So You Thought Those Zombie Movies Were Fiction?

By Jeff Berwick | February 27, 2021

Okay, I don’t want to alarm you, but it looks like it’s time to brush up on your Survival Skills In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse. Why? Lucy and I discuss more real-time examples in today’s show, but here are some obscure hints: Besides the fact that Nostradamus predicted that the undead would rise in…

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The New World Order, Great Reset, Global Plandemic Band Camp

By Jeff Berwick | February 26, 2021

Bitch I’m Bill Gates I’m on that lean like the Tower of Pisa Spreading 5G ‘cause the virus a feature Making those trillions ‘cause I’m reptilian Me and the Queen we are both the same creature New World Order out in Geneva Linking my ladies if they are Lolita Bitch I’m Bill Gates One moment…

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Be Less White, Get Vaccinated and Stay Away from Cryptocurrencies!

By Jeff Berwick | February 24, 2021

If you go to the southwest desert and catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen. However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight until they eventually kill each other.…

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How You Enjoying Your Dark Winter and Your New Normal?

By Jeff Berwick | February 23, 2021

Isn’t it amazing how you can achieve anything these days? You can be a man feeling awesome about taking on women half your size and testosterone level in women’s sports. Or you can go from college drop-out to IT geek to medical genius to weatherman to farmer in the blink of an eye! No qualifications…

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The Insanity of the Covaids Cult… and Cryptos Skyrocketing as we Enter into the Great Reset

By Jeff Berwick | February 20, 2021

In the medical profession they use the phrase “When you hear hooves, think horse, not zebra.” The principle is simple — the odds are the patient has a more common diagnosis than a rare, improbable one. But what if the stripey things are actually zebras? Or tigers? It’s all connected. And if you don’t understand…

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It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

By Jeff Berwick | February 18, 2021

First there were Pageant Moms, then Dance Moms…now there are Vaxx Moms. You know, the Karens who would do anything to get their kids noticed and in the spotlight –– even if it’s for being the first guinea pigs of the Covid vaccine for children. Do you have a healthy 5-year-old? Want them to star…

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How The Covaids Plandemic Morphed Into The Communist Green New World Order

By Jeff Berwick | February 16, 2021

Hell in a Cell (most of 2020) Royal Rumble (Nov ‘20 to Feb ‘21) Money in the Bank (Can you say $48,000/BTC?) RAW Replays (two down, many to go)  Elimination Chamber (coming soon)  If you feel like you’re currently an extra in a Dubbel-U Dubbel-U Eeeeeee show that’s okay. The similarities are remarkable: It’s a…

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Control – Oppress – Victimize – Isolate – Divide (COVID)… That’s the Great Reset

By Jeff Berwick | February 14, 2021

Last year a CNBC article shed light on people’s reluctance to wear masks, social distance and self-isolate. YOU are the sociopath! Researchers from Brazil’s State University of Londrina found that people who reported “antisocial traits,” such as low levels of empathy and high levels of callousness and risk-taking, were less-likely to comply with Covid-19 prevention…

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The Day That Bitcoin Took Over The World… Plus more Mask Insanity and the Great Reset

By Jeff Berwick | February 12, 2021

“We got our second dose of the Moderna vaccine 3 days ago (in Florida). We feel like we have a mild case that is very unpleasant. After the first dose a month ago, I had no symptoms and my husband developed nausea and muscle aches that lasted for about 2 days. They gave a much…

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In Retrospect, It Was Inevitable… USD Collapse, Plandemic, Great Reset and Bitcoin Skyrocketing

By Jeff Berwick | February 10, 2021

Okay On the count of four As loud as you can You’ll say, “Bit-Coin” I’ll say, “Huh, yeah” You’ll say, “What is it good for?” I’ll say, “Absolutely” You’ll say, “EVERYTHING” Have you got that? I didn’t hear you, have you got that? Yeah… Elon Musk announced Tesla will accept Bitcoin as payment. Jim Cramer…

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Police Tyranny, Vacc-insanity, Maskerade, Super Bowl Bread and Circuses and the Great Reset

By Jeff Berwick | February 7, 2021

With Jeff Bezos no longer running Amazon, sources are reporting that he’s looking forward to spending some of his free time destroying small businesses like he always did. This time will be different, however, since he’ll be bulldozing them in person. “This has always been my passion,” said Bezos with a jolly smile, “but I’ve…

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Is Wall Street Bets a Psyop? Meanwhile, Vaccine and Mask Genocide Continues

By Jeff Berwick | February 3, 2021

“We hold the largest social movement in global history. Today, we have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. People are waking up to our global call: for racial justice and an end to economic injustice, environmental racism, and white supremacy. We’re only getting started ✊🏾” That’s right. Black Lives Matter has been nominated for…

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Wall Street Bets, GME, Ripple, #SilverSqueeze and Mask Insanity

By Jeff Berwick | February 2, 2021

“Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, has-beens and have-nots, get ready for The Greatest Show on Earth! Wanted a little diversion? Were you talked into it? Couldn’t afford tickets to Anarchapulco, was that it? Whatever it was, you are in for a treat with The Lucy and Jeff Show: Death defying acting Incredible acts of…

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The Main Street Rebellion and the Coming Great Reset At War In The Markets

By Jeff Berwick | January 31, 2021

8 ways to annoy a Kanadian: Beaver jokes Accent jokes, eh! 51st– state jokes and saying it’s only because the US decided not to take them over that they exist at all Saying “how much is this in real money”? Any criticism against their favorite hockey team (or Canadian beer) Innocently asking what the Canadian…

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Dogecoin Up 1,000% as #WallStreetBets Gets In On The Crypto Action and Elon Gets into #Bitcoin

By Jeff Berwick | January 30, 2021

Life is good! Silver is up, Bitcoin is up, Monero is up, Dogecoin is up 1,000%. (Giving Lucy and her doge friends an excuse for patronizing every loser who thought Dogecoin was just a joke, including me) …but best of all… People really are waking up. About 1.5 months later than my predicted 21 December,…

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You Will Own Nothing and Satan Klaus Will Be Happy… and How Gamestop Traders Fight Back

By Jeff Berwick | January 29, 2021

Bend over btchs. You anal schwab is ready. Well, I suppose you still have a choice. (If you’re outside China) Do you want to be Schwabbed in your brain or your butt? That is the question… You’ll own nothing and be happy Remember when the WEF said “You will own nothing and you’ll be happy?”…

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The Universe is Pushing People to Wake Up and Will Mock and Impoverish Them If They Don’t

By Jeff Berwick | January 26, 2021

So Joe Biden’s first campaign as the new scary hand puppet-in-charge is to BUILD BACK BETTER! Huh? Is that even English? Although I suppose it is slightly more intelligible than the gibberish drooled so far by the #fakepresident. And guess who else is Building Back Better? Oh, just the World Hell Organization, the United Nations,…

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The WHO Announces the Plandemic is ‘Over’ now that the Biden Regime is Installed

By Jeff Berwick | January 23, 2021

Throughout history, overlords controlled their subjects through fear. The ever-popular witch hunt is a prime example of maniacs finding a socially acceptable reason for the divergent to be unjustifiably persecuted and/or killed. The Salem PSYOP Between June 1692 and May 1693, fourteen women, five men, and two dogs were executed for their supposed supernatural crimes…

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Insurrection, Inauguration, the Q Psyop and Vaccination

By Jeff Berwick | January 21, 2021

What does Chelsey Clinton, Melinda Gates, and Joe Biden have in common? Clinton was first called out for publicly wearing her upside-down cross in 2008. She said it was a ‘St. Peter’s cross’. Ten years later, her story has changed to the ‘Greek cross’. And in 2018, the Church of Satan tweetingly denied any affiliation…

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Did Nostradamus Predict Everything Currently Happening in 2021?

By Jeff Berwick | January 14, 2021

Nostradamus popularly predicted the Great Fire of London in 1666, the French Revolution, beginning of WW2, the Atomic Bomb, Hitler’s ascension, JFK’s assassination, 9/11 and many more world changing events that have been confirmed by the passing of time. Some say Nostradamus was a prophet of the devil. If so, the events he foretold for…

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2021 The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Genocide and Censorship

By Jeff Berwick | January 12, 2021

An end-of-the-world apocalypse. One of the greatest fears of humanity, closely described in the Book of Revelation and visually imagined by countless Hollywood movies. Close, but not quite, like Mad Max, which is said to play off in 2021. VERY much like I Am Legend, also set in 2021, in which Will Smith and his…

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