Safeguard Your Wealth and Thrive During the Coming Dollar Collapse by Internationalizing Your Life and Diversifying Your Assets

Your Guide to Navigating the Death of the Dollar and
Insulating Your Holdings Before the Monetary Reset




Are You Tired of Feeling Powerless as the Dollar Crumbles, Threatening Your Hard-Earned Wealth and Cherished Freedoms? 

Do you stay up at night worrying about how you'll provide for your family when the next economic crisis hits?

Imagine having an iron-clad plan in place so you can ride out the coming storm in a thriving community of like-minded friends...

The VITAL THING you must AVOID at all costs if you want to safeguard your wealth is buying into the myth that the dollar will keep bouncing back. Forget about temporary fixes like moving to cash that only delay the inevitable collapse. This completely different approach to preparing for the end of the dollar system is already helping countless investors across the globe protect their families.

The 2024 TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit was called a total "game-changer," so it's something you don't want to miss. You can watch this event anytime on your schedule starting right now.

You know, there's a lot of misinformation when it comes to surviving the death of the dollar. But today, you've discovered a revolutionary event that will make everything click into place.

After watching this Summit, all your confusion about how to thrive during the coming monetary reset will vanish. The clear roadmap to financial security you'll gain is a total game-changer.

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At the TDV Summit, you'll discover exactly how to: 

Escape the collapsing US dollar by relocating your assets overseas

Protect your assets through cryptocurrency, precious metals, and other stores of value

Build a self-reliant home and homestead for true freedom

Form trustworthy partnerships to navigate uncertain times

And much more...

This is your chance to take control. Because the sad truth is, traditional financial planning is destined to fail you.

The TDV Internationization and Investment Summit is your lifeline to surviving and thriving through the death of the dollar.

Don't wait until it's too late - secure your spot today and finally put your worries to rest!

Don't miss this chance - register now and finally take control of your financial destiny!


Because "Herd Mentality" Is Leading Investors Like Sheep To Financial Slaughter


I need to make you aware of the real danger facing you today...the hidden enemy sabotaging your ability to safeguard your wealth and freedom... It's Herd Mentality that keeps you following mainstream financial advice, stuck in traditional markets, and unable to break free to true independence...This villain is causing you to feel trapped in the same old strategies while the economy crumbles around you.

Let me be clear: Herd Mentality could be the reason your assets keep diminishing in value and why you feel powerless watching your hard-earned wealth vanish.

But first, let's debunk some myths...You may believe that playing it safe with your money is smart or that alternative assets are only for radical outsiders...But the truth is, clinging to these notions is what's putting your financial future at risk.

Now let's discuss Herd Mentality and how it's devastating your finances. Picture yourself as a sheep, grazing passively with the flock. Your shepherd directs you along, content to follow the herd. But cracks are forming in the ground, threatening to swallow the flock whole.

You sense danger ahead but the herd continues grazing, unconcerned. You want to break away to safety, but peer pressure keeps you moving with the herd. This collective paralysis is Herd Mentality - where everyone sticks together, even marching straight off a cliff's edge.

This same phenomenon is making investors complacent right now. Are you willing to let it send your wealth over the edge too? The time to break from the herd is NOW.



Face your fears and think independently. Recognize when you're blindly following the crowd instead of making informed decisions. Remind yourself of investors who ignored warning signs and lost everything in 2008.

Foster a contrarian mindset. Question conventional financial wisdom and be open to alternative assets and strategies. Think about early bitcoin investors who saw its potential when few others did.



Commit to continuous learning. Adopt a beginner's mindset and constantly expand your financial knowledge. Follow the example of other experts, who keep abreast of economic trends from a philosophical perspective.


Surround yourself with independent thinkers. Seek out mentors and communities who share your values and goals. Just like the early pioneers of cryptocurrency who banded together online.



Stay agile and open-minded. Closely monitor economic developments and be ready to shift gears. Take inspiration from global macro investors like those you'll meet at the summit who pivot based on ever-changing conditions.


By breaking free of herd mentality and embracing these steps, you can take control of your financial destiny. The time is now to tune out the noise, think for yourself, and chart a new course to prosperity and security. Start marching to the beat of your own drum today!


Because most investors rely on conventional wisdom that will fail them when the dollar finally collapses. Quick fixes like moving assets to cash only delay the inevitable crash. Duct-taping a leaky roof never ends well.

Too many people trust the mainstream financial herd right over the cliff's edge. Imagine trying to survive economic Armageddon with the strategies that got us here. Instead, you need proven frameworks designed specifically to prosper through the death of the dollar.

This goes beyond basic tips like diversifying into gold. While important, stockpiling precious metals alone won't guarantee you thrive when fractional reserve banking implodes. You need next-level preparedness plans from experts who predicted this crisis.


Envision yourself as a ship captain, navigating the turbulent waters of economic collapse. This summit will provide you with unconventional wisdom and alternative assets like international real estate, cryptocurrency, precious metals, and more to guide you safely through the storm.

After watching this masterclass, you'll have tools to foster a flexible, open mindset, allowing you to adapt and prosper in any monetary environment. You'll become a beacon for others by building local communities of trustworthy friends to mutually support each other.

By applying the unique strategies revealed, you will safeguard against hyperinflation, bank runs, and government tyranny. Your household will be inoculated from the coming crisis, no matter how severe.

And you'll take control of your financial destiny, securing true independence and peace of mind knowing you have an ironclad plan to provide for yourself and your family.

The time for band-aid fixes is over. Prepare your ship now to weather the once-in-a-lifetime global monetary reset barreling towards us all.


You've worked hard your whole life building wealth, yet worry it could all disappear in an instant when the system collapses. Rediscover peace of mind knowing you have an ironclad plan to safeguard your assets during economic turmoil.



Many have portfolios full of stocks and dollar-denominated assets vulnerable to inflation and bank failures. Learn how to diversify into alternative stores of value like precious metals, international real estate, and cryptocurrency.



Why spend decades saving for retirement, only to watch your nest egg evaporate? Get ahead of the herd and develop smart strategies to preserve your purchasing power.





You may have learned about Bitcoin and crypto early and even seen incredible gains. But the volatility leaves you stressed and uncertain at times. You want to diversify into other alternative assets to balance your portfolio, but lack knowledge of what's right for you.



With currency debasement accelerating, it's easy to feel hopeless seeing your cash savings lose value daily. Discover ways to shelter your wealth through other assets and investments.



You built a business but worry it may falter if the dollar crashes. Learn how to "crisis proof" your company with alternative capital sources, creative commerce, and offshore operations.


After years paying off your property, it can feel terrifying imagining losing it. Arm yourself with legal strategies and ethical techniques to keep your land and home despite economic turmoil.



Securing your livelihood doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the right community and education, you can face the future with confidence. Reclaim peace of mind at the TDV Summit!


You're drawn to alternative assets but unsure how to navigate the complex landscape confidently. You want to safely diversify beyond stocks and crypto, but don't know where to start.







As a freedom-loving investor, you know it pays to think ahead.

That's why The 2024 TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit is tailored for independent thinkers seeking financial security.

Here's what you'll gain:

Ignite Financial Freedom: Uncover secrets to generating passive revenue with cryptocurrency, international rental properties, and other alternatives.

Master Unconventional Strategies: Discover under-the-radar ways to shelter wealth and thrive as the economy unravels.

Develop a Self-Reliant Mindset: Gain the knowledge to provide for yourself and family in any environment.


Future-proof Your Livelihood: Implement plans to recession-proof your income and assets for coming challenges.


Maximize ROI, Minimize Risk: Learn how to invest and trade wisely, maximizing upside while minimizing downside.


Focus on the Long Game: Master patience and discipline to profit from markets in turmoil while others lose their heads.

Stay Ahead of Threats: Anticipate new dangers as events unfold, always staying one step ahead.

Escape the Rat Race: Learn how to break from traditional jobs and build location-independent income streams.

Relocate Strategically: Get tips on finding the optimal overseas location to escape political and economic turmoil.

Relocate Strategically: Get tips on finding the optimal overseas location to escape political and economic turmoil.

Build a Global Community: Connect with like-minded friends worldwide to share ideas and support.

Diversify Globally: Discover international investment opportunities outside the US dollar system.

Establish Offshore Accounts: Learn how to securely store wealth in overseas accounts, protected from government overreach.

Internationalize Your Business: Get advice on basing your company overseas to reduce regulatory burdens.

Obtain a Second Passport: Uncover ways to gain dual citizenship and maximize your freedom of movement.

Globalize Your Mindset: Develop the flexible mentality needed to adapt and thrive abroad.



Anarcho-Capitalist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick founded The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) in 2010 with Ed Bugos. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including Anarchapulco, his own annual event in Acapulco, Mexico currently going on its 10th year.

Jeff’s background in the financial markets dates back to his founding of Canada’s largest financial website, Stockhouse.com, in 1994. In the late ‘90s the company expanded worldwide into 8 different countries and had 250 employees and a market capitalization of $240 million USD at the peak of the “tech bubble”.  He was the first financial analyst in the world to recommend Bitcoin at $3 in 2011. 

He has since been banned nearly everywhere for exposing the globalist and central bank systems but still publishes regular videos on Vigilante.tv with his dog Lucy.

He published a worldwide best selling book, ‘The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire’ in 2020 and was one of the first to expose the entire Covid plandemic psychological operation which he outlined in his book.

Berwick is no longer allowed on mainstream television, Youtube, Facebook and most other mainstream platforms as he constantly exposes government narratives and helps people to not only survive but profit from the financial collapse and the apocalypse.




Ed Bugos

Senior Analyst-TDV

Mr. Bugos is the Dollar Vigilante's Senior Analyst and founding partner. He is an Austrian economist and has been a dedicated investment professional since 1989, having started his career as a stock and futures broker on Howe Street at one of Vancouver's leading brokerage firms.


Rafael LaVerde

Crypto Economics Analyst - TCV

Rafael LaVerde has a background in private equity and venture capital. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 while volunteering on Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He served as board member of a Libertarian Super PAC while doing post-graduate work in economics, and was also a member of the University of Texas’ Mises Circle.


Doug Casey

International Man

Douglas R. Casey is an American writer, speculator, and the founder and chairman of Casey Research. He describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist influenced by the works of novelist Ayn Rand. Casey is a real estate investor as well as an advisor on how to profit from market distortions and periods of economic turmoil.


Matt Smith

International Man

Matt Smith is the Co-host of Doug Casey's Take podcast (Odysee, Spotify, Youtube). In "the before times" he was a serial entrepreneur. Today, he lives on a ranch in Uruguay trying to learn the ins and outs of regenerative agriculture and is works to build parallel systems - all while struggling to learn Spanish. He publishes his ideas and podcast updates on Substack.


Gus Demos

Perpetual Assets

Gus Demos is an Executive at Perpetual Assets, a cryptocurrency and precious metals dealer based in the United States. The company specializes in Retirement Accounts; in particularly, through its LLC IRA retirement solution, which offers clients complete control over their Retirement Account.


Michael Cobb

ECI Development

Entrepreneurial CEO Michael K. Cobb has overseen the growth of ECI Development, Ltd. as one of Latin America’s most exciting, diversified resort development companies providing inspired lifestyles for adventurous souls. Since 1996, at the helm of ECI Cobb is widely admired for his vision, authenticity and tenacity in the face of overwhelming obstacles.


Kevin Duffy

Bearing Asset Management

Kevin Duffy is principal of Bearing Asset Management which he cofounded in 2002. The firm manages the Bearing Core Fund, a contrarian, macro-themed hedge fund with a flexible mandate.


Christopher Gronski

Destination Freedom

Christopher Gronski founder of DestinationFreedom.org has been a Freedom Consultant for over

20 years helping Americans worldwide, eliminate their federal income tax liability.  Christopher’s first book State vs. federal Citizenship; the Unknown Choice is being edited, coming soon.


Tim Picciott

The Liberty Advisor

For nearly 10 years, Tim has helped individuals plan for their retirements by first listening to their goals and then implementing actions to take the least amount of risk to achieve those goals.

His areas of specialty include: Charitable giving strategies, Retirement income planning and Investment planning.


Mr. W

Crypto Market Technician = TCV

Mr. W is an experienced technical analyst and trader who has been charting professionally for almost a decade. He is proficient in statistics, econometrics, derivatives strategies, and fundamental analysis which gives him an arsenal of tools to form his unique perspectives on the markets.


Mr. Z

Crypto Asset Analyst = TCV

Mr. Z is a former Wall Street trader, investment analyst and consultant. Over his career in the corporate world, he awakened to just how broken many of our economic and social systems are. By the mid-2010s, when he had all but completely walked away from financial markets, he stumbled upon Bitcoin in the comments section of ZeroHedge.


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Ed Bugos Uncharted!
Gus Demos Roman Proscription Lists
Rafael LaVerde Embracing Ever Greater Exponents During the Dollar Collapse
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Kevin Duffy Finding Edges in the Investment Game
Michael Cobb A Region of Options – The Top 3 Investment Options Right Now
Christopher Gronski Keep All of Your Money; by Staying Out of Federal Jurisdiction
Tim Picciott Your Great Reset Retirement Blueprint
Jeff Berwick Speaker Q&A



How will your life look in a few months if you choose this?

How will your life look in a few months if you choose this?

Your wealth slowly erodes, the economy worsens, and your family's future remains at risk.

Now fast forward one year...

You're overwhelmed with inflation and shortages, desperate to protect your loved ones as society destabilizes.


Try to weather the coming crisis alone.

You may get lucky for awhile, barely keeping your head above water...

But you'll make painful mistakes without proper guidance...

And when the next crash comes, you won't be ready.

But it’s better than Choice 1, I’m sure you’d agree…


The one prepared investors take to prosper through economic turmoil.

This is the fastest way to safeguard your assets so you can thrive before, during, and after the dollar's collapse.

TDV will deliver proven frameworks to shelter your wealth even if:

You think it's too late to take action...

Or you believe the dollar will bounce back again...

Or you have tried preparing before and failed. up caught unprepared?

The choice is yours. Knowledge plus action equals power over your financial destiny. Will you take control or end up caught unprepared?

This isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme based on hype...

It isn’t a one-size-fits-all prepper guide...

And it definitely isn't just another pitch to buy gold or Bitcoin.

THIS is the real deal - dedicated to helping you thrive through the dollar's collapse.

The TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit was a gathering of financial experts who have spent years studying monetary history to uncover what really works when currencies fail...

And then applied their knowledge in the real world to prepare and prosper.

So rather than gambling on speculative assets, you'll learn proven ways to shelter your wealth from those who predicted this crisis.

What This Summit / Masterclass Is

The 2024 TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit is your proven path to...

Protecting your wealth through alternative stores of value like precious metals, internationals real estate, crypto, and more...

Building a self-reliant household and homestead independent of the failing system...

Adapting your mindset to navigate economic dangers most remain blind to...

Developing an ironclad plan to thrive with your family as societal systems destabilize...

Gaining priceless knowledge and community to face the future with confidence...

And so much more...

The TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit provides the roadmap to insulating yourself from the coming crisis.

There Are No Easy, Press-A-Button Answers To Preparing For The Death Of The Dollar

Few things in life are quick and simple.

But when it comes to insulating your wealth through the coming crisis, TDV makes it as straightforward as possible.

You'll hear from over 12 hand-picked experts - economists, investors, and monetary historians with unique perspectives on this issue.

Rather than getting lost in prepper forums or buying overpriced guru courses, you can learn directly from those who predicted this turmoil.

Through clear presentations and interviews, you'll gain valuable insights to make informed decisions about safeguarding your assets.

So instead of reinventing the wheel, you can avoid common pitfalls by learning from those already prepared.

This Summit delivers the most direct path possible to gaining the essential knowledge you need before it's too late.

It provides clarity on how to navigate the death of the dollar and come out thriving on the other side.

This Isn’t Just “One” Solution for Preparing For the Dollar's Collapse...

It’s THE Solution.

Now it should be clear why The 2024 TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit has a retail value of $997...

But that price isn't for you.

I have a much better deal coming...

The reason for the discount will be clear in a moment...

The TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit will provide the most direct path to gaining the knowledge you need before the dollar fails.

Why Are We Offering This Summit So Inexpensively?

It's because we have an urgent mission.

You see:

I've made it my life's purpose to wake up as many people as possible to the coming collapse of the dollar...

...and that means reaching every concerned investor and protector.

I simply can't let money prevent this message from spreading far and wide.

All you need to do is click below to join our community focused on preparedness and freedom.

By registering now, you'll kickstart your journey to financial security as the currency rapidly fails.

This Isn't Just a Fantastic Bargain...

You'll become vital to our mission of waking up as many people as possible to the coming collapse.

By attending, you'll help spread the message:

"You CAN safeguard your family through the death of the dollar - without sacrificing your values."

You'll be welcomed into our community of enlightened protectors and investors.

So click below now to register for the summit at only $197. And let us know if you want to attend in person or virtually on the live stream.

Remember: life is short. More inaction leads to real pain:

Are you willing to watch your purchasing power keep vanishing? Can you accept leaving your family's future at risk?

All of that can be avoided simply by registering now.

Imagine it's April 2024...

You attended TDV Summit a month ago. Already, you've taken control of your finances and built a tribe.

While others are overwhelmed, you feel hopeful thanks to the knowledge you've gained. A bright future is ahead, starting with one click below today.

That one step sets you on the path to security. It all begins now - seize control of your destiny!



When is the Summit and how do I attend?

The Summit took place on February 11th, 2024. You will get instant access to the recordings that you can watch anywhere, on your schedule! That means absolutely NO travel. No borders. No airports. No hotels. 

All you need is a $197 ticket (click the button below to claim yours now) and you'll get credentials sent for our membership portal. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer (yes, you can view on a mobile device or tablet, but a computer will give you the best experience).

What's included in my $197 Registration?

When you claim your $197 registration (click the button below to claim yours now) you gain access to ALL of the Summit interviews and presentations, which took place on February 11, 2024.  Once you get your credentials you have lifetime access to view whenever and wherever you want.

I registered online, but haven't received an email confirmation or receipt yet.
What should I do?

You should have received a confirmation email from The Dollar Vigilante immediately after registering for the Summit. Make sure to check your spam/junk/promotions folder. If you do not see your confirmation within 15 minutes of registering, please send a message to [email protected]

To make sure that you receive ALL event communications, please add the emails you receive from Jeff Berwick and The Dollar Vigilante to your safe-sender/white list.