Cannibals Against Climate Change and Extremism – The Nazi Cabal’s Plans for You

Someone on Chancellor Biden's team obviously watched V for Vendetta and thought Norsefire were the good guys. 

As seen across the world, Asshole of the Nation’s latest election promise is to “come together as a nation to secure democracy” and “restore the nation's soul”. And, given the eerie red backdrop and silhouetted “Schutzstaffel,” German for ‘Protective Echelon’, you are free to interpret this as restoring the nation’s soul to its rightful owner – you know, the one with the horns and the hot tub. 

In his speech, Adolf Sniffler threatens those MAGA Republican extremists who “do not respect the Constitution! Who do not believe in the rule of law! Who do not recognize the will of the people!”

Joining his new press dum-dum who said if you’re not with the majority of demonrats you must be an extremist who didn’t get one of the ten thousand million jobs Biden created. 

Yeah, just when you think you’ve seen it all, there is Pedo Hitler… going full Norsefire on his specially designed ‘V for Vendetta’ stage set. 

V for Vendetta whose story goes like this by the way: 

Following a dispute over Poland in the late 1980s, the Soviet Union and the United States entered a global nuclear war that left continental Europe, Britain, and Africa uninhabitable because of… drumroll please… environmental devastation and famine due to the nuclear winter. 

Luckily, the big corporations and fascist groups took over England and formed a new totalitarian government, Norsefire. It has everything: 

  • Pedophilia and forced suicides.
  • Surveillance, ‘resettlement’ camps, and state secret police. 
  • Famine, “climate change” and dark winters. 
  • Propaganda and the spread of misinformation. 
  • Patriots, rebels, and anarchists. 
  • Oh, and a virus plague that swept through the world. A virus which according to V was secretly released by Norsefire themselves, in order to engineer their own rise to power with a ready-made cure.

Not cannibalism or bugs, although in today’s show, I am giving a rundown on how we are snowballing toward Cannibal Holocaust

And, why you should definitely stay out of Sweden!

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You have to wonder what the devil thinks of his children in La Casa Blanca. Certainly, Hitler is having a laugh. 

Jeff Berwick

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