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If you have arrived at this page then you, at the very least, have sensed something is very wrong about what your financial advisor, the government and the mainstream media are telling you. There is no way to “sugarcoat” this: 2020 has been “marked” as a fundamental shift towards a One World Economy. Even the Economist’s 1988 cover speaks to the coming terror.

So I am no longer alone in my predictions. My voice was a very lonely one in 2015 when I first alerted the world to the coming economic turmoil and eventual collapse. This year our content is more critical than ever. You can understand generally the unsettling challenges you face in keeping yourself and your family safe and prosperous, but our TDV newsletter gives you the details.

Get Your Gold Out of Dodge

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The Get Your Gold Out of Dodge ebook was written originally to help people protect their assets from the confiscatory policies of governments everywhere, from the march toward totalitarianism in the US in particular, and from the unsound and unstable banking systems built on a pyramid of debt, inflation, and promises to tax infinitely. The report was inspired as an independent work that is largely based on facts, however, not speculation.

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Experts in the fields of money, precious metals, stocks, investing, cryptocurrencies, internationalizing of assets and Permanent Traveler/Prior Taxpayer (PT) lifestyle will give you direct insights and interaction that you cannot get elsewhere.


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Product Categories:   Videos   Reports & eBooks   Subscriptions   Swag