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If you have arrived at this page then you, at the very least, have sensed something is very wrong about what your financial advisor, the government and the mainstream media are telling you.

There is no way to “sugarcoat” this: 2016 is destined to be the beginning of the end of the current Western economic system as we know it. That sounds like a bold statement but I’m used to it. My voice was a very lonely one in 2015 when I alerted the world to the reality of Shemitah and its September end-date in 2015.

I explained that Shemitah involved a series of pre-planned financial, military and sociopolitical crises and this warning turned out to be entirely accurate in late 2015.

I’ve been told my alerts – and the viral video I composed and posted that at last count received some two million views – probably saved tens of thousands of people considerable savings and may have salvaged entire investment portfolios.

But 2016 and 2017 are going to be worse than 2015 by an unspeakable magnitude. The insiders I speak to – the few who actually know what’s going on – believe that 2016 is the culmination not just of Shemitah Trends but a plot of unimaginable breadth and depth that goes back not just several centuries but millennia.

This is the so-called Jubilee Year, the year of “washing away” and critically it seems to be a turning point in world affairs.

It’s easy to feel hopeless. Things are going to get worse. Jobs will be hard to keep and harder to come by…You could lose everything you’ve worked for and life itself will be increasingly devoid of pleasure and increasingly full of anxiety and worse.

But it does NOT have to be that way. You CAN be prepared. You can not only survive, but prosper.

NOW, for just a few dollars per month you can get The Dollar Vigilante newsletter, filled with analysis and actionable advice you simply won’t find in the mainstream media…or even in other alternative and liberty-themed newsletters.

Some of the topics regularly discussed are:

  • Geopolitical, economic, financial and monetary analysis from a free market, Austrian economics perspective
  • Investment opportunities to survive and prosper during and after the dollar collapse including investments into precious metals, precious metals stocks, cannabis stocks and bitcoin and blockchain related investments
  • Specific stock recommendations and access to exclusive private placement opportunities (for Premium subscribers only)
  • How to live a Permanent Traveler/Prior Taxpayer lifestyle wherein you pay no taxes legally
  • Information on offshore banking, incorporation and trusts to internationalize your assets
  • Information on foreign residency and second passports
  • Expatriation

As part of your subscription you get access to the worldwide network of TDV subscribers, called TDV Groups. These are hundreds of liberty-minded expats and entrepreneurs who live around the world who can help you with any info you need on visiting, moving or investing in their country or region

Also, if you subscribe now you will get free access to all of our Books and Special Reports:

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  • SHEMITAH TRENDS. A complete book on the financial elite's plans to collapse the world economy and bring in a New World Order
  • BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO DEFENSIVE INVESTING. An entire book for beginners to stock and option investing and trading.
  • GETTING YOUR GOLD OF DODGE. A complete resource on buying, storing and internationalizing precious metals.
  • BULLETPROOF SHARES. How to secure your stocks to guard against broker bankruptcy or fraud.
  • NUMISMATIC GUIDE TO RARE COINS. Information and insights into investing into rare coins.
  • INVESTING IN JUNIOR MINING COMPANIES. Information you need to know on investing in junior mining stocks.

Combined, and purchased separately, these books and reports are valued in the hundreds of dollars but are free with your subscription.

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Our content receives high praise regularly. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are what a few of the most famous and respected free market thinkers and investors think about The Dollar Vigilante:


This year our content is more critical than ever. You can understand generally the unsettling challenges you face in keeping yourself and your family safe and prosperous, but our TDV newsletter gives you the details.

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You are in Jubilee-year jeopardy. Don’t let yourself be “washed away.” We have the solutions that can help you not only survive but thrive.

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