J-Cult’s Pet Pedos And Cannibals In Charge, Canned Meat Bombs, Internet Apocalypse And Financial Armageddon

Let’s see, what are the fake news highlights that the fact-checkers are screaming about this week? Because you know when a fact checker gets really, really riled up, it must be true. Like those birds who fake an injury to attract attention and lure interested parties away from their nest.

1. A masonic cannibal named Barbeque is the new crime minister of Haiti

Not that there’s anything wrong with cannibals, and if you disagree you’re a racist. Just like you’re homophobic if you believe there are only 2 genders. And anti-semitic if you talk about the global mafia. 

Let’s see, what are you if you’re against pedophiles? Oh yes, a Nazi facist, because according to Google’s AI no one can control who they’re attracted to. Which I suppose is the dilemma of minor-attracted persons like Bill and Killary who have a longstanding love affair with Haiti’s voodoo and black magic baby sacrifice and child trafficking system. 

But I’m getting distracted. Because Barbeque’s owners are way above the Clinton pair’s pay grade and security clearance in the Cult. That’s right, the real people behind the Haiti coup are… drumroll please… The JEWS! (More about this in today’s video) 

2. IsraHELL is blocking food aid to Gaza and hoping to trick starving civilians into opening food-can bombs 

Another show of humanity and compassion by the Israeli army. If you can’t kill old people and little kids with bullets and bombs, you’ll sure get them by starvation. 

3. The President of France’s wife is a tranny

If this is true, no surprise there, so are Big Mike Obama and Jabcinda Ardern. 

4. NASA is preparing for an ‘internet apocalypse' in 2025 as a huge solar storm hits Earth 

Way ahead of you, NASA. 

4. The US is a third-world shithole that’s going down the train faster than you can say ‘Porkfest’

US national debt now stands at nearly $34.4 trillion and is rising by $1 trillion about every 100 days. To avoid a government shutdown they are doing a deal where everyone can spend as much as they like, and don’t worry about the debt, because Pedo Joe will tax the billionaires. The same billionaires who are building apocalypse bunkers and selling billions of dollars of stocks in reverse preparation for the upcoming blood on the streets. 

There’s A LOT more “fake news” in today’s video. But, if you want to get the real deal, including why I mentioned March 25th as a date to stay at home or go picnic in the countryside… subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter which is due to be published this week. 

Or don’t, sit back, and enjoy the show.

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Jeff Berwick

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