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In mid-July of last year, TDV founder and Chief Analyst, Jeff Berwick, made his now historical call, predicting market chaos in the fall of 2015 as a result of the seven-year, Shemitah cycle.


As it turned out, that volatility began in August with a thousand-point Dow drop. And on September 13, the old order collapsed, with European Union technocrats savagely shutting down the Schengen Area borders across the continent.


The European dream was over. The US bull market was shattered.


Now, only a few months into 2016, we have already seen disastrous market volatility and an attack on the Brussels airport and subway on March 22nd where at least 30 people were killed by two blasts.These horrible events are just the beginning of what is yet to come as a result of Jubilee Year disasters.


 And yet, these same disasters are allowing TDV to make enormous profits.In March, Jeff created a viral video about the Jubilee 2016 at SurviveShemitah.com. As a result of his analysis, he became well aware of what was going to be happening to invested assets, especially gold and silver.


TDV and its readers and subscribers have been profiting considerably from Jeff’s insights.


Just a few recent trades:


-Silver calls are up over 50% .

-Junior mining investments are up at least 400%.

-A proprietary mining stock-pick is up 50%.


Here at TDV, we are lucky to have the services of one of the foremost Austrian economists and metals & mining analysts in the world, Ed Bugos. Partially as a result of proprietary information unearthed by Jeff Berwick regarding Jubilee 2016, Ed has realigned his TDV metals portfolio to take advantage of gathering market forces.


Here’s how he describes it:


“We begin with gold’s break out, and then silver confirmed gold with its own breakout. Now the US dollar index is teetering on the neckline of a double top and ready to confirm with a break down…  The charts are following  a bullish metals narrative, yes.”


How has the portfolio itself been doing?


“Over one year, the majors in our TDV portfolio are up only 23% but the juniors are up an average of 100% and the explorers in our portfolio are up an average 119% over the year…  As the allocation weightings are 40, 45, and 15 percent, I think we’re up  close to 80% on a weighted average basis.”


“My NUGT trade is up 160%, alone. And one option strategy is up 300% in a few weeks. My silver calls are  up 50% now and I’ve got another series of miners that are up 400% over the year.”


Here’s what subscribers are saying as a result of a recent special alert issued by Ed Bugos:




As you can see, one subscriber is up 250% and another paid off 90% of his debts with his profits.  These are just two of many success stories.


Jubilee 2016 is providing us a pathway to profits even though its larger message is distressing.  And it won’t end this year either… although we think the world is going to look dramatically different by the end of this year.


If  there is ONE single action you need to take, it’s to inform yourself about the Jubilee Year, its disastrous trends and what you need to do in response.


Wars, market chaos and political upheavals are already marking this Jubilee Year, just as planned.


Fight back! Read the White Paper below for a detailed perspective on what is likely to occur in the West and throughout the world in 2016… and beyond.


Then consider realigning your life and financial portfolio to ensure you are protected and can take advantage of tremendous wealth producing opportunities. Thousands have, based on Jeff’s Shemitah predictions. But 2016 is going to be even more dramatic.


And here’s an important point.


This White Paper can provide you with strategies, but it is the The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) newsletter that produces the day-to-day and week-to-week timing that is necessary that lets you profit from what’s going on in a timely way.


You can subscribe below for our special, lowest rate of $44.95 USD. Whether or not you wish to subscribe, please read our White Paper, Surviving and Profiting From the Disasters of Jubilee Year 2016 below. We give you strategies that are absolutely necessary to your financial survival.



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Do yourself and your family a favor by acting at this critical time. And please forward our Jubilee video to others so they too will be alerted to the gravity of the challenges they may face in 2016 and beyond.


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We began The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) to help prepare people for a collapse of the dollar and fiat (government) paper currencies that we predicted to occur this decade.


Now, we think we have figured out the code; we are trying to get ahead of the next orchestrated crisis: The upcoming chaos of Jubilee Year.


We proved that with our Shemitah video and White Paper in 2015 and the response we received. We helped hundreds of thousands and now we're doing it again.


It’s easy to feel hopeless given the mess the world and the financial system is in. But it does NOT have to be that way. You CAN be prepared. You can not only survive, but prosper.


Our senior metals & mining analyst, Ed Bugos, is respected the world over. Partially as a result of our proprietary analysis, Ed has realigned his TDV metals portfolio to take advantage of Jubilee 2016.


Here's what TDV newsletter subscribers are saying about some of our recent trades.


I’ve paid a considerable personal and professional price to do what I’m doing. I won’t go into details, but there are plenty of people with a great deal of power and money who don’t want me to publish what you are reading today.
I am determined to put this information out, nonetheless. I have children. I have a wife. I want to leave my family a better world and I want to have an impact in making that happen.
I won’t ever stop, and fortunately, I think we are winning.
Come join forces with us. Join us and help us to bring you the best information about the Jubilee Year (and what’s beyond it) that you can have in real time.
Jeff Berwick2


Hello, I’m Jeff Berwick. I started off like many people, blissfully unaware of how the monetary, financial and political systems really work and it cost me tens of millions of dollars.


Being a serial entrepreneur I had started Stockhouse.com in Canada in 1994.  Still to this day it is Canada’s largest financial website and I was the founder and CEO of it from out of my house in 1994 until it reached its peak of over 250 employees in eight countries around the world and a market value of $240 million in 2000.


Then came the internet stock collapse… and within a few months it was back to one country, had eight employees and wasn’t worth very much at all.  I managed to salvage it and ended up selling the company in 2002 after skirting with bankruptcy.


That left me with a very serious, burning question, “What happened?”


I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to figure that out. I bought a sailboat and traveled around the world. As I did, I read a great deal and became a disciple of free-market – “Austrian” – economics.


I also studied history and it became clear to me that there are powerful banking elites that control billions and even trillions of dollars of central bank money and use their resources to create ever-closer global governance.


In order to collapse individual nation states, these groups create serial disasters that manifest themselves as chaos. Once the chaos hits, further consolidation takes place and globalist solutions expand.


The political, market and military chaos of 2015 is creating opportunities for further globalism. And the current Jubilee Year will see disasters of the same kind, and for the same reason.


This White Paper is intended to help you protect you against the destruction of the Jubilee Year – which is actually a Shemitah Super Trend extension.


Last year in a video, white paper and numerous articles, I explained that a seven-year cycle called Shemitah provided a series of destructive daily and end-year events.


My Shemitah analysis emerged from my normal investment research. It was not ultimately “religious” in nature, nor was it intended to be a commentary on Jewish beliefs.


It was simply a series of observations that proved to be true.


Now we are facing another terrible challenge, the Jubilee Year. Unfortunately, Jubilee and Shemitah are linked together.


I am not even prepared to say if they are “Jewish” or not. Or why those involved  have decided to use Jewish mystical dates to inflict carnage on the rest of the world.  Or how much of this could actually be supernatural.


I only know what my research shows: The year of the Shemitah is generally marked by economic and sociopolitical disasters and, even worse, the seventh Shemitah is even more intense, as is the Jubilee Year that is linked to it at this time.


Last year we experienced a seventh Shemitah. This year we are experiencing Jubilee. The Jubilee Year is real and part of the terrible plans of the financial elite.


Let me give you some background.


Discovering Shemitah and the Jubilee Year


I first heard about the Shemitah only a few years ago when Jonathan Cahn put out his best selling book, The Harbinger.  I’m not sure what drew me to the book, but once I read it I was shocked at the information he had uncovered.


According to Jonathan, on God’s timetable, every seven years is supposed to be a year of ‘washing away.'  Just like there are seven days in the week and one of them is supposed to be a day of cessation, this also applies to every seven years.  And, according to the Bible, Jewish people are supposed to forgive their debts every seven years.
Cahn had discovered the exact dates for the Shemitah on the Hebrew calendar and showed how Shemitah end days have corresponded eerily well with market collapses and other major events.
In fact, prior to the most recent Shemitah, the last two major market collapses happened on the exact end day of the Shemitah in 2001 and 2008.
This is why I was watching the Shemitah so closely in 2015 when it ended on September 13th.
I said that people should be very aware of this time period and this proved correct. Markets worldwide had their worst quarter since the last Shemitah, losing $11 trillion.
But there was one big question mark in my mind. Was this just another Shemitah or a Super Shemitah.
And would it yield to a Jubilee Year beginning in September of 2015 and ending in October of 2016?

I  contacted Jonathan Cahn, who was by now a good friend, and I asked him what the Super Shemitah or the Jubilee Year meant.
He responded with the following information:
The year of the Shemitah is marked by economic cessation, financial nullificationBut when you reach the seventh Shemitah – basically everything that the Shemitah is, is extended into the following year – which is even more intense – the Jubilee.
That being the case, it is possible that the prophetic, financial, economic, and geopolitical effect of the Shemitah could likewise be extended into the following year.
The Shemitah struck the world’s financial realms, the realms of trade, production, commodities, commerce, retail, etc. It was the worst year for the stock market in seven years, since 2008, the previous Shemitah.
It was the worst year for the Baltic Dry Index, key indicator of world trade, in the history of that Inex! It was the worst year to make money in 78 years.  In other words, since the Great Depression, since 1937, the year of the Shemitah!
Then in the autumn, it appeared to move into the geopolitical realm. As we began 2016, the stock markets again began collapsing throughout the globe, constituting the worst opening for a year on record.
The Chinese economy continue to collapse, as did the price of oil, and much more. This was obviously linked to the collapse that took place in the Shemitah.
The disasters of Shemitah have now yielded to the disasters of the Jubilee Year and further massive calamities.
Let’s look at some events and warnings that have already taken place in 2016.

    • DOLLAR DISASTER: The yuan has been selected by the IMF as part of the SDR currency basket. The IMF announced that the Chinese yuan will begin to be included in the SDR, Special Drawing Rights, global currency, beginning on October 1, 2016. This is just two days before the end of the Jubilee Year. This will result in a considerable and ongoing weakening of the dollar.


    • MORE DOLLAR DISASTER :The yuan is now said to be backed, incredibly, by thousands of tons of gold. China has been hoarding gold, perhaps in preparation for backing the yuan with gold as it becomes a key part of a new global currency. This is another trend that weakens the dollar.


    • PURPOSEFUL WESTERN BANKRUPTCY: The West sells gold while China buys. England sold all its gold in the 1980s, Canada just finished selling its gold this year and is the first Western currency with absolutely no gold holdings backing it. Again, we see that Western governments are stripping their citizens of institutional gold, while China in particular is strengthening the yuan by buying literally thousands of tons. Some claim the Chinese have already accumulated 5,000 tons of gold, an incredible amount. The Chinese government will not admit to nearly so much.


    • DOLLAR STRIPPED OF GOLD BACKING: All gold has been stolen from Fort Knox: The US government says there is a large amount of gold in Ft. Knox. But this is probably NOT true given that the last time it has been seen by third parties was in the 1950s. Thus it’s been nearly 70 years since anyone can verify it is even still there.  Even if it is still there, there is no way to know who actually owns it.  And even if it is there and still owned by the US government, the total amount of gold would only cover two months of budget deficits as the US debt and deficits have now grown to unimaginable, and unpayable, levels.


    • ROTHSCHILD-OWNED ECONOMIST MAGAZINE PREDICTS WORLD CURRENCY BY 2018: The front cover of the Economist magazine, in January, 1988, trumpeted, “Get Ready For A World Currency.” It included an image of a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of burning US dollars and other fiat currencies with the year “2018” around its neck.


    • SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA EVIDENTLY MURDERED: Conservative, anti-one world order Justice Scalia dies”with a pillow over his head.” Scalia had just predicted that the Supreme Court will eventually authorize another wartime abuse of civil rights such as the internment camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II. He warned, “You are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again.” Soon after reading that article I became aware of the news that Scalia was dead. And, there was no investigation nor autopsy into his death. I believe Scalia was murdered for a variety of reasons. For a while it was claimed the body was found with a pillow over its head. And for some confusing – astonishing – reasons, no autopsy was performed.


    • POPE WARNS OF JUBILEE YEAR: The Pope uses the words ‘Jubilee Year’ to warn about 2016’s upcoming events. On December 8th of 2015 the Pope, completely unexpectedly and without warning, issued an “emergency Jubilee year” while rolling out men in machine guns and declaring a no-fly zone near the Vatican. Catholic Holy Jubilee Years normally take place every 25 years unless a Pope decrees an extraordinary one to bring attention to a particular need or topic. The next one was to be held in 2025 but Pope Francis called a special emergency one in December, 2015.  He then went on to warn the world of impending disaster. In a solemn sermon at the Vatican, Pope Francis announced that Christmas, 2015 was a “charade” due to the fact that the globe is currently engaging in the beginning of World War III. Even worse, he said, “While the world starves, burns, and descends further into chaos, we should realize that this year’s Christmas celebrations for those who choose to celebrate it may be their last.”


    • TOP ELITE BANKER WARNS OF DEBT JUBILEE: Former chief economist of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), William White, said we are now in a "debt jubilee" while warning about an upcoming worldwide debt crisis at the Davos conference earlier this year. He warned that the global financial system had become dangerously unstable. In fact, he said it faced an avalanche of bankruptcies that will test social and political stability. He went on to say, "It will become obvious in the next recession that many of these debts will never be serviced or repaid, and this will be uncomfortable for a lot of people who think they own assets that are worth something. The only question is whether we are able to look reality in the eye and face what is coming in an orderly fashion, or whether it will be disorderly. Debt jubilees have been going on for 5,000 years, as far back as the Sumerians.”


    • MULTIPLE DIRE WARNINGS ISSUED THIS YEAR: George Soros, the BIS, IMF, UN and Citibank have all issued dire warnings about the world’s economy this year. In January, elite billionaire insider George Soros warned of a crisis coming that is similar to 2008, a time when US markets collapsed nearly 50%. The BIS itself has also warned that markets are on the verge of a global debt crisis. In fact, just days into this Jubilee Year, the IMF, the UN, the BIS and Citibank all warned an economic crisis is imminent. The Royal Bank of Scotland, in January, warned investors to brace for a “cataclysmic year” and said investors should be afraid. Even Peter Thiel, of Facebook and Paypal fame, has said the US economy will “break” around the 2016 election.


  • GUIDESTONES PREDICT GENOCIDE IN 2016: The famous Georgia Guidestones seem to contain clues that point to August 14th, 2016 as a significant date regarding a predicted genocide encompassing millions or billions of humans. The Georgia Guidestones were created in 1980 but no one is sure who did it. One of the ten suggestions written on the Guidestones in numerous languages calls for the world’s population to be limited to under 500 million people… a decrease of about 90%. There are a number of numbers and letters on the side which some think point to the date of August 14th, 2016.  That date happens to be a Jewish Holiday called Tisha B'Av - the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. It is the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av and the day on which both the Babylonians and the Romans destroyed the first and second Temples in Jerusalem. Like the Shemitah, this day is like a time of washing away.

Given all these grim signs and statements for 2016, and what has already taken place, I strongly suggest everyone get their financial, physical and spiritual houses in order this year.
Look for the elites to take advantage of various kinds of chaos in 2016 to bring in more tyrannical measures, travel and capital controls, even martial law in various places.
And as that occurs, look for power to shift from the West to the East, specifically China, by October 1st. Such events will change life in the West as we know it.



What can YOU do to protect yourself, your family, even your friends from upcoming Jubilee Year threats?
We have been recommending that people get a significant percentage of their assets outside of the financial system at The Dollar Vigilante, even before we found out about the Shemitah and Jubilee.  With the Jubilee year now in process we think you should be running, not walking, to do so.
Gold and Silver Strategies
Gold and silver are basic building blocks of a disaster-resistant portfolio. In fact, the gold-silver paradigm goes back thousands of years. Wealthy people usually hold their assets in gold while the working man prefers silver because it is easier to get and spend.
In truth, the business cycle has been frozen in place by massive interference and manipulation of the gold and silver prices. Those who realize that the market for gold and silver has been monumentally manipulated in the early 21st century are also in a better position to take advantage of the market as the cycle begins to turn again.

As  2016 continues, you should continue purchases of gold and silver, even as the price goes up relative to the dollar.  In fact, the higher it goes the more important that you own them because we expect that at some point soon you will not be able to purchase precious metals in exchange for the US dollar and other fiat currencies because, by that point, it will become clear to all where this is all headed.  As interest rates go further into the negative and as the War on Cash continues to make it difficult to transact outside of the banking system, people will realize that owning precious metals is critical to survival.  And owners of precious metals will cease selling them in exchange for dollars.
We recommend everyone own a significant portion of their assets in precious metals.  While we suggest you hold a significant portion of them in your own holdings (within your own physical reach), we also suggest internationalizing them and holding them in different political jurisdiction to spread risk of confiscation.
We have written an entire book on the subject, called Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge, which is free to TDV subscribers.
As well, for speculative purposes, owning shares in gold & silver miners could be the home run of the century as, when precious metals prices begin to skyrocket, the value of the mining company shares will rise exponentially.  In the last two major gold/silver stock bull markets in the 1930s and 1970s, gains of 10,000%+ were commonplace.
For more specific information on which companies to buy, subscribe to TDV and upgrade to TDV Premium for specific trading information and advice from one of the top gold stock analysts in the world, Ed Bugos.
These days various bullion firms are beginning to allow you to leverage your holdings by using gold and silver as collateral to purchase more.
Gold and silver get hot toward the end of the “golden bull” market. This cycle will be no exception. More on this below.
Precious Metals Storage


Who trusts government-affiliated storage facilities these days? While banks may appear to be privately run, in truth they are subject to significant government regulation. That goes for safe-deposit boxes as well. As safe as they look, they are not because they are surely subject to federal confiscation.  In the 1930s, when the US government last confiscated gold, you had to go to your safety deposit box with a federal agent who would check to make sure you did not store gold there. In the event that the government has reason to suspend or close banks, you may risk losing your valuables forever.
Gold confiscation is a real possibility in the US and elsewhere. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.  It happened in the US in 1933 during the Great Depression.
Confiscation happened last July in Greece where the government ruled that people could not withdraw cash or precious metals from their safety deposit boxes. Home storage is a better idea for valuables that you absolutely must not lose, though there are reasons – especially theft – for why you might wish to forego that option.
For this reason having a significant amount of your precious metals internationalized makes a lot of sense. There are plenty of non-bank environments in numerous countries where you can store your gold.
What you may need to know is that under the US Model Commodities Act that is valid in numerous states, it is illegal to purchase and store gold offshore. States include Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. There are ways around these laws however. You can use find a non MCA state and arrange to use another address for the purchases.
More information on how to internationalize your precious metals is in the free book, to TDV subscribers, Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge.
You can also buy metals through an IRA in a non-MCA state. Or you can sell the metals to an offshore structure  affiliated with you. If you are in the US you must remember that you need to report all offshore holdings if it is more than US$10,000.
However, if you hold individual securities abroad in your name, you do not have to report. Only if the securities are held with a firm.
The same logic applies to your metals holdings. If you hold these metals in a deposit box or private vault, and you have not opened an account to do so, then you may not have to report your holdings.
You should research this possibility further if you do not wish to declare offshore assets.  Or you can contact TDV Offshore for advice on how to do so.
Emigration Strategies
The news that up to 35 percent (and maybe more) of US citizens want to leave the “homeland” will come as a shock to many. But it seems true.
A recent online poll of more than 2,000 adults by TransferWise, a peer-to-peer money transfer service based in the United Kingdom, revealed that 35 percent of American-born residents and emigrants would consider leaving the United States to live in another country.
This percentage greatly increases for those age 18 to 34. More than half of millennials, a whopping 55 percent, said that they would consider leaving the U.S. for foreign shores. Among them, 43 percent of men and 38 percent of women noted that a higher salary would be a factor in their relocation decision.
We weren’t surprised by these findings. As the Western world continues to erode citizens’ living standards because of over-regulation, over-taxation and central bank money printing, foreign residency and second citizenships have become topics of significant interest.
If one wants to depart, either permanently or part-time, the issue becomes one of finding a proper destination that is efficient and convenient.
For instance, one may wish to emigrate to a warmer clime, but that intention may be realized more or less easily depending on the country itself and the bureaucratic barriers that have been put in place. In some countries these barriers are quite clear. In other countries, they shift depending on the individuals in charge and the policies in force at a given moment.
Most countries are looking for immigrants that have substantial bank accounts in order to derive additional tax revenue. If you are wealthy, you will have an advantage in some cases over those who are not.
There are, in fact, a limited number of countries that offer a direct route to citizenship through investment – Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, Dominica, Malta, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Venezuela – or a clear route to citizenship following residency. However, there are changes in status over time as well as emerging opportunities.
Settling in a new country is usually a two-part process that involves residency and then citizenship. Depending on the country and the demand, residency may be a good deal easier to accomplish than citizenship. Of course, residency may run out after a while, leaving the individual to repeat the process or surrender to the inevitable and try to find a more receptive country elsewhere.
As time goes on, it is not getting any easier to find a second country and obtain citizenship.
This goes for a second home as well. One needs to know not only suitable regions but also the growing number of communities abroad that specialize in expat resettlement. These are located in such places as Argentina, Chile and Colombia to name a few.
It behooves you to take special care when contemplating such purchases. A trip to the site is certainly recommended as are conversations with other buyers. Ideally, you will buy into a functioning community so that you can be sure that what you are investing in is stable.
Self-Directed IRA
Al Gore, when running for president, used to speak of a “lock box” in terms of US social security. This was a lie. There is no “box” associated with US social security. The program has just been treated as one more year-to-year source of tax revenue. It has been borrowed against and pledged many times over.
If you are in your working/productive years, please make up your mind to forget about ever seeing a social security check.  It either won’t be there or won’t be worth anything in a few years.
And, forget about your company pension plan too.  Almost all corporate pension plans are invested in things that are going to be either worthless or worthless in the coming years, including US government bonds.  Again, just ask people in Greece.
If you have a significant amount of funds in an IRA or 401k you should either withdraw immediately (before it likely gets nationalized) or, if withdrawal is not an option, move into a Self-Directed IRA.
A Self-Directed IRA allows you to invest your retirement funds into hard assets worldwide (whereas a standard IRA does not allow you).  You can even buy foreign real estate.
It also allows you to internationalize your assets so when the situation becomes so dire that officials begin to eye nationalization of your IRAs your assets.
Fortunately, you can’t nationalize what’s not there to grab. And with a little forethought and planning, you can be one of the fortunate ones – having placed your wealth beyond the casual appropriations of government.
For more information on setting up a Self-Directed IRA, contact TDV Offshore.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were little known a few years ago and as of yet, they are not controlled  by either governments or central banks.

People in Cyprus and Greece would have liked to know about cryptocurrencies before Greek ATMs were shut down and people with a bank account in Cyprus had 50% of their funds taken in a bank “bail-in.”
This will continue to happen and we expect bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to gain in value. Companies offering bitcoin technologies and services could be the investment of a lifetime.
Then there’s E-coin and its bitcoin ATM card service - which I’ve recommended in the past. The company just announced a name change (to Wirex) and also told of a number of new services including a new smartphone app.
E-Coin/Wirex users can now buy bitcoin with their 2-way bitcoin debit card. So if you have some extra money sitting on your E-Coin card, or if you see the bitcoin price going up and want to benefit from it, you can convert it back to bitcoin.
You can now buy bitcoin through bank transfers from all 130+ countries we support. In partner banks in 68 countries, you can even do local/domestic bank transfers. We also accept alternative payment methods such as Alipay, PaySafeCard, and Yandex to name a few from dozens of countries.
If you haven’t gotten a bitcoin ATM/debit card yet, you can do so by going to https://dollarvigilante.com/ecoin.
Jubilee Continues Shemitah
First Shemitah and now Jubilee. The disasters are piling up...
You NEED to take action, human action, to protect yourself and your family. I have a family. And I have children, and I want to be able to say to them that I have done my best to leave them a better world – not a worse one.
There are no rules written down when it comes to Jubilee’s destructive effects But I would implore you to protect yourself.
Too much has gone, and is, going wrong. The derivatives market alone is reportedly a thousand trillion dollar house-of-cards. Does anyone believe that a significant unraveling of markets won’t bring down the derivatives market as well?
The mainstream media wants you to believe that the recovery is “real” and not a sham – though if nothing more than a final exhalation of asset-class puffery.
They want you to believe that a handful of central bankers meeting in exotic destinations to forecast the price and volume of money (with their deliberations having the force of law) can somehow have a positive effect on the market.
They cannot.
They can only distort prices until there is a full-scale bust. And these busts arrive serially and endlessly.
And they’re about to again. 2015 was likely just a warm up.




Let us help you secure


your wealth and safety


This White Paper has attempted to warn people of the significant dangers posed by the Jubilee Year, which is an extension of last year’s disastrous Shemitah trends.
We’ve covered a broad gamut of warning signs and then provided some solutions you should consider. These include asset-internationalization, second residencies, alternative investments in precious metals, cryptocurrencies and various, legal offshore structures.
But for the best and most timely results when trying to protect yourself against the Jubilee Year and its disasters, please consider our TDV newsletter.
Here at TDV, we’re well aware of ways you can position your portfolio to take advantage of what’s surely going to occur in the not-so-distant future. This is what we specialize in. And we report on it in a timely way.
These solutions are not merely hypothetical but will be discussed on an ongoing basis – in real time, in other words. Each issue of our TDV newsletter tracks Shemitah Trends and the Jubilee Year in a way that exposes what’s going to happen next.
It’s good to understand the process, and that’s why I’ve returned to make this second video. Because of our Shemitah and Jubilee analysis,
To fully understand the process, you need to have a sense of the timing as well as a comprehension of what is taking place. That’s what our TDV newsletter offers. It’s the next step in acting on what you now understand.
There are other alternatives for storing precious metals, for instance, and in the newsletter we explore them as well via updates and new ideas as they make themselves available.  As one example, we just notified subscribers of a way to trade commodities and options with bitcoin.  And we just told subscribers how they can safely store gold offshore and be able to borrow against their gold holdings at low interest rates for extra liquidity and/or to reinvest into more precious metals.
You'll get plenty of extras with your subscription. For instance, we have written a report, free to newsletter subscribers ($44.95 value), called Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge, that tells you how and where to internationalize your precious metals from the comfort of your own home.
Then there’s Ed Bugos who places his famous recommendations exclusively in our newsletter. His gold portfolio is up 50 percent this year. And Ed has told subscribers that while they have already had 50%+ gains that it is just the beginning.  As Ed often reminds readers, the precious metals sector is a highly speculative investment arena. However at the proper time it can be incredibly lucrative.
The trick is finding that timely opening and then finding equities that take advantage of it. Ed was one of the first analysts to turn bullish on gold in 2000 near $250… it is currently near $1,200.
Often a key to becoming wealthy is simply knowing more than the other guy. You’re probably not going to achieve that on your own. When it comes to individual gold and silver stocks, Ed is a proponent of classical analysis, including supply, demand and cost factors. However, his analysis is also more subtle than that as he realizes that the junior gold market is highly susceptible to promotion.
In other words, with so many promising juniors available, one of the elements of success is seasoned expèrtise. Ed knows the industry and the most effective promoters as well. With Mr. Bugos’ analysis, you’ll find it much less likely that you’ll end up with stocks that have a good “story” but not public interest because the story is not being widely disseminated.
And, if the price of gold and silver skyrocket, as we expect them to, many of the junior mining stocks will go from less than ten cents to even as high as $10.00 very quickly. Gains like that have happened twice before, in the 1930s and 1970s. It could soon happen again.
Thanks to our Shemitah Trends insights and now our Jubilee Year analysis, we know what we’re talking about when we make recommendations. Last summer we told Dollar Vigilante subscribers to purchase far-out-of-the-money put options on the S&P 500. In three days in August alone they rose in value more than 4,500%. At the time I also suggested getting into bitcoin near $200.
Bitcoin subsequently rose more than 100% within two months. Since then we’ve had numerous calls that have risen for triple-digit gains within a matter of days. In January and early February all of our trades had gains and three of them rose more than 100%, with one hitting over 450%. Our results are proven.
Living and Investing Abroad
The TDV newsletter often offers updates on investing, traveling and settling abroad. These include real options with a sound legal basis. Passports, residency and resettlement opportunities are increasingly important at a time when significant social and economic chaos threatens.
When it comes to asset protection generally, TDV has a broad program in place. You can take advantage of this program to move as much of your wealth as you wish to offshore.
We often have updates on this information in our newsletter and can create an LLC in a jurisdiction which still respects both personal privacy, and due process of law.
The time is coming when having all of your wealth denominated in the USD or the Euro, could effectively trap you in a unwelcome jurisdiction. After establishing the legal umbrella of the LLC, we will generate a bank account in the name of that LLC in a similar, yet separate jurisdiction, providing you with more flexibility.
International Credit Card
In addition to the LLC and account, we can you get an international Mastercard ATM card so that you will have easy access to your funds. You can maintain the card balance in either GBP, EUR, AUD, ZAR or USD, and make ATM withdrawals worldwide in the local currency, in addition to making POS purchases with the M/C.
As our client base continues to grow, so too does our ability to connect like-minded people to share ideas and discoveries in this rapidly changing world. Look to our TDV newsletter for further information on these issues and other offshore solutions on a regular basis.
The Dollar Vigilante newsletter was the first major financial publication to not only mention bitcoin, at $3 in 2011, but to urge subscribers to get them. We knew it was going to change the world and it continues to do so and is currently worth about $300 per bitcoin.
We are so well known in the bitcoin community that many major bitcoin related opportunities come straight through us and we have already told subscribers of a number of investment opportunities to get into bitcoin-related companies that could very well pay massive returns.
Still, to this day, despite the massive success and billion dollar bitcoin economy most other financial analysts ignore it. They won’t for much longer as it is a leading evolution in money and banking – one gaining acceptance every day.
Special Reports
TDV delivers books and Special Reports on items of interest to our subscriber’s. Past Special Reports include Investing in Junior Mining Companies and Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge.
Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge took over nine months to research and is comprised of nearly 100 pages packed full of up-to-date insider information on the most intelligent, economic, safe and secure ways of buying, selling, storing and transporting gold (and other precious metals) throughout the world.
Most recently we authored a Beginner’s Guide to Defensive Investing that is proving very useful to our new subscribers. All of these books and reports are available to TDV newsletter subscribers. In the near future there will be additional books published on bitcoin and selecting country residences abroad.
 As part of your subscription you get access to the worldwide network of TDV subscribers, called TDV Groups. The group is incredibly diverse and covers much of the planet. Numerous major business ventures started in these groups.
These are hundreds of liberty-minded expats and entrepreneurs who live around the world who can help you with any info you need on visiting, moving or investing in their country or region.


Protect Yourself
Above, we’ve written about the critical information that TDV delivers. With dozens of contributors and entrepreneurial experts placed strategically around the world, we’re able to bring you the ability to act on the solutions we suggest at virtually a moment’s notice.
Our new pricing structure introduces you to our newsletter at the lowest possible cost. In addition to our special low price, as a subscriber you get free access to five years of back issues of The Dollar Vigilante. Nowhere else has this kind of information available so easily and for such value.
I really hope to receive your support. This is not an easy task and any resources I can bring to the table are both useful and necessary. I’m not the first to sound the alarm, but I think we’ve been terrifically successful and with your help, we can continue to be.
This is not going away. We’ll be grappling with these “Super Trends” for months and years to come. As your “Jubilee guide,” I intend to alert you to important developments and provided you with the necessary responses. The most effective and timely way is through the newsletter.
It comes out twice a month plus additional “special alerts.” But, we work on it all month round, and the combination of products and services surrounding it are second-to-none. Here’s what some are saying:

Upcoming Newsletter Topics:
Here’s just a short list of what’s generally available in issues of the TDV newsletter:
-Little-known gold stocks positioned to return a fortune as the metal’s market moves up.
-A variety of citizenship renunciations far less expensive than the “normal” route as well as new opportunities.
-The most efficient, safest and least expensive gold and silver storage in the non-bank arena.
-Hedges, straddles and shorts using special strategies developed by Ed Bugos to considerably expand your portfolio’s wealth.
-Bitcoin spin-offs such as Ether that have made considerable gains already and that are poised to generate additional high returns.
-The upcoming pitfalls of “cashless societies” and how to avoid them.
-What countries are currently implementing mandatory bank e-wallets and what you’ll need to know about banking and transacting in such places.
-Important new offshore techniques taking advantage of current and impending regulations to preserve your pension, IRA and social security payments.
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