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Also, if you subscribe now you will get free access to all of our Books and Special Reports:

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  • SHEMITAH TRENDS.  A complete book on the financial elite's plans to collapse the world economy and bring in a New World Order
  • BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO DEFENSIVE INVESTING.  An entire book for beginners to stock and option investing and trading.
  • GETTING YOUR GOLD OF DODGE. A complete resource on buying, storing and internationalizing precious metals.
  • BULLETPROOF SHARES. How to secure your stocks to guard against broker bankruptcy or fraud.
  • NUMISMATIC GUIDE TO RARE COINS.  Information and insights into investing into rare coins.
  • INVESTING IN JUNIOR MINING COMPANIES.  Information you need to know on investing in junior mining stocks.

These book and special reports, purchased separately, have a value in the hundreds of dollars but are included free with your subscription.


The Basic Portfolio is targeted at more conservative, inexperienced investors as it only holds large cap gold & silver producing companies, gold ETF's and Agriculture and Energy ETFs.

The Premium Portfolio is targeted at more risk-tolerant, experienced investors who understand the risks involved in stock options and the junior mining sector and also understand that the rewards can also be much higher than with the large cap companies.

A subscriber's-only Facebook Group where TDV subscribers can meet and discuss topics amongst themselves. A great way to meet like-minded Dollar Vigilantes!


Available to Premium subscribers only, TDV stock recommendation include 10-15 new junior and mid-cap stock recommendations per year as well as private placement opportunities in public and private companies in the mining, medical marijuana and cryptocurrency space.


Available to Premium subscribers only, TDV stock alerts are issued whenever there is any major news or change with any of the stocks in the TDV Portfolio or whenever we change our stance from Buy, or Hold, or Sell, we update subscribers immediately via email.



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