Who Controls The World? What Is a Jew, a Zionist, an Israeli and a Semite?

By Jeff Berwick | December 8, 2023

In my country there is problem And that problem is the Jew They take everybody money And they never give it back [Chorus] Throw the Jew down the well  So my country can be free  You must grab him by his horns  Then we have a big party  The intro song of today’s video is…

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Kissinger Returns As A Deadly Virus For The Plandemic Sequel

By Jeff Berwick | December 4, 2023

The Reaper has been busy over the last few months.  Unfortunately, not busy enough.  Although he did manage to grab a few ancient plushies when he caught cult member Dianne Feinstein at age 90 and “Bitcoin is rat poison” commenter, Charlie Munger at 99.   And, a few days ago he beat the rigged Claw Machine…

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The J Cult: It's Not How Many People You Kill, It's How You Sell Your Genocide

By Jeff Berwick | November 30, 2023

Reich… Realm… Empire…Cult It’s all the same thing. With the same characteristics:  There are two things the J Cult does very well indeed:  1. Money – Controlling the money system means controlling everything, including choice, potential, and possibility.  2. Marketing and Sales – Think Mainstream Media, think Hollyweird, think Porn industry.  And, in the cult…

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The J Cult That Cannot Be Named Is The Satanic New World Order

By Jeff Berwick | November 26, 2023

As North Americans celebrated Thanksgiving this week, I’m curious about what they’ve given thanks for. Maybe they’re particularly grateful for the infinite love, peace, diversity, equality, and justice in the world.  Or, they made a toast to the baby killers in Gaza, defending the freedom of God-loving J’s against those heinous land-stealing terrorists.  Or, maybe…

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Jeff Berwick Interview – Understanding Anarchy, Israeli False Flags & What Happened At Anarchapulco?

By Jeff Berwick | November 25, 2023

This week, I spoke (watch the interview here) with Ryan Cristian, founder of The Last American Vagabond about, 1. The evolution of Anarchapulco How we got from “freedom” events like Freedom Fest and Libertopia in the most unfree country in the world, to a small gathering of angry anti-government people in Mexico, to our 10-year…

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You Can't Talk About The J's And Israhell and Their Next False Flag Attack!

By Jeff Berwick | November 21, 2023

Here’s what happens next… a major false flag attack, possibly on Nov 23 in the UK, and then they put all the migrants in motion causing chaos and anti-Muslim sentiment to attack Iran and WWIII… all of which leads to financial collapse. In today’s Jeff, Lucy and Baby video I show you the signs, such…

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Israel, Gaza and How Everything You Are Told Is A Lie

By Jeff Berwick | November 18, 2023

According to Wikipedia, the 3 worst serial killers in the world, ever, were all child murderers, with an estimated 700 or so dead bodies between them.  There is no mention of the most prolific serial killers of all time, including Prime Murderer Netanyahu – the butcher previously known as Mileikowsky, who loves a good child…

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WEF Agenda 21/2030: We'll Own You And We'll Be Happy

By Jeff Berwick | November 16, 2023

Ultimately, the goal of any supervillain is to gain control and maintain power over large portions of the world. So, what would a real supervillain who controls the weather and the bug-soup lines look like?  No way would he have a German accent and dress up in a costume like in Hollyweird?  Or be super…

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APOCALYPSE: A World Full Of Lies… Back To Nature, The Only Truth

By Jeff Berwick | November 10, 2023

Call it what you like, the Matrix, a “test”, virtual reality, a simulation, a dream… We are living in a 3D Video Game. It’s all lies and nothing is real.  The crisis upon crisis we are being hammered with… not real. Or, should I say, all of it is only as real as you allow…

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ANARCHY IN ACTION: Crisis, Recovery and Miracles In Acapulco

By Jeff Berwick | November 6, 2023

If you are new to The Dollar Vigilante, you might not remember Jeff and Lucy’s Acapulco’s Anarchist Rescue Zone Part I all the way back in 2013.  I am talking about that other time in Acapulco when ANARCHY HELPED PEOPLE. I even wrote a blog about it, and, surprise, it’s like history is repeating itself.…

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RISING FROM THE ASHES – REBORN: First Hurricane On The Ground Footage From Acapulco After Hurricane Otis

By Jeff Berwick | November 4, 2023

Today Lucy and I are reporting directly from the ground in Acapulco as the city rises from the shattered glass and mud.  We are now about 10 days into the post-ACApocalypse and for the first time it seems there is some clarity in the chaos.  For the first 5 days after the attack the people…

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The Apocalypse Is Here… Whether It Is Heaven Or Hell Is Up To You

By Jeff Berwick | November 1, 2023

How’s your apocalypse going today?  If it’s anything like mine, you are feeling pretty damn good. That’s because I have been working hard to develop the virtues that will enable survival — physically, spiritually, mentally, intuitively, and emotionally. And, because of that, right now I’m on a high of moral strength, perseverance, benevolence, love, wisdom,…

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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger! Acapulco Is Reborn!

By Jeff Berwick | October 30, 2023

Everything I have I count as loss Everything I have is stripped away Before I started building I counted up these costs There's nothing left for you to take away Hello hurricane You're not enough You can't silence me I've got doors and windows boarded up All your dead-end fury is not enough You can't…

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ACAPULCO SHORED: How, What, When and Why Acapulco Was Destroyed… And Who

By Jeff Berwick | October 28, 2023

Scientists are baffled. (Now where have you seen this before?)  Usually reliable computer models and the forecasters who use them didn’t predict Otis’ explosive intensification, creating a nightmare scenario of an unexpected Category 5 storm striking at midnight.  Just about 4 hours from when I started warning friends and family to expect a possible hurricane-hit…

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URGENT: Media Blackout, Dire Situation in Acapulco, Mexico Due To Category 5 Hurricane Otis

By Jeff Berwick | October 26, 2023

Vigilantes, WE NEED YOUR URGENT HELP for the people in Acapulco – as much or as little as you can afford to contribute! We are doing everything we can, we have everything ready to go, but we need more resources.  Not long ago I joked that I was going to have to paint my house…

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Israel/Palestine: False Flags, Crisis Actors, Media Propagandists Are All Leading Up To World War III As Planned By The Banksters

By Jeff Berwick | October 24, 2023

9/11: “The missing plane debris, missing CCTV footage, missing trillions.” Covaids-19:  “The blue toes, the blahs, the ovens in Mexico that never stop burning, missing trillions.”  Ukraine/Russia Conflict 2022/23 “The diplomatic visits, the submarines, the pop concerts, missing billions.”   Gaza War 2023 “The smoke-filled air, the panicked screams. The terror. The carnage. Missing <……..>”  You…

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The Entire Israeli/Arab Situation Is All Planned By The Banksters To Turn Everyone Against Each Other And Cause WWII

By Jeff Berwick | October 21, 2023

You know those people who approved of concentration camps, martial laws, isolating grannies, and forcing untested lethal injections on children over the past few years “IF IT SAVES ONE LIFE”?  Those are the same people who pointedly ignore any evidence that “something isn’t right”.  And, the same people who are screaming for war! (Give up…

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9/11 Part II: Hamas is Mossad and this Psychological War Is Based on Propaganda, Deception and Lies

By Jeff Berwick | October 19, 2023

Remember the 9/11 Big Lie, which made questioning the official story tantamount to treason, and normalized blatant racism against Muslims as the new reality in a post-9/11 America?  And, the Covaids Big Lie, a lie so big that the human mind can’t comprehend its enormity and therefore refuse to. Remember when IsraHELL’s prime murderer offered…

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HOLY WAR: This Is The Apocalypse… And Here Is How To Transcend It

By Jeff Berwick | October 15, 2023

Today, I have good news and bad news.  Let’s start with the bad news. First, it’s not your run-of-the-mill decline of Western libertarian values bad news. Nor is it solely a breads & circuses false flag and propaganda distraction. (Although it’s certainly using the same blueprint)   No, this is WORSE bad news.  We are entering…

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Both Sides Are Being Played By The Banksters Again To Cause Genocide, Division, and World War III

By Jeff Berwick | October 12, 2023

Victims shot, bayoneted to death, killed with knives, arms lopped off, torn off, or broken, legs broken, nose cut off, ears cut off, eyes put out, genital organs cut off, victims stoned, women violated and killed, breasts cut off, persons hanged, victims burnt alive, one child thrown to the pigs, victims clubbed to death with…

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FALSE FLAG: We Just Had Another 9/11 Inside Job in Israel And Everyone Is Falling For It Again

By Jeff Berwick | October 9, 2023

Oops, they did it again!  The United States government and their lackeys in the corporate media put forth a version of the events of September 11th, 2001 that are laughable, disjointed, and totally impossible. Scientifically impossible. Criminally impossible. Physically impossible. This week, almost exactly a month after the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, Israhell was attacked…

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