Whack ‘Em All: How To Get Away With Murder

By Jeff Berwick | June 15, 2021

“There’s a new game we like to play, you see, a game with added reality. You treat me like a dog, get me down on my knees. Forget all about equality –– it’s a lot like life and that’s what’s appealing.” –– Master and Servant, Depeche Mode (1984) I am, of course, referring to the…

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The New World Order Of The First Galactic Empire

By Jeff Berwick | June 10, 2021

Here’s a question to ask your Covaxx-taking brethren: Were you on Frodo Baggins and Luke Skywalker’s sides in Lord of the Rings and Star Wars? If so, why are you now supporting the empire? The empires which, disturbingly, either closely resemble a certain “secret society” or are based on the One Ring forged to gain…

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The Mystical Art Of Confusion Called Fau Chi

By Jeff Berwick | June 8, 2021

Fraudy Fauci sat on a wall, Fraudy Fauci had a big fall All the queen’s horses, and All the queen’s men, Couldn’t put Fraudci together again. Yeah… Talking about the queen coming to the prince’s rescue –– have you heard the one about Fauci and Epstein? Turns out Anthony Fraudci is long-time friends with the…

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The Dr. Fraudci and Kill Gates Scam of the Century

By Jeff Berwick | June 6, 2021

A lot of things haven’t made sense for a while, right? Like the mass worship of Your Holiness, Dr. Fraudci. And the omnipotence of Kill Gates. Elon Musk. Most of all the wave upon wave of Covaids cons and subsequent vaccination fraud, extortion and bribery. The past 15 months could be summed up by one…

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Idiocracy, They Live and The Rockefeller/Gates Plan to Cancel Culture

By Jeff Berwick | June 4, 2021

I could start this blog with “Don’t listen to morons, ever.” That would basically be the same as starting this blog with “They’re dumbing down the kids and no one’s noticing because they’re so busy being social justice warriors.” Especially the kids in question. Generation Z is said to be the strongest generation America has…

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URGENT: You May Only Have Six Months Before the Zombie Apocalypse, Great Reset Vax Genocide Begins

By Jeff Berwick | June 1, 2021

If you had six months to prepare how and where to bunker down for the harshest winter of your life, where would you go? What would you put in place? Sometimes I just walk my Chihuahua for 40 minutes, throwing the bull. But now and then I have some really important stuff to say, like…

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All The World’s A Stage And Then You Die… From The Vax

By Jeff Berwick | May 29, 2021

Babylon Bee wrote a great spoof about Dr. Fraudci Getting In Heated Debate With Seventeen Previous Versions Of Himself… “The virus was created in a lab!” present-day Fauci said indignantly, causing past Fauci to wag his finger and shake his head emphatically. “No, no, no, that’s a deranged conspiracy theory!” past Fauci said. “It’s practically…

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Morbidly Obese People Concerned With Health Line Up For Vax Death Jab Smorgasbord

By Jeff Berwick | May 27, 2021

One of the social media warriors’ favorite naggings is “The government Would NEVER Do That!” Let’s see… What else wouldn’t the government do? Would they, for example, approve of intentionally placing homeless children with male pedophiles and even giving these hands-on dads a regular care allowance? Would they allow this practice to go on for…

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Bill Murray Stars In The Covaids Great Reset Day That Never Ends

By Jeff Berwick | May 25, 2021

Groundhog Day is one of my all-time favorite movies. I’ve watched Bill Murray get up and have the same shitty cold day probably about 20 times. (Then I watched him get the Covaids blahs, but that’s a whole other story) Right now, nothing describes most people’s reality more than Groundhog Day. The same evil geniuses…

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Every Breath You Take, Satan Klaus Will Be Watching You

By Jeff Berwick | May 22, 2021

11 Ways the World Will Change By 2030: You vill eat ze bugs You vill drink ze cockroach milk You vill be assimilated You vill turn in ze gun You vill marry and impregnate ze transwoman Yu vill have your child’s gender identity confirmed by Rachel Levine You vill sell ze Bitcoin for 10 Social…

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The Apocalypse Is Here… and It Is Crazier Than Even I Thought It Would Be!

By Jeff Berwick | May 20, 2021

History is the best teacher of what is evil. Tribes in New Guinea killed and ate their enemies, including children. The Assyrians killed and tortured all who resisted and destroyed their cities. The Greeks also killed competing friends and foes.   The Romans killed anyone who resisted them and raped all the women. Aztec Emperor Moctezuma…

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Tip Toe To Tyranny… Now It Comes With Free French Fries!

By Jeff Berwick | May 18, 2021

When the government has to offer chips, scholarships and million-dollar lottery draws as “incentives” for people to get vaxxed, business must be slow. But what’s a tyrant-in-training to do when the sheeple are suddenly developing decidedly mule-like tendencies in the face of serving as lab rats?  It’s a veritable zoo out there. The vaccine side…

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Every Breath You Take, Satan Klaus Will Be Watching You

By Jeff Berwick | May 16, 2021

11 Ways the World Will Change By 2030: You vill eat ze bugs You vill drink ze cockroach milk You vill be assimilated You vill turn in ze gun You vill marry and impregnate ze transwoman Yu vill have your child’s gender identity confirmed by Rachel Levine You vill sell ze Bitcoin for 10 Social…

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New World Order: The Greta Reset and Satan Klaus’ Cyber Plandemic

By Jeff Berwick | May 13, 2021

“I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.” Designer plandemics have been at the New World Order of the day for a while now. Their computer models showed them that all they had to do was create a problem and then use media propaganda to make the…

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The Covaids Manifesto: From Each According to His Obedience, To Each According To His Submission

By Jeff Berwick | May 11, 2021

One time, way back in December 2020, the Vatican News reported that Pope Francis approved a statement from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on when vaccines developed using aborted fetal cells should be used. “In the absence of other means to stop or even prevent the epidemic, the common good may…

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The Depopulation Agenda, Mask Insanity, Empty Hospitals and Rothschild’s New Govcoin

By Jeff Berwick | May 9, 2021

The Outer Limits, Season 1, episode 14 (Quality of Mercy) Major John Skokes is taken prisoner during an interstellar war and thrown into a dark cell, where he meets an imprisoned female cadet. Opening narration “Men of war have long known that warriors must often abandon those verities they defend. Peace, human kindness, love… for…

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How To Change Society, Reduce Population and Make a Fortune by Kill and Billinda Gates

By Miles Adinolfi | May 7, 2021

Money laundering: The illegal process of making large amounts of money generated by a criminal activity, such as drug trafficking or terrorist funding, appear to have come from a legitimate source…let’s say…divorce.  When you’re the wealthiest guy in the world ($188.5 billion) but you can be linked to terrorist funding (Antifa/BLM), what do you do…

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Murder By Injection and “Transitory Hyperinflation” is our New Normal

By Jeff Berwick | May 6, 2021

When you’re going to lie, make it a whopper. A LIE so BIG, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for ordinary people to recognize it as a psyop, a false flag or just plain old crime for profit. An IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER if you will… (Which, by the way, is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, with its glob of…

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Ministry of Truth: All Illness is Covaids, All Weather is Climate Change

By Jeff Berwick | May 5, 2021

Fit and healthy 65-year old billionaire seeks partner for discreet fun. Must have GSOH, enjoy a giggle and love kids. My Interests Technology Health Farming Environmental Awareness Entomophagy Eugenics Bio-terrorism Education Level High school  Favorite Beach Reads On Immunity, by Eula Biss. “Biss, an essayist and university lecturer, examines what lies behind people’s fears of…

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How To Find Happiness In A Crazy World

By Jeff Berwick | May 3, 2021

We are stopping off at Isla Espíritu Santo, literally translated as Island of the Holy Spirit, so I thought I’d do things a bit differently. This is me today: No Lucy. No Internet. No World News. And I’m feeling happy as a statist who just reported a social distancing / Covid misinformation / mask wearing…

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The Great Covaids War of 2021

By Jeff Berwick | May 1, 2021

The earliest known principles of war were documented by Sun Tzu, circa 500 BCE. (Read the Art of War as recommended by Kill Gates and Zuckerberg). Three of these principles are: All warfare is based on deception. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Supreme excellence consists of breaking the…

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