"A dollar vigilante is a free market individual who protests the government monopoly on money and financial policies such as fractional reserve banking and un-backed fiat currencies by selling those same fiat currencies in favor of other assets, often including gold, silver, foreign real estate and bitcoin."

The Dollar Vigilante (TDV) is not your typical financial newsletter. While we cover all aspects of the ongoing collapse of the US dollar financial system, we do it from a free market view. In fact we are the most thoroughly free market newsletter there is as all editors, writers and analysts for TDV are libertarian purists (anarcho-capitalists) grounded in free-market Austrian economics.

Founded in 2009, by Jeff Berwick and Ed Bugos, it has grown into one of the most well known financial websites and newsletters in the world due to its extreme free market bent and timely calls on emerging trends. Including recommending Bitcoin when it traded at $3 (it subsequently rose to over $1,000) in 2011.

TDV has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, CBC, ZeroHedge.com, LewRockwell.com and countless other TV, radio, podcasts and websites.

TDV takes a proper view of government intervention to be able to make the moves that best protect you from government intervention both in the markets as well with your own finances. Here at TDV we have absolutely no illusions about governments and central banks and their inherent tendency to steal, distort markets and cause physical and economic destruction…

Therefore our analysts can offer the best advice on how to protect your current assets and standard of living. We can also help you grow those assets, too. But again, this is not like other newsletters. We are in a new era. President Nixon essentially replaced the gold standard with the dollar standard. The Dollar Era allowed the Federal Reserve to usher in an Age of Inflation that benefited financial assets. Getting rich in stocks became relatively easy.

But that age is coming to an end. The dollar itself is on its last legs. Keeping what you have during economic collapse and political instability should be just as much a priority as increasing your wealth. In the coming years, keeping your wealth and liberty will likely become much more important than profiting. TDV is about much more than just this current crisis, however. It is about freedom and how to achieve it both personally and as people of this planet.

Here are areas that are regularly covered in TDV:

"The Big Picture" - A regular review and analysis of the latest happenings from the entire global financial and political sphere by Jeff Berwick.

"Economic Analysis" - Coverage of important economic trends that will include the monthly money supply report in which our chief analyst, Ed Bugos, reviews changes in money and banking policies emanating from the world’s major central banks from an Austrian economics viewpoint,

Investment and portfolio recommendations on how to keep the wealth you have and increase it in today’s confusing and fast moving times

Specific stock recommendations in gold and silver stocks as well as other areas which may perform well including agriculture and energy

"Expatriation of Ass & Assets" - News and information on how to expatriate both your physical self and your financial wealth. From planting flags in a few different countries in which to place your gold and cash to ideas and insights into topics such as the best places to purchase foreign real estate in order to avoid some of the social uprising about to spread. Other topics of interest include how and where to get a 2nd passport, offshore incorporation and offshore banking.

"The Vigilante Expat Network" - Every month we have articles from or interviews with expats who have moved abroad and made a life for themselves. As well, all subscribers get access to the Vigilante Expat Network with hundreds of people in more than 40 countries around the world to help you get the information you need to consider expatriation or investment in those areas.

Some of the biggest names in the financial and liberty sectors recommend TDV:

"Jeff Berwick is an adventurer and a world citizen, a financial expert and a great writer, an anarcho-capitalist and a fearless opponent of the power-elite. If you don't subscribe to his Dollar Vigilante, do it now. You'll thank me." - Lew Rockwell, Founder of The Ludwig von Mises Institute and lewrockwell.com

"You have a new fan!" - Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News

"TDV is one of the few things I read as soon as it hits my inbox. It's very well written, and quite entertaining, but more important, sound and thoughtful. And at once radical and rational. Put me down as a big fan." - Doug Casey, author (Crisis Investing, International Man) and founder of Casey Research

"Jeff Berwick's Dollar Vigilante is a stalwart site and newsletter, always focused on the primacy of human freedom and the artificiality of any institution that stands in its way." - Jeffrey Tucker, CEO of Liberty.me

TDV is also much more than a newsletter. TDV has a daily blog covering the important events of the day that you can receive via email daily. It also has a YouTube channel with interviews from outside media with Jeff Berwick as well as interviews with some of the most important names in finance and economics. You can also find TDV on Facebook and on Twitter.

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