Tax Rebellion: How To Easily, Legally, and Legitimately Not Pay Federal Taxes In The US

In April 2006, Edward and Elaine Brown, residents of the state of New Hampshire, gained national news media attention as tax protesters in early 2007 for refusing to pay US federal income tax.  

Prosecutors in the Browns' case presented evidence that they had not paid income tax since 1996 and had not filed income tax returns since 1998; they were liable for taxes of more than $625,000.

The Browns claimed they had not been presented with any law that required them to pay income taxes to the federal government, an argument similar to many tax protester statutory arguments. 

Today I chat with Christopher Gromski from DestinationFreedom who was in the courtroom when an IRS prosecutor used Elaine Brown’s US slavecard (passport) application to ask her why, when traveling abroad, she was a US citizen, but when it came to paying her extortion fees, she was not a U.S. citizen?

Don’t miss today’s video when Christopher explains WHY the IRS was asking her that question. And, HOW you can make use of that information to legally avoid paying federal taxes. 

Next time someone asks if you are you a US citizen, tell them it depends on the definition of the “United States” and whether you are a State vs Federal citizen. For instance, according to Christopher the tax code requires only corporate officers, those doing business with the government and those employed by the government should pay the tax. 

You may not realize that who you are, where you live, where you work and what kind of work you say you do, either puts you under the federal or state government’s jurisdiction or keeps you free from their regulation and control.

People don’t realize they have a choice. But, you do! If liberty and freedom are important to you, I believe you’ll find some information in this interview to encourage you on your journey to detach from federal slavery..

If you want to legally avoid federal extortion fees and stop hiding, sneaking and behaving like a runaway slave, all you have to do Leave the Federal Plantation! 

All it takes is a little courage and the right paperwork.

About Christopher Gromski

Living in New Hampshire since 1987, Christopher has great concern for America as he sees the local, state and federal governments disregard the Rights of the People worldwide. New Hampshire’s state motto “Live Free or Die”, declares his sentiment and commitment to the Freedom movement here in America. Christopher has been studying Federal jurisdiction and tax laws for over 20 years and has been a Freedom Consultant for a number of Freedom minded people from around the country and world.

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