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“With the storm coming, Jail is just the tip of the iceberg…
2020 is Gonna Be A Wild Ride!”

Fellow anarchocapitalist,

I got arrested last week.

I was minding my own business, trying to move freely from The United States of Slavery back to warm, sunny Acapulco Mexico, when I was thrown in jail for…  Wait for it…

Using the F-Word!

Oh no! I hurt someone’s poor little ears!

So, they handcuffed me and threw me in a Louisiana jail cell for the night. They posted my bail at a pathetic $250 and dropped all charges due to prison overcrowding.

That tells you something, doesn’t it?

Anyway, what I did (or said) doesn’t matter…

I’m probably on a special list that authorizes them to arrest me for sneezing.

This was their weak and feeble attempt to shut me up by imprisoning me without cause. 

But hey, they have a pretty good reason…

Because I’m the guy yammering on YouTube, telling you to…

Grab An Umbrella 
For The Massive Financial Shit Storm Ahead!

Because they know the FACTS as well as I do… 

Someone pulled one too many bricks out from under their pyramid scheme…

..and it’s about to come tumbling down!

Here’s just a handful of warning signs their Russian Roulette game is about to end. 

Go ahead, pick out your favorite bullet of economic suicide:

All are reasons why I want to arm you with all my most powerful financial weapons.

 Weapons you’ll need, if you want to be ready for the economic shit storm that’s coming down the pipe…

And because it’s New Years (and I’m feeling extra generous after a night in jail) I’m going to do something a little different.

Nothing like a night in jail to remind you of the important things in life, right?

As I lay there on the ice cold steel bed thinking…

“Man this sucks… 
Hope that angry dude in the corner 
doesn’t suffocate me in my sleep…”

I started feeling grateful for my life, grateful that I’m fighting to bring people the truth, and how far TDV has come over the last 10 years. I could not have done any of it without YOU.

I’ll admit, that’s when some generosity stirred my Santa-Hating Grinch heart.

That’s why I’m giving you a special deal on your TDV membership today.

Normally, the investment for Basic TDV Membership is up to $235 / Year. And its a steal at that price.

But today you get an entire year of access to the most up to date, financial crisis survival tactics on this blue rock we call Earth for just…

$149 / Year. That's over 25% off our normal yearly price! And almost 40% less than what many are happily paying.

Plus, you can keep that price for as long as you remain a subscriber.

Now if that sounds like an “expense” or a “cost” like rent or toilet paper…

Then you might want to consider the following:

1. Your membership at this price is literally 41 cents per day.

“Gee I dunno honey, think we can pull $.41 out of the couch cushions?”

If that’s “A LOT!” of money to you, the information inside your TDV monthly update probably won’t be that actionable for you anyway. So, no hard feelings.

2. Those federal reserve notes you’re hoarding could (and will) inflate and you’ll be left poor.

Get access now and put your assets in 12+ safe investments and locations we recommend.

3. This is only available until Dec 31st, 2019 at Midnight EST. Then the price goes back up.

So, you’ll want to take me up on this offer before my gold-encrusted capitalist heart freezes over again.

Here’s all the behind the scenes analysis and strategy you’ll finally get access to the second you join our thousands of active subscribers today.

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Information and ideas on how to diversify your assets outside of your home country as well as how to expatriate including country reviews for living, residing or becoming a citizen    

TDV Groups

Access to the worldwide network of TDV subscribers. Each newsletter we feature a liberty-loving TDV subscriber from around the world who has expatriated to countless exotic and interesting locations and made a life for themselves. They can help you with any info you need on visiting, moving or investing in their country or region.    



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Doug Casey

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Jeff Berwick is an adventurer and a world citizen, a financial expert and a great writer, an anarcho-capitalist and a fearless opponent of the power-elite. If you don't subscribe to his Dollar Vigilante, do it now. You'll thank me.  

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Its Own Form of Liberation

Jeff Berwick's Dollar Vigilante is a stalwart newsletter always focused on the primacy of human freedom and the artificiality of any institution that stands in its way. Thinking like this is its own form of liberation.  

Jeffrey Tucker  

Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

A New Fan

You've got a new fan.  

Judge Andrew Napolitano  

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