The NOCEBO Effect: A New Variant Called ANOTHERCON

By Jeff Berwick | January 27, 2022

In 1837, Hans Christian Anderson published his cautionary tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and its message resounds clearly today. An Emperor of a city is fond of clothes. Two imposter weavers enter his city and tell him they will create a suit for him that would be invisible to stupid people. … Everyone lies and…

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VACCINE VENDETTA: The Sheep Being Led to the Slaughter

By Jeff Berwick | January 23, 2022

Our father, who art in Washington, Hallowed be thy Science, Thy Death Jabs come, Thy Will be done, On TV, as it is Online. Give us this day our Daily News. And forgive us our Docile Delirium As we forgive those Who Suicide Us. And lead us not into “Side Effects”, But deliver us from…

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FINAL RED CARD: Flies are Dropping Like Vaxxed Soccer and Tennis Players!

By Jeff Berwick | January 19, 2022

So now we have the no.1 tennis player in the world, suspended for not using drugs.  While the same compulsory drugs are dropping other tennis and soccer players and athletes like flies.  Chest pain, stroke, myocarditis, or death anyone?  Let’s see, why has a perfectly healthy man (probably one of the healthiest people in the…

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The Allegory Of The Cave: Covaids 2022 Edition

By Jeff Berwick | January 14, 2022

Are you a Racist? Misogynist? Or Terrorist/Extremist? Take your pick anti-vaxxers!  Because refusing to be shot up with lethal poison must put you in one of these categories.  At least, according to the Son of Castro – that great performing black-face artist previously known as Your Canadian Boyfriend.  Of course, I couldn’t give a flying…

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The Only Way to Wake Up “The World” Is For You To Wake Up

By Jeff Berwick | January 8, 2022

Let’s play a quick game of Jeopardy.  When a large part of society focuses its attention on a leader(s) or a series of events and their attention focuses on one small point or issue.  Followers can be hypnotized and be led anywhere, regardless of data proving otherwise.  A key aspect of the phenomena is that…

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The Zombie Apocalypse… Reptiles… Robots… Everybody Wants To Rule The World!

By Jeff Berwick | December 29, 2021

They might knock on your door on a late wintry night. You may see them approaching your car while you are waiting at the signal or a gas station. It might seem like they need help or they might just stand still for no reason.  These children do not look threatening. They would want to…

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The Hoaxy Covid: I See Stupid People. Stupid People Everywhere.

By Jeff Berwick | December 24, 2021

Ho! Ho! Ho…!!!  Yes, I am referring to every person who has sold out to their bodies and your free movement in exchange for,  A burger, donut or beer…  To demonstrate their “good character” and “moral superiority” To “save a nan” from getting a hug, or a piece of Christmas turkey with her grandkids before…

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The Weak and the Woke. These Are The Days Of Our Lives

By Jeff Berwick | December 22, 2021

Women and Children First, is a phrase rather infamously associated with the sinking Titanic. It might be the unwritten law of the sea, but the reality of ‘women and children first’ when a ship is sinking is a myth. In fact, as various maritime disasters have proven, the prevailing attitude is best summarised as “every…

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This Is It. Confirmed. It’s the Fucking Apocalypse!

By Jeff Berwick | December 19, 2021

Things are falling apart at speed. But before you panic, listen!  An apocalypse can go three ways:  The complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation. An event involving destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale. Or, a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge; in ancient Greek literally meaning…

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Here is Why Nearly Everyone Has Gone Covaids Insane for Christmas

By Jeff Berwick | December 12, 2021

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the city Not a creature was maskless, not even a mouse, itty bitty. No one was stirring as the new world unfurled. Sheeple abound at the end of their tether,  As anarchy spread and the vaxxed just got deader. Young superspreaders lay snug in their beds, With…

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Nailed it! Winter Vagina… And Other Cunning Stunts

By Jeff Berwick | December 9, 2021

…Of course, Debunking the MSM 101 teaches one to never read the headline and think you know what the article is about. ‘Cause then you might be tempted to connect today’s dry-as-bone title with the following:  “The souls here are grey and withered. The more juicy souls are in your realm.”  Which has nothing to…

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Jab-A-Dabba-Do! OmiCON! How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

By Jeff Berwick | December 3, 2021

Trust the science!  What is the science?  We’ll tell you in 55 years!  Yeah…  Polio. Smallpox. Aids. All part of the CON.  And next up in blind bamboozling, we have O-MI-CON. (Said in a booming god-in-space voice, of course)  Say it with me… O-MI-CON. Satisfying isn’t it?  The latest… the greatest… the scariest of scary…

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Old PSYOP Games & New Wargames: The Art of Fear

By Jeff Berwick | November 27, 2021

Don’t panic!  Like when you hear the words ‘Crimson Contagion’…  Sounds almost poetic, doesn’t it? Almost like ‘booster shot’. I mean, health-food shops have told us for years that there is no more quick and refreshing way of getting in those veggies than a juice, or ‘wellness’ shot?  Booster shots are the perfect innocuous-sounding PR-speak…

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Magic Trick: How Covaids Turns Into Climate Change

By Jeff Berwick | November 22, 2021

Where did stuffing come from? No one really knows. I mean, think back to the first Thanksgiving dinner…  There’s nothing in any history book to suggest aliens were NOT present at the table, right?  Going by the fact checkers’ standards, that clearly implies it could be perfectly possible that a few UFO’s pulled in to…

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Welcome to the Apocalypse and the Revolution!

By Jeff Berwick | November 18, 2021

A few days ago Amazon’s Bezos predicted that humanity will move most industry into space and only a select few will be allowed to remain on our planet, which will be turned into a natural resort. The entrepreneur didn’t comment on who he thinks would decide who gets to live on Earth in the future,…

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EARLY WARNING: They Control Everything!

By Jeff Berwick | November 11, 2021

Today’s video, all the way from Colima, Mexico is a fun one. Complete with bird bath privilege scrubs from Nancy Pelosi and Big Bird suffering from a Covaids vaxxx coronary.  Barely Humans…Proudly Brought To You By Pfizer.  And by Heineken’s ‘Cocoon’ commercial for oldies who got the lethal injection with the chilling catch phrase: The…

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Squid Game Is Our New Normal

By Jeff Berwick | November 7, 2021

In a competitive society, not everyone wins.  And, not everyone has a fair chance of winning.  The same is true of most games.  Now, put survival into the mix… Squid Game speaks to a long-standing fascination with the idea of gamifying survival – similar to the many dystopian movies like The Hunger Games who pit…

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White Lies, More Lies, And Bad Karma

By Jeff Berwick | November 4, 2021

Morpheus: “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Also known as “the story of the blue jelly bean aka ‘vaccination treat’ being…

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Kids Aren’t Stupid… But Normie Denialists Are!

By Jeff Berwick | October 28, 2021

Listen up, kids. Today Lucy and I have some cool dinosaur facts and theories for you!  The word ‘dinosaur’ comes from two Greek words and means terrible lizard. In Greek, deinos means “terrible” and sauros is the word for “lizard”. The Greek and Latin combination Tyrannosaurus rex means “king of the tyrant lizards.” Then, one…

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666 Ways the Regime Is Telling You the Truth Right To Your Face

By Jeff Berwick | October 25, 2021

Eat Crow Australia.  Crow tacos to be specific, according to Lucy. If you’re looking for Max Igan, here’s a hint: You’ll find him about 9,000-odd miles to the east (as the crow flies) at Casa Berwick.  But of course, seeing as Aussie citizens are still not allowed to leave prison island, Australia’s police thugs are…

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Zombified Already: Give us your huddled masses yearning to be JABscinated

By Jeff Berwick | October 21, 2021

Moaning, Grumbling, Snarling, Roaring, Hissing, Growling, and Grunting. Take your pick.  Full disclosure – because you ALWAYS need ALL the facts before making a choice – I’m not talking about sheep shagging or a Covaxxx extremist on an Alex Jones show. (Although both those options would not be wrong) According to the Zombie Research Society,…

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