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If you have arrived at this page then you, at the very least, have sensed something is very wrong about what your financial advisor, the government and the mainstream media are telling you. There is no way to “sugarcoat” this: 2020 has been “marked” as a fundamental shift towards a One World Economy. Even the Economist’s 1988 cover speaks to the coming terror.

So I am no longer alone in my predictions. My voice was a very lonely one in 2015 when I first alerted the world to the coming economic turmoil and eventual collapse. This year our content is more critical than ever. You can understand generally the unsettling challenges you face in keeping yourself and your family safe and prosperous, but our TDV newsletter gives you the details.


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Run Do Not Walk from the UK… And Ben Bernanke Continues to Destroy the Planet

By me | October 8, 2010

Hello Dollar Vigilantes,

I received an email from Stefan, a new subscriber, today.  He was traveling in London and he came across some newspaper headlines that he couldn’t help but forward.

It was a front page story in the UK’s Daily Mail stating, “Every Little Helps: Six Year Old Girl Sends Her Tooth Fairy Money to Government To Pay The National Debt“.

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Not Expecting Miracles From the G7

By Ed Bugos | October 8, 2010

Good Day,

Ed here, writing in from rainy and cold, Vancouver, BC.  Somehow that just doesn’t have the same sex-appeal as Acapulco.  At all!

But the constant drizzle that normally goes on for 8 straight months here is more conducive to staying inside and pouring through reams of data, news and analysis.  Which may explain why I am sitting here blogging well into the evening while Jeff is AWOL somewhere in the tropics.

But I digress.  Let’s take a deeper look into the markets today – they finally took a breather.  Not much, but there was more red on my screen than I’ve seen in a long time.  I was beginning to wonder if my monitor was broken, it had been almost solidly green for weeks now.

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The Obamas and Gold Breaks Out From Range

By me | October 7, 2010

Hello Readers,

I am happily nestled into my enclave 30 stories above one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Acapulco bay.  I’m always in a good mood when I am here but gold and the precious metals stocks have me in a better mood than even is normal.

I want to get straight to talking about the relentless rise of gold but first I wanted to make a few observations on America’s first family.

Obama’s Looking Haggard

I came across this photo of Barack and Michelle Obama from recently and my reaction was simply: Wow, they are looking bad.

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