#F**kJoe Biden and F**k His Fake VaXXXine

By Jeff Berwick | October 15, 2021

Do you know Dick?  Dick thinks the government cares about him.  Dick trusts everything in the mainstream media.  Especially that death-by-vax is fake news.  He believes #LetsGoBrandon taking shots in La Casa Blanca is real.  And doesn’t wonder why pilots want to block the Covid vax mandate,  Or why Southwest just canceled over 1,800 flights. …

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The Cyber Plandemic Has Begun… and the Ridiculous Psyop Joke Is On Humanity

By Jeff Berwick | October 8, 2021

The cyber pandemic has begun… and people are making jokes about “that day Facebook and WhatsApp and Insta went down”… Little do they know, the joke is on us. The little people. Or at least the ones who are voluntarily taking part in the super-sized director’s cut of Squid Game we are playing.  Will you…

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Fauci Whiplash, #OzHasFallen, and the 2021 Winter Of Discontent

By Jeff Berwick | October 3, 2021

Published in 1900, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz tells the story of a young girl who finds herself in a magical world filled with fantastic characters. Still, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, when… The Scarecrow, in need of a brain, but with superior olfactory ability, is the president of “the world’s…

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Never Submit! Never Tap Out! Never Say Uncle!

By Jeff Berwick | September 28, 2021

Saying ‘uncle’ is an old-school expression to beg your opponent to stop, during an informal wrestling or tickling match … or when being sniffed by Uncle Joe Biden…   In conversation, everywhere in the world, but especially in Australia, it would go something like this:  Wrestling, pinned to the ground, needle in hand, “Say uncle!”, your…

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The Danger of Elitists and Muppets in a Transhuman World

By Jeff Berwick | September 21, 2021

What do you get when you cross a muppet with a transformer…?  If you said Your Kanadian Boyfriend, or Her Ladyship, the Hon. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez… you would be right!  But really, it’s most of the world’s wannabe transhumanist “elitists” and their government minions.  Which, by the way, if you haven’t been paying attention, is where…

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The Danger of Elitists and Muppets in a Transhuman World

By Jeff Berwick | September 18, 2021

This week I was partying it up with family and friends in Mazatlán, Mexico. In a motor home turned party bus… and other exotic party places. Some special footage in today’s video! Oh, and a really practical use for your Monero in the market! As well as Jeff’s Suggested Reading List, which is nothing like…

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Covaids Villains, Zombies and Heroes in a Slave New World Order!

By Jeff Berwick | September 13, 2021

A lot of people who get this email are not members of The Dollar Vigilante. Why pay for something when you get cool videos of Lucy anyway, right?  I don’t mind, my most important mission is to 1) get as many people as possible to know what is going on in the world and 2)…

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Trust the Science: Genetically Manipulated Obesity (GMO), Disease, and Death

By Jeff Berwick | September 11, 2021

They’re all in bed together. It’s literally a clusterf*ck between Cousin Agri and Sister Pharma and Big Brother Tech. Screwing for Alabama. Or, just screwing Alabama. Like, you know, that one time when Monsanto Industrial Chemicals admitted to poisoning residents of Anniston, Alabama, with PCBs. Years after a settlement, people of this town are still…

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There Is Something Really Special Happening in El Salvador!

By Jeff Berwick | September 9, 2021

El Salvador. The Savior. Isn’t it weird how life comes full circle? Last time I was in El Sal was in 2005 when my sailboat got wrecked; I got rescued (not by the navy as reported); was known as “that crazy Canadian adventurer”; and set out to start a whole new life based on not…

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Vaxxentration Camps, 1984 Surveillance State, and the Covaids Gestapo

By Jeff Berwick | September 5, 2021

A friend sent me this poll – seen on FBI-book this week:  Which of the following (if any) would you support? Disallow unvaccinated from entering supermarkets Disallow unvaccinated from entering banks Disallow unvaccinated from having internet and phone service Disallow unvaccinated from having jobs One particular answer captured the sentiments of most responders:  “I think…

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Welcome to the Gates of Hell, Guarded By A Three-headed Sociopathic Mass Murdering Megalomaniac

By Jeff Berwick | September 1, 2021

Imagine, if you will, a monster so evil, so malevolent, that the Greek scribes pictured it as “almost indescribable”.   Meet Cerberus – also known as the “hound of Hades” – the multi-headed dog who guarded the gates of hell, preventing the dead from leaving. Cerberus was a “many-headed, relentless and strong creature who fed on…

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The New Normal Side Effects of Refusing the Covaxxx: Holding Organs, Jobs and Kids Hostage

By Miles Adinolfi | August 28, 2021

Where in the world is Jeff and Lucy?  Now, if I was Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka Son of a Nazi Cop and Self-Proclaimed Admirer of Hitler’s Propaganda Skills, I would say SCREW YOUR NOSINESS!  But I’m not… so I won’t. But just by the way, my whereabouts are none of anyone’s business.  Just like my f*^%#cking…

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Covaids and the Totalitarian Rape of the Mind

By Jeff Berwick | August 23, 2021

It seems Kabul has fallen to a regime more liberal than Australia’s… Afghanistan has been overrun by a regime so barbarous and cruel that under its rule people are allowed to step outside without a passport, may even enter government offices, museums, and stores without said passport, and men at least may walk outside without…

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The Mass Psychosis of the Covaids Cult

By Jeff Berwick | August 14, 2021

People with psychotic disorders have trouble staying in touch with reality and often can’t handle daily life. The most obvious symptoms are hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t real) and delusions (believing things that aren’t true, even when they get the facts).  A shared psychotic disorder is a type of mental illness in which…

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All Aboard the Lolita Express… To the Great Reset and Beyond!

By Jeff Berwick | August 12, 2021

Planes, yachts, islands and castles. Premiers, presidents, publishers, popes and princes. (Notably no paupers)  …Guardians of mortals… …Protectors of morals… If I was going to write about the men sniffing and groping underage girls and the women who enable them, it would take up my whole day. So I have picked out some fresh fodder…

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Here Comes the Famines, Jabs and Covaids Walmart FEMA Camps

By Jeff Berwick | August 10, 2021

“Hey Bob, could you do me a favor? I need a whole lot of COVID death numbers. Can you shove some of your flu-death numbers over here?” “Sure. No problem, Bill. We work for the same agency. We’re all in this together. But if I give you thousands of flu-death numbers, I want something back.…

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Just A Guy Vs. The Bureau-Rats Of Alberta, Kanada

By Miles Adinolfi | August 8, 2021

The following is based on actual events. The names have been changed and the dialogue recreated. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely intentional. Eat your heart out John Grisham.  Scene 1: Take 2 or 3 A criminal courtroom somewhere in Alberta, Canada Just A Guy: The Covid 19 virus…

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The Big Pharma Scamsters And Their Enablers, All Part Of The Maskerade

By Jeff Berwick | August 3, 2021

New York Yankees players who were vaccinated have COVID. Olympic athletes who were vaccinated have COVID. About three-fourths of people infected in a Massachusetts Covid-19 outbreak last week were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus with four of them ending up in the hospital, according to new data published Friday by the CDC. In Israel, the…

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The 2021 Shit Show Continues: Government Approved Propaganda Only

By Jeff Berwick | August 1, 2021

Today, what you should do when you wake up is get a copy of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Read it, then pass it on to your partner/kids/friends/guy in the vaccinated-only bar…  Do it because it’s been one of the most widely banned books in the world. And you know what that means – things only…

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The Covaids Plandemic: Will You Be Leaving Quietly?

By Jeff Berwick | July 29, 2021

The USSA is back to enforcing masks. Doesn’t matter if you’re jabbed or part of The Great Unvaxxed.  As per CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky: “New data” shows breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals can spread as much virus as an unvaccinated person.  Despite this, the CDC director continued to demand that people go get vaccinated.…

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Things That Keep Dr. Fraudci Up At Night: It’s Complicated!

By Jeff Berwick | July 27, 2021

First, let me say that today’s walk n’ talk has some real jaw-dropping stuff… And I do not use the term lightly… Mostly related to our favorite Dr. Evil – the poster child for Faucism…the man himself… Anthony “It’s-Complicated” Fraudci!  So you might like to go straight to video. Watch on: | Bitchute |Rumble…

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