Toxic Mask-ulinity: NY & Australia Send out the Troops, Food Prices Skyrocket and Getting Out

By Jeff Berwick | August 6, 2020

Lebanon is down. Iran is next. But let’s talk Australian numbers first. 2019: 1500 to 3000 Australians die of the flu in a normal year. 2019: saw Australia’s worst flu season on record, with more than 310,000 people presenting to hospital and health services nationwide. 2020: total Covid-19 positive cases to date is 19,890 (not…

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“Our New Normal” Is Code for the New World Order

By Jeff Berwick | August 6, 2020

Want to become a professional gamer? Doesn’t matter. You entered the world of professional gaming around March this year. How long you survive is going to depend on how well you play the game. I give you COVIDEO-19 – the world’s best strategy game ever released. Without any clear controls and zero feedback to the…

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Gold Breaks $2,000, Pelosi Drunk Talking about ConRona and Rand Schools Fauci on Role of Government

By Jeff Berwick | August 1, 2020

YOU TOO can soon travel with confidence! With your CovidPass, you can cross borders, attend events, and even visit your grandma next door. Just get tested and we’ll send your secure QR health visa code to the convenience of your phone. Best of all, it is 100% reliable (except if you contract it right after…

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US GDP Drops Most in History by 33%! Yes 33%

By Jeff Berwick | July 31, 2020

“District 12: Where you can starve to death in safety.” ― The Hunger Games The Hunger Games takes place in a dystopian North America sometime in the far-off future. All the wealth in the country is concentrated in the Capitol and people in the 12 districts are constantly in fear of starvation. Everything the people…

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Federal Reserve Promises To Destroy the Dollar As Quickly As Possible… and More COVAIDS Comedy

By Miles Adinolfi | July 30, 2020

At the TDV Online Summit in July, Francis Hunt said: “If you make money you can solve a lot of problems. And I still think if you have to be a slave be a rich slave that does high-value jobs and is well cared for by his overlord rather than being a b*tch slave in…

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LAST CHANCE – Cryptos To Explode As Banks go All-In While Big Tech Continues to Censor COVAIDS Truth

By Jeff Berwick | July 29, 2020

Here’s some BIG NEWS. We, Jeff Berwick, Anarcho Capitalist, and Lucy Berwick, Anarcho Chihuahua, have completely changed our minds about: the Covid, the Depopulation Agenda, and the vaccinated Survival Sheeple… You know, the masses of denialists who will be trucked off to the Smart Cities to pay off their debt bondage by mining crypto –…

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Silver, Gold & Crypto All Skyrocket! The Dollar Vigilantes Are Going To End This Party!

By Jeff Berwick | July 28, 2020

The world is sleepwalking towards a cashless economy. A One World Order in which currency doesn’t matter. In which millions of people face hyperinflation, nonillions of useless paper dollars, exploitation and debt bondage. Governments and the TechnocRats have been selling cashless societies for years, brainwashing people with the benefits of digital payments – their ease…

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Gold Breaks All-Time High, Silver Skyrocketing and Slaves in USSA Ordered to Mask Up

By Jeff Berwick | July 27, 2020

Voice 1: Planet Earth is in trouble. Water and food and oxygen are disappearing fast. Voice 2: Hmmm. Our sterilization-vaccines in Africa didn’t work as planned. What’s Plan B? Voice 1: We need to depopulate the earth of freeloading parasites. Voice 2: Let’s create a disease that will selectively get rid of the old and…

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The Most Scared Generation in History… plus Shocking Info from the National Institute of Health

By Jeff Berwick | July 24, 2020

In an interview with CBS News on 22 July, Kill Gates said that people will probably need multiple doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine to immunize themselves from the coronavirus. If necessary, the multiple doses could require more than 7 billion vaccinations to be administered worldwide. “None of the vaccines at this point appear like…

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Silver Skyrockets, Peak Statism in Commiefornia and Lebanon in Full Collapse

By Jeff Berwick | July 23, 2020

“You know brainwashing is real when white people protest against white people for being white people.” – Kathy Zhu  (Yup…more about that in the video) But brainwashing gets even more real when people shiver with excitement at the US’s $1.95 billion deal with Pfizer for 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine. A vaccine which statistically…

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Silver Breaks $20, Federal Reserve Goes Zimbabwe and the Truth About the Medical System

By Jeff Berwick | July 21, 2020

On 24 March 2020, World Tuberculosis Day, the World Hell Organization (WHO?) reminded everyone that ‘actually, tuberculosis (TB) is the deadliest infectious disease in the world’.  In 1882, when the bacteria that causes tuberculosis was first identified, TB was killing one out of every seven people living in the United States and Europe. Today, in…

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Over 50 million Americans caught this virus in the last 6 months! And it’s not COVAIDS!

By Jeff Berwick | July 20, 2020

We have heard this over and over again. “My brother died in a car crash; they told us the cause of death is Covid-19”. “My dad committed suicide; they put Covid-19 on his death certificate”. “My gran had cancer of the lungs; the hospital said it was Covid-19”. Thousands of people have been shouting out…

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Cornholio Started as a Virus and Turned Into an IQ Test

By Jeff Berwick | July 17, 2020

Imagine, if you will, a virus so dangerous that you have to get tested to even know you have it… In yesterday’s blog I mentioned the McMorons and today I have the evidence: In Texas, if you get a Cornholio test, you get a free burger. And they will line up for miles. Lucy and…

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Twitter Hack Targets Morons While Florida Massively Lies About Cornholio Numbers

By Jeff Berwick | July 16, 2020

Some totally smart dude just made about 13 bitcoins by hacking “famous” Twitter accounts. That’s $330 x 360 idiots. Hey, I’m not approving of hacking here, just impressed with the strategic targeting of people whose followers probably spent the full 12 years in government indoctrination camps, plus another four in the Higher Education Control System…becoming…

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Dan Dicks Wiped Off YT, TDV Under Attack As The Great Reset Goes Into Hyperdrive

By Jeff Berwick | July 15, 2020

Icke. Igan. Molyneux. Now Dicks. Oh, and Berwick. Again. (Still) YouTube’s been a busy little hive. Dan Dicks’ Press for Truth has become the latest channel completely wiped by YouTube: 14 years of content, 5 documentary films, over 270k subscribers and 35m views – deleted without a warning. A content creator’s life work, erased. You…

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Final Stand: More Lies about Overcrowded Hospitals and the Fake Race Narrative

By Jeff Berwick | July 14, 2020

The suffering of Coronavirus victims is never ending. We have Richard Quest saying Covid-19 left him “dizzy”. Tom Hanks proclaimed his wife, Rita Wilson, went through a tougher time than he did “losing her sense of taste and smell”. And now, the latest in a string of new Covid-19 after effects, we are seeing “Covid…

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Divide & Conquer: How Racism Is Being Used To Distract From the Great Reset and Collapse

By Jeff Berwick | July 12, 2020

Suddenly everything is a pandemic.  Swine flu is coming back. Bunny Ebola is a thing now. Dinosaurs, dragons, unicorns… all deadly.  And of course, the very latest and most favorite “new facts” spread around by the sickest part of our society, the media, are the “ravaging side effects left by the deadly Coronavirus”. Covid-19 is…

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Max Igan Banned, CDC Says Epidemic Is Over and Occult Ritual of Facemasks and Socialist Distancing

By Jeff Berwick | July 9, 2020

For today’s vlog YOU don’t have to believe. It is enough to know that THEY believe.  Steve Barwick wrote a great article on how the entire manufactured coronavirus crisis is one giant, occult ritual from start to finish, divided up into four mini-rituals, each with the distinct occult purpose of initiation and transformation of the…

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No Immoral Society Wants You To Become Wise, It Is Against The Investment of Immoral Societies

By Jeff Berwick | July 6, 2020

Let’s all move to Belarus!  It has relaxed visa requirements, ancient castles and national parks where rare zubr (European bison) roam, a good art and cafe scene, and hospitable locals.  It also has a president who has openly warned global elites using the Covid-19 crisis to try to reshape world order.  Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko…

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United Nations Blackmails The World, Threatens 5-7 Years of Greatest Depression Unless You Bow Down To One World Govt

By Jeff Berwick | July 5, 2020

Have you noticed how the libtards who are dying to believe in the plandemic always say “show me scientific proof”, and “just ask the doctors”, but then when you show them scientific proof and doctors’ statements that don’t fit their preferred narrative, they just ghost it.  Go on, try it. Here are a few more…

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Ghislaine Maxwell Committed Suicide Next Week, Lockdowns Continue and the Economy Is Destroyed

By Jeff Berwick | July 4, 2020

The liberals are giddy with excitement at the thought of a second wave, a “safe” cashless environment and more riots and protests. That’s because these people adore being told what to do. They have been programmed for centuries to see the government as commanding, powerful and in control – ironically, not traits associated with being…

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