Globalist Lives Matter. The Greatest Lies Ever Sold In The Land of Delusion

“There is no excuse for saying ‘White Lives Matter’, screams New York Times

“The phrase originated with extremist white supremacist groups in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and is closely associated with white supremacist ideology,” writes Vox

And then there’s Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West who says, “The answer to why I wrote ‘White Lives Matter’ on a shirt is because they do.”


Confuciun says… 

  • White people saying they hate white people gets them one million social credit points. 
  • Black people saying white lives matter is racist hate speech. 
  • “Globalism is the belief that events in one country affect those in all other countries, and that economic and foreign policy should benefit the world as a whole instead of individual countries.”
  • But, if you have anything against ‘globalists’, you are anti-semitic and racist.
  • And, while the outraged sheeple are deeply distracted, the WEF noose is being pulled tighter.



West says he has lost $2 billion in one day. 

Alex Jones, too, has been sentenced to death for saying what he thinks out loud.

In June, globalist Elon Musk “freaked out” woke Twitter staff by stating that all lives matter.

You would think there’d be more important things to freak out about, like all the things we are talking about in today’s video, such as:

  • 5-Jab Biden 
  • Eye of the Pfizer 
  • The Son of Schwab who just became the UK’s latest crime minister
  • The other Son of Schwab who revealed the real goal of the hoax plandemic
  • Cancer ‘pandemic’ among young people
  • Sudden death syndrome from unexplained causes 
  • The Maryland lab planning to create a more deadly Monkeypox strain for Christmas 
  • The price and availability of diesel
  • Farmer Bill Gates.

And, NOT getting a ticket to Anarchapulco Resist 2023 where you can engage directly with the best line-up of speakers in the world, including David Icke, Larken Rose, Max Igan, Dan Dicks and Shunyamurti. 

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