The New Normal Side Effects of Refusing the Covaxxx: Holding Organs, Jobs and Kids Hostage

Where in the world is Jeff and Lucy? 

Now, if I was Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka Son of a Nazi Cop and Self-Proclaimed Admirer of Hitler’s Propaganda Skills, I would say SCREW YOUR NOSINESS! 

But I’m not… so I won’t. But just by the way, my whereabouts are none of anyone’s business. 

Just like my f*^%#cking freedom to choose what I do with my body, how I educate my kids, and how I invest my earnings are none of anyone’s business. 

The common narrative these days is that anti-vaxxers do have a choice. They can choose not to get it and by doing so, they are choosing the consequences. In today’s warped reality I suppose this is true. Like the Terminator said “with freedom comes obligations and responsibilities”.

… The obligation to understand that taking a stand against tyranny and standing up for your freedom comes at a price. 

… And the responsibility to ensure you are mentally, physically and spiritually ready to start NOW with finding solutions that work for you. 

Told you I’d be back. 

In today’s off-grid Lucy & Jeff walk n’ talk, we discuss things that governments are holding for ransom in exchange for people ceding authority and control of their bodies and minds and families to an experimental DNA-altering “vaccine” — or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. 

Dum dum dum…

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Don’t you just love that? 

Get vaxxed or be prepared to face the consequences: 

  • Isolation camps
  • Restricted access
  • Segregation
  • Refusal of medical assistance… 

The list goes on and on. 

The funny part is that it simply doesn’t matter. Because everyone will be in the same raft when the real shit hits the fan: 

Food and water shortages 

Oil and fuel shortages 

Cyber attacks

Debt crisis

Stock market crashes 


Mass unemployment…

…and millions and millions of vaccinated people falling ill – either because of the vax itself or because their immune systems are too destroyed to protect against anything. 

In this week’s newsletter to TDV subscribers, I give my short term projection on what’s going to happen. If you’d like to get a look into my and Ed Bugos’ and the guys at The Crypto Vigilante’s insights, join The Dollar Vigilante and prepare for what’s coming the same way we’re prepping. 

A final word of advice: “Never say yes to anything you can’t say no to.”  ― Marty Rubin