My Body My Choice, And Insurrection Exception – A Psyop Extravaganza

By Jeff Berwick | June 30, 2022

“Prole” Released in June 2022, “Prole” is set in a dystopian world where workers who get pregnant are sent out of state to get an abortion encouraged, and bankrolled by their employers.  Abortion travel benefits. Pretty dystopian, right? But, of course, no office babies equal no maternity pay or 24-week productivity interruption, which is what…

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It’s the Thrill of the Fight, Rising Up to the Challenge of our Rival

By Jeff Berwick | June 25, 2022

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it!” As well-spoken and articulate as ever, Mr. Balboa.  Except,…

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The Fast and the Fungible: Shemitah Crypto and Stock Market Crash Continues

By Jeff Berwick | June 21, 2022

It’s freezing in Mexico as I record this, so it must be the climate change!  You know, somewhere along the line a Swedish teenager dictated that global warming become climate change, and then the flu became Covaids, the lethal injection became SADS and Vax Shingles and/or Aids became Monkeypox!  My apologies to any and all…

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Crypto and Stock Collapse! And, the Evolution of Stupid Is Complete

By Jeff Berwick | June 15, 2022

So… science finally determined what is responsible for millions of people dying of Covaids.  Drrrrrumroll… A randy Neanderthal!  Yeah.  I’m actually starting to think there’s something to this whole gender assignment vs. gender identity thing.  Because El Hombre Nuevo has evolved into Homo Erectus Dysfunctus, with his head up the ass of the Party Leader…

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Sheeple Of The New Normal: You Vill Eat Ze Bugs And Get The Sads

By Jeff Berwick | June 13, 2022

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves. This saying has been credited in turn to American broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow, and French political economist Bertrand de Jouvenel.  Fifty-odd years later, American syndicated columnist Andrew Napolitano titled his book Constitutional Chaos: The Constitution in Exile: A Nation of Sheep. And, it was…

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Billy Wanka and The Vaccine Factory: Lethal Injections and Super Happy Rainbow Fun

By Jeff Berwick | June 9, 2022

What came first? Smallpox vaccines, or Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)? Vaccine Induced Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV),  or Monkeypox?  Billy Wanka’s miracle elixir, or young, healthy and fit people dying for no apparent reason whatsoever?  It’s a SADS, SADS situation.  And, talking of fowl play… Why did the chicken cross the road?  Well, if you ask…

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Welcome To Statist Kanada! Where They’ll Politely Kill You If You’re Too Poor To Live!

By Jeff Berwick | June 6, 2022

Please don’t be alarmed if you missed the annual Bilderberg meeting in the Washington District of Criminals this year. Nothing nefarious was discussed, no ‘Great Reset By Genocide’ or ‘New World Order Of Class Merit.  We know, because they told us so, and, according to its spokesmen:  The Bilderberg Conference is not about plotting world…

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To Blow Up The World, They Need Your Compliance, Not Self-Reliance!

By Jeff Berwick | June 2, 2022

The story starts like this…  “Norman was a perfectly safe, perfectly sane man.  He lived with his wife and his son, who were both perfectly safe, perfectly sane, in a world that was perfectly safe and perfectly sane.  So when he woke up that morning, he felt as perfect as always. He had no inkling…

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The Davos Dilemma: To Starve Or Poison The Petrified Peasants

By Jeff Berwick | May 29, 2022

1. Stop Telling Us We Can’t Kill Our Babies!  2. Stop Killing Our Babies!!!!  The exact same people who have been hysterical this past month at the thought of losing their “God-given rights” to kill the unborn are screaming the roof off for gun owners to be relieved of their constitutional rights to carry arms. …

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No More Monkeying Around: They’re Breaking Out The Mon(k)ey Shot!

By Jeff Berwick | May 25, 2022

Dear Joe,  I’m jist a country bumpkin from down south, but there’n some things I don’ unnerstand about dis here Monkeypawx and all the theories flyin’ around.  Have y’all decided if the Monkeypawx is only about fuckin’ people or monkees too?  Theory 1 Because it sure do look like the shingles from where I’m shittin’.…

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Welcome to the System, Everyone’s a Victim… But You Don’t Have To Be

By Jeff Berwick | May 20, 2022

“Welcome to the system, everyone’s a victim Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, it hates you all Here inside the system, violence is a symptom Fighting for what’s right, but somehow everyone is wrong” Our intro today is by Tom MacDonald who has done some really good work over the past few years just…

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How I Made Millions Buying Billions of Terra Luna at $0.000001

By Jeff Berwick | May 16, 2022

I see a bad moon rising I see troubles on the way I see earthquakes and lightning I see bad times today Don’t go ’round tonight Well, it’s bound to take your life There’s a bad moon on the rise “Bad Moon Rising” is a song written by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater…

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The End Has Arrived… This Is War!

By Jeff Berwick | May 12, 2022

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad War?  Literally… no one…  Certainly not Justin Castreau, who is the reigning 2022 Hide & Seek Champion for his sterling performance during the January Trucker Protests, BUT who visited Ukraine to give a medal to Zelensky’s mine sniffing dog Patron.Just two rich comedians hanging out in “war-torn” territory, shooting…

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Pfizer’s Planned Parenthood Program: Abortion Distraction For The Sterilization Nation

By Jeff Berwick | May 9, 2022

In today’s video, we give tribute to the women who don’t hesitate to tell it the way it is.  First, we all owe a debt to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood – whose memory has been praised by the likes of Killary, Hyena Harris and Barack Drone Bomber. The same Margaret Sanger who,…

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Genius Bill Gates Is Literally Killing It!  Meanwhile, Abortion Is The New Psyop

By Jeff Berwick | May 5, 2022

“You have to let me kill my baby!”  The Karens are hysterical. Again.  Because, “Abortion is a constitutional right!”  In the latest and greatest psyop, a “leaked” Supreme Court opinion has been published which indicates Trump’s extremist bench of judges is about to strike down the legal precedent set by Roe v. Wade in 1973…

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Mask’d, Vax’d,Tax’d… Artificial Brain Slaves Are Getting Screw’d – And Not In A Good Way

By Jeff Berwick | May 1, 2022

What goes on inside the hive mind of the New Slave Order? Hard to know, but one thing is clear: Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still obeying the liars.  And, speaking of the truth.  Big Sister is watching!  Biden’s 33-year-old “Disinformation Czar” has gone viral for her new Tik Tok song…

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Vote For The NEW WORLD in no particular ORDER: Gangsters, Banksters, Pedos and Actors

By Jeff Berwick | April 28, 2022

1. Tacos 2. Kishus 3. Circle sprints on golf courses 4. Hang with pals… and sniff strangers 5. Break some fact-checker ankles… Lucy’s list of “Things I Enjoy More Than Riled Up Libtards” is very short.  Happily, few things have agitated the Neils and Karens more this year than Elon Musk buying Twitter and claiming…

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It’s a Low Testosterone, Chemtrailly, Pedophilia, Genocidal, Hyperinflationary World

By Jeff Berwick | April 24, 2022

China! China! China! Remember 2020? When China was responsible for the Covaids-19 world pandemic outbreak and suddenly everyone in the world could find Wuhan on a map?  And, according to recent reports, China’s newest technological pursuits seem to be drawn from the recesses of science fiction’s most dystopian projections, with the People’s Republic already seriously…

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Lucy and the Pirates Vs Elon Musk’s Transhumanist New World Order

By Miles Adinolfi | April 20, 2022

Welcome to the Muskerade, one and all!  We have Vampires and Dread-Pledge Collectors! Morbidly Obese Zombies! Werewolves in Sheep’s Clothing!  And, Humanoid Robots!  Oh, and here’s a shocker, the word robot is from the Czech word robota, meaning ‘forced labour’. The term was coined in K. Čapek’s play R.U.R. ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’ (1920). It’s a…

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IDIOCRACY: Government By The Retarded For The Retarded Of The Retarded

By Jeff Berwick | April 18, 2022

In the darkest chapter of German history, during a time when incited mobs threw stones into the windows of innocent shop owners and women and children were cruelly humiliated in the open; Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a young pastor, began to speak publicly against the atrocities. After years of trying to change people’s minds, Bonhoeffer came home…

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Shanghai Horrors, Booster Vax Maxxers and The Ukraine False Flag is Here

By Jeff Berwick | April 13, 2022

Today I talk a lot about China. And, if you’re a regular viewer of my walks with Lucy, you’ll know I’m not the kind of guy that holds back.  If you’re new, let me be the first to tell you: I don’t hold back.  But today, my video team and I actually discussed – for…

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