.  I was not only in the US but about to spend my day in and out of US airports, where CNN shreaks at you from every TV screen.

We got him, they shouted!

We removed him from the battlefield, said more than one US military speaker.  Are million dollar mansions “the battlefield” now?

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