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"The 'Top Secret' Strategies for Surviving the War on Cash You Missed, but other Smart Investors Spent $5000 or More to Discover...

And why, thanks to the "Back of the Room" Method you'll discover on this page, you don't have to..."

Jeff Berwick

From The Desk Of Jeff Berwick
-Acapulco, Mexico

Dear Fellow Investor...

As an investor, you’ve probably realized the worlds entered a time of transformation.

New presidents, new digital currencies, new national and economic borders, the war on cash we’ll talk about later, and more, pummel you nightly on the news, Internet, and more.

In this environment, advanced knowledge and understanding of market forces means the difference between champagne cruises and annihilating financial desolation.

And if you aren’t connected to experts in topics like we’ll discuss on this page, the outlook is terrifying.

In fact, according to Bill Holter of JS MineSet, “If this market snaps and the markets close, and you’re not in position, you’re out. You’re out for the rest of your life. This is going to be an event that you can’t recover from.”

And conservative news outlet Newsmax predicts, “There will be Riots in the Streets.”

Imagine facing your heartbroken spouse and children, after moving them to a smaller house, not taking vacation, or even worse, unable to put food on the table. That’s not a picture you want for your family.

Unfortunately weeding through fields of conflicting data to pluck nuggets of clear and concise answers on your own is almost impossible.

That’s why you can probably understand why successful investors devote tens of thousands of dollars each year attending events like the one you missed here in Acapulco, Mexico…


But given the distractions fighting for your attention, and your time and money, it’s no wonder you missed it...

Maybe you didn’t have free time…

Or you thought you couldn’t afford it…

Maybe you hate flying…

Or possibly you didn’t hear about it in time…

But whatever your reason, it's understandable why attending this conference wasn’t in the cards for you this year.

Even though last years attendees created fortunes, and this year’s attendees should perform even better.

And you undoubtedly realize learning from world-class experts is the only path to successful investing…

After all, like best-selling author Ken Poirot says, “Wise people understand the need to consult experts; only fools are confident they know everything.”

But it’s not your fault…

…You can’t be everywhere.

Besides, as you’ll learn in a minute, thanks to the Back of the Room Method, you can uncover thousands of dollars of ACTIONABLE investing knowledge for almost nothing.

If you don’t know me, my name is Jeff Berwick, I’m the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and Stockhouse, Canada’s largest financial website.

I’ve spoken at most of the world’s major investment, precious metals, cryptocurrency and freedom conferences and I’ve learned something…

If you’ve ever gone to an investment conference, you might have noticed it too.

There’s a critical flaw…

Not in the speakers…

And not in the vital information…

Most event organizers won’t even tell you about it…

But conferences are notorious.

You’ll learn more about that flaw and how the Back of the Room method solves it in a second.

But first it's imperative you realize there’s never been a point in history where specialist investment information has been more vital…

You might already realize it’s no longer enough to drop your nest egg in mutual funds for 30 years hoping it’ll pan out.

Like Jim Rogers said, “According to the media and other stock market "experts," the equities bull is forever hiding just around that next corner on Wall Street. But millions of investors who listened to the experts back in 1998-2001 about "the New Economy" got hammered in the stock market and are still trying to get back to even.”

You might also know, those same mainstream “experts” are still advocating and overseeing those same old mutual funds.

Mr. Rogers also said, “The smart investor looks for opportunities to acquire value on the cheap, with one eye out for a dynamic change in the offering that might make that investment even more valuable.”

Given our current climate though, getting this data on your own is tough.

And finding the specialists who’ve scoped those opportunities is even more imperative to surviving the turmoil raining down on the world and living the lifestyle you desire.

In other words…

Terrifying changes and amazing opportunities are right around the corner...

For example…

Central Banks almost Everywhere Want to Devalue their Currencies

The banks are out of money and countries have buried themselves in debt. Almost every currency backed by a central bank has over valued currency they want to devalue to ease some of their debt burden and / or increase exports.

You never hear this information, or at least how to handle it, in the mainstream media.

But banking expert G. Edward Griffen, the controversial author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, discussing the state of central banking today in easy to understand language would give you insights your friends and business associates would kill for.

The US just elected Donald Trump.

Love him or hate him, he’s heated the political landscape. Between woman’s marches, airport protests, and communists rioting and burning cars, change and uncertainty is raining down on the US.

He’s wasted no time in pushing his protectionist agenda and other policies. Some changes have been positive but…

Bank lending ground to a stop after his election.

And there’s ample proof his protectionist policies could destroy trade and the dollar even faster than Hillary’s big government policies.

Add to that Iran and other countries threatening to ban the US Dollar potentially weakening the currency and giving the US another excuse to invade.

Many people think “The Donald” can avert a coming worldwide collapse…

But since this is pretty much impossible thanks to the sinking ship he inherited, knowing how to react based on his movements requires expert advice.

Expert advice that will put you miles ahead of other investors and earn you the respect of your peers.

Raolul Pal’s research proved, “Every single two-turn election in the last 100 years has seen a recession in the subsequent 12 months.” So what makes this one different?

According to Senior analyst Ed Bugos, “Mr. Trump will turn the US’s capital surplus into a deficit, agitate the engines of inflation and debt, accelerate de-dollarization, lower the rate of labor productivity, and bring the economy to the brink of collapse before his term is out.”

Ed is qualified to make those statements because he is a lifelong student of financial markets and economics.

He created a new niche by applying the Austrian School’s economic theories to financial markets. And designed an investment strategy that helps investors preserve their wealth from the confiscatory boom-bust and inflation policies of the central bank.

He’s also qualified to tell you want to do about it so you can prosper.

And its not just the US facing uncertainty...

  • Brexit, often heralded as a rebellion against the establishment, has caused grief and uncertainty across the EU.
  • Canada’s media industry is asking for a bailout, causing the journalists to lose any credibility.
  • Violence is out of control in Europe, and the US violence is migrating North into Canada. Just a few weeks ago someone shot up a mosque in Quebec, resulting in at least 6 deaths and several injuries.
  • Canada is chipping away at free speech and the above event gives them more ammunition.
  • There have been several Islamic terrorist incidents worldwide during 2016.
  • Banks in Europe are closing for months at a time.
  • Bank "Bail ins" are legislation in Canada, the US, and the EU.
  • And so much more...

But all of it pales compared to… the establishment’s war on cash, on full display in 2017

For example…

India removed 500 and 1000 rupee notes from their currency. While the MSM ignored it, explaining the notes are only being replaced, so far they have replaced nothing.

So far, all it’s done is cause starvation, suicide, and lack of ability to pay for medical in the poorest parts of the population.

And that’s not all… Cashless cities are popping up all over the world. From Chandigarh, India to Europe.

Many stores in London no longer accept bills and treat people who don’t carry cash as second-class citizens…

In Amsterdam, homeless people can no longer sell magazines because patrons don’t carry cash.

And in Uruguay many cash transactions are being abolished, devastating the poor who are unlikely to have bank accounts.

Make no mistake, the move to a cashless society is under way, and digital currency will have a bigger impact on your portfolio than anything society has seen before. And it will be positive or negative to your financial situation

You need to grasp the difference between a cashless society where the government monitors every thing you do...

And private solutions such as Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies where you have control.

This information is next to impossible to uncover by yourself.

But imagine learning from someone like Roger Ver, better known as the Bitcoin Jesus…

And having him teach you exactly how to profit with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

His life centers on uncovering this information and decrypting how to bank major profit while safeguarding your future outside the banking system with the utmost in privacy.

Face it, in this Market, Timing, Experience, and Specialized Non-Mainstream Insight is Imperative

For example, there are specific markers I’ve been watching for in the markets for several months indicating its time to short. We’re not there yet, but markers are appearing, so you need to be ready to react.

Recognizing the right timing could put a new car in your garage, or a rekindled relationship from a loving spouse thanks to a luxury vacation.

As the saying goes, you make fortunes during a crisis, and if our current state isn’t in careening towards crisis now, it’s right around the corner.

But to Keep Your Family Safe from Total Devastation, You Need a Team of Experts Watching, Tracking, and Figuring out this New Economy in these Trying Times

That’s why, like I told you earlier, a group of experts in cryptocurrency, central banking, investing, and more agreed to meet in Acapulco at the TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit to help teach investors how profit during these difficult times.

Hundreds of investors registered… Many of the same who registered last year…

And purchased plane and hotel reservations, took time out of their schedules, and spent up to $5000 or more attaining this priceless knowledge.

And they’ve done it for one reason – because at only $5,000, they've seen they can more than make back their investment with just one piece of advice.

It’s a proven fact that to succeed and build wealth today, training and mentorship from experts is vital.

In fact, the American Economic Association conducted a random sample to test the mentor impact.

After tracking their random sample for 3 years and 5 years with participants with similar abilities, the mentored group showed significant gains…

You don’t need a study to tell you that, its common sense.

Facts prove, learning from experts is the most proven system to fast success available to anyone.

But while conferences are one of the best ways to get this information, there is one nasty flaw I’ll give you the cure for right away…

Benjamin Franklin once said;

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

If you registered for and attended The TDV Investment Summit, specialized speakers with amazing track records would teach you encyclopedias full of information

These are specialists worth $500 - $10,000 hour…

If you could even get a meeting.

Speakers like Ed Bugos, Roger Ver, and G. Edward Griffen you heard about earlier. And silver guru David Morgan, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee chair Bill Murphy, and Road to Roota Theory creator Bix Wier.

Not to mention high net worth individual investment advisor Chris Casey, one of the most well known and respected brokers in the mining industry Ben Johnson, and host of Palisade Radio, Collin Kettle.

And rounding out the line-up, founder and host of the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast Ashe Whitener, founder of Jeffrey Tucker, and TDV’s own Luis Fernando Mises and Redmond Weissenberger.

But, even with the most valuable advice in the world, after a full session of speakers, capturing all the information so you can implement it is almost impossible.

Yes, experts at the TDV Investment Summit told the hundreds of investors present this information.

But, with all this information crammed into 9 hours, you can bet without the “Back of the Room” method those attendees would have gone home and forgotten vital parts. Its a flaw in all conferences of this type.

That’s why we’re filming every minute of every speaker…

And making the videos available for order at the back of the room…

So our attendees can take the material home with them, remember it, get involved and learn it. The final part of Ben Franklin’s quote.

Most conference attendees order these videos to round out their training.

But with our Virtual Event Pass, Even though You Missed the Event, You Can Still use this Back of the Room Method

With this virtual event, you’ll not only learn this information… You can watch the information again and again so you’re involved and learn every point.

You’ll get every bit actionable advice you would have heard if you attended the conference.

But by watching from your home or office, you can implement what you’re learning as you learn.

The investing market is full of landmines, but this lineup of specialists will guide you safely on your way to prosperity.

Look, you appreciate the difference between success, failure, and how fast you move to the top, is what you know.

By using the “Back of the Room” method with the Virtual Event Pass, you'll absorb the best of what these experts offer from the comfort of your own home or office.

What is this information worth? Well, hundreds of investors...

  • Took at least 4 days out of their busy schedules… And sacrificed time with family, golfing, fishing, work and earning a living. If you earn $500 / day, that’s $2000.
  • Then they spent up to $795 on conference tickets for them and their signifiant other…
  • And an average of $1500, or more, on flights.
  • They invested around $500 on accommodations. And…
  • Then they ate and drank wine at expensive restaurants costing another $500 - $1000 for themselves and their spouses.

In all, attendees invested up to $5,000 or even more.

But many attendees do it year after year because it’s more than worth it to their future lifestyle for this invaluable information.

Because we're fighting the central banks and the establishment together, we want to get this information into your hands as soon as possible.

So, I’d like to give you this amazing “Back of the Room” Offer with every minute of life changing information, not for $5,000 or even $2,500.

In fact, I’ll hand you this information for less than the price of just admission of $497.

We’ve decided to give you all the benefits of the back of the room method for less than the price of one meal out at the event.

In fact, you'll get it for less than $97.

At only $97 you’d get a 400% return on your “Back of the Room” investment just by taking Roger Ver’s advice on one Bitcoin last year.

And this year, any one piece of this priceless advice will return every cent you invested many times over…

Plus, with the Virtual event you’ll…

  • Avoid the stress of missing important content because you can pause the video to write notes, look up references, or get clarity so you’ll feel confident you’re getting everything you need to make decisions.
  • Learn at your own pace, so of you ever feel you missed something, you can go back and view that spot.
  • Have more free time available with your family, friends, or loved ones since you can view the videos on your own schedule... Fast forward or rewind at will... And pause when you have to attend to your responsibilities.
  • Gain the respect of peers because you’ve learned the latest accurate investing advice from experts who are the top in their respective fields.
  • Wake up in the morning fresh and ready to attack the day because you know your money is growing in value as you sleep. And you’re making the best financial decisions a panel of experts with proven track records have to offer.
  • Be in a position to take action whenever you need to whether it is today or 6 months from now because you’ll have 24 / 7 access for life.
  • Feel like you are right there with the speakers in Acapulco thanks to HD quality video and superior stereo sound.
  • Listen on your computer, cellphone, IPad, or whatever, so this information goes with you wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Take action right away, because this advice is actionable, not boring theory.
  • Learn not just what to do, but how to do it, and how to make your own actionable decisions from today forward.
  • Discover the secrets to thriving and surviving the war on cash in an easy to understand and follow way, so you’re never left wondering if you’ve made the right decisions.
  • And so much more.

But I want this to be irresistible to you, so listen to this bonus...

Bonus Virtual Pass

At last year’s Internationalization and Investment Summit, hundreds of investors used the “Back of the Room” method to bring the conference home and learned about…

  • Growing capital controls and what they mean to your financial future.
  • How to invest in gold and silver mining companies (Where they got proven gains throughout the year)
  • Bitcoin as an investment opportunity. Attendees who took this advice over doubled their money.
  • How to Live as a Perpetual Traveler / Prior Tax Payer so they can build their own freedom anywhere in the world.
  • What shifting trends in the west are irreversible, and what to do about it.
  • How to get residence and second passports so you have an escape plan when, not if, things go bad.
  • And much more...

Last year's advice is still valuable and is still for sale.

But you won’t have to buy it. By investing in the Virtual pass this year, you’ll also receive last year’s Summit videos, completely free.

Bonus PT (Perpetual Traveler, Prior Taxpayer) Training Session

I've just produced a brand new video explaining and introducing the PT lifestyle. Depending on who you talk to, PT stands for Perpetual Tourist, or Prior Taxpayer.

But whatever you call it, its a way you can legally live free, with low or even no taxes… And its starting to gain popularity.

  • How to live freely as a tourist so you can travel where you want, and be treated the way you deserve to be treated.
  • The proper way to structure your business and life to reduce or even legally eliminate taxes, so more of your hard earned income stays with you, giving you the lifestyle you've dreamed of.
  • What flag theory is, and why its so powerful, so you can be the envy of your friends with your new life.
  • Much more.

This incredibly powerful information isn't available anywhere else.

If we decided to sell it, we'd list it at $49, but you get it free with your Back of the Room TDV Summit Videos.

So, to summarize, if you take action right now…

You’ll get all the videos... That's every word of the 2017 TDV summit, costing $497, but saving over $5,000 when you consider what it costs to attend the event… And valued at much more.

And every word of the 2016 summit – Another $5000…

Your PT lifestyle introduction - Would sell for $49, but could be worth millions and a new life... All...

For a fast action investment only $87.

But because I want to take away all the risk, so if you take action today, I’ll give you a 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

Yes, that’s right, purchase today, and start watching the videos.

If you're not 100% satisfied, just contact us and we will give you a 100% refund.

All you need to do is let us know, and we’ll refund every cent.

Otherwise, you’ll get lifetime access to both year's conference videos for the minuscule investment of $87.






Satisfaction Guarantee

When you buy your Virtual Pass today, you'll get instant access to the 2016 and 2017 Internationalization and Investment Summit videos. Then, you'll have 4 full weeks to view everything, and if you aren't 100% satisfied you'll get several times you investment back in value, contact us and we'll refund every penny immediately.

Get Started Now

Listen, last year at the TDV event, Ed Bugos gave away 3 stock recommendations…

  • Agnico Eagle – Up 76.31% since the event
  • B2Gold Corp. – Up 248% since the event
  • Sabina gold and silver corp – 147%

And Roger Ver recommended Bitcoin at under $400, it’s now over $1000.

Any one of these tips would recover your tiny investment many times over. This is expert advice you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll get access to last year’s videos within minutes of investing, so you can learn right away…

And the 2017 videos the moment their processed and released, within a week of the conference.

But Act Fast. This Fast Action Special Won't Last Long.

The low $87 fast action investment is only available for a short time. We love to reward fast action, but eventually we'll raise the price again.

As you’ve seen $97 is a steal. But why spend more and wait any longer than you need to? Especially when you can take action now and lock in your no risk special offer…

Look, I’ll admit, there are three things you’ll miss with the Virtual Event.

The chance to meet these expert investors in person and shake their hands… The networking opportunities…

And you won’t be staying in a 5-Star resort while you watch.

But honestly, if you’re busy learning, you’re not enjoying the resort, anyway. So...

Here’s an opportunity to save thousands. Instead, take your spouse to the resort on vacation with the profit you’ll make after watching and implementing what you learn in these presentations.

And the Back of the Room Method isn't for Everyone...

If you prefer gambling and want to ignore actionable data… And your long-term financial strategy resembles playing the lottery, the Back of the Room method might not be for you.

During 2017 you could find yourself in the dark like millions of others… Not sure when, or if, to invest in Bitcoin…

Terrified of what the central banks will do next…

Wounded every time someone manipulates the gold or stock market…

And guessing the best stocks for your portfolio…

You could let your family down and have your financial portfolio shattered by the government and elite-banking cartel.

You could lose the war on cash and be on the wrong side of the digital currency explosion.

But there’s no excuse. Not when you can get thousands of dollars worth of investing advice, putting you in the lap of luxury, for less than the price of a family dinner at McDonalds.

Especially when that investment is completely risk free.

Learn how to make a fortune in 2017, 2018, and beyond… Get the respect of your family and peers. Build the lifestyle of your dreams…

And so much more.

It's not just me saying it. The World Bank… IMF… George Soros… Nathan Rothchild… Bank of Canada… and many more warned that we are in uncharted territory and on the edge of collapse.

That’s why hundreds of investors spent $5,000 or more to learn how to survive and thrive during the war on cash.

But thanks to the Back of the Room Method, you don’t have to.

For less than the price of a meal out, you can get access to every minute of this event, plus last year’s conference.

Your investment comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied, you have no risk.

But time is running short so secure your access now at its lowest price.

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