Elon Musk and Mossad Agent Ben Shapiro Visit Auschwitz For No Reason… And More Clown World D.I.E Insanity

In today’s Jeff & Lucy walkabout, we talk about 5 Things That Are More Dangerous Than Conspiracy Theorists: 

1. J-rats disguised as good guys

I’ve received a lot of criticism for daring to say Elon Smirk isn’t one of the good guys. Not a free speech ‘hero’ at all. Have a look at X’s Freedom of Speech, Not Reach policy, which makes sense of the fact that David Icke and I and other like-minded people are allowed to remain on X and pretty much say what we will. It’s because only a small percentage of our posts are allowed to reach people outside our immediate circle, and often not even them. An almost perfect plan executed almost flawlessly by everyone’s favorite free-speech billionaire, the man who stands up for the little people. 

A few days ago, Not-A-Good-Guy Elon Musk had to go on a field trip to Auswich to appease his bosses and reassure them that he is still controlled opposition after reposting a naughty ‘anti-semite’ post. And guess who he ran into, looking all sad and concerned as the cheap projector played a fake Holocaust propaganda film? None other than Not-A-Good-Guy Ben Shapiro, a lying, deceiving Mossad agent who has been helping foment a genocide of tens of thousands of innocent children in brutal and heinous fashion. And rapping with Tom McDonald in his free time about “facts”. It goes something like this: 

His name is Elon

Too cool for Hebrew school 

At 13 he gone to the Mother-fking-Land

And learnt ‘bout diggin’ tunnels 

His friends are J-cult

But he ain’t Jewish. 

Maybe just a little 

2. DIE Airlines (Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity)

Next up in today’s Clown World edition 341, Scott Kirby, drag queen CEO of United Airlines announced that the main hiring criteria for all pilots will now be diversity.  

Not the best pilots you could find. Not the ones with the most hours and experience. Or the ones who’ve done it before? Nope, diversity.

Because, like picking a surgeon, you don’t want the guy who got all A’s, you want to guy who got the job because he’s gay. 

I  feel like I’m taking crazy pills, like I’m in the Twilight Zone or something. All these things are going on and no one gets it and you can’t even mock it because it’s all true. But wait, there’s more, so watch today’s video to check out 3 more things that are more dangerous than conspiracy theories today: 

2. The Gong Show democrat-led third world border invasion and civil war

4. Slow-release Covaids-19 lethal injections, and 

5. Siberian Arctic Zombie Viruses 
Plus bonus number 6 – and possibly the most dangerous of all: Pedo Joe Biden who dontmsssswfworminicarcalssheyqshjhbtro.

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Jeff Berwick

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