Anarchast: Bob Podolsky: Ethics and the Titania Project!

Jeff Berwick interviews Bob Podolsky, topics include: the importance of ethics, relevant ethics can be learned in a short time, defining what an ethic actually is, most ethics are not valid, 4 valid ethics, ethical organizations, The Titania Project, the discovery of the Octologue and the HoloMat, ethical purpose and unanimity, but what about the roads? hierarchy is unnecessary and tends to evil, over large organizations make unethical decisions, anarchy is not disorganization, leaderless but effective organizations, un-management, swarms, permitting and regulation in the US vs Mexico, law enforcement as crime, real money as defined in the constitution is considered counterfeiting, providing an ethical support framework for members of government, Max Igan, creating prosperity,  doing away with authority is an idea who's time has come!