Brexit II: Is Donald Trump a False Flag?

I saw a video of Michael Moore promoting Donald Trump today and I wondered what was happening. The Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs are in […]


Rigged Election: Hillary and Trump Caught Partying Like BFF’s With Kissinger at Jesuit Gala

We have been very, very suspicious of Donald Trump since he began his political run. Many believed he was an outsider who was our “only […]


The Economics of Freedom: Anarchast with Peter Boetke

Anarchast Ep.313 Jeff interviews Austrian economics professor and author Peter Boetke, topics include: the current state of the world economy, the state and military adventurism, […]


Seek Your Independence: Anything Else Will Destroy You

Many people think The Dollar Vigilante is a fear mongering, pessimistic blog. If you only read our headlines, then I can see how you would […]

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