The Baltimore Infrastructure Attacks as WWII Continues On… And April 8th Still To Come

Today is the first time I’ve gone on my walk & talk without Lucy in about 5 years. She’s not doing well at all, so if you don’t want to see me getting emotional, don’t watch the video. Here’s a summary of what you’ll miss me talking about: 

On March 23rd, ISIS, or more accurately the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, left the CIA’s Skull & Bones 322 calling card after the Crocus theater attack in Moscow. 

Three days later, in a scene straight out of Barack and Big Mike Dronebomber’s apocalypse movie Leave The World Behind, a giant tanker lost control and crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland, Baltimore. No tug boats, pilot boat, or warning horn, and the ship’s black box was mysteriously shut off a few minutes before the controlled demolition of the bridge. Even more mysterious is the fact that the CEO of the ship’s owner company drowned in her Tesla a few weeks back. And, there’s more. 

The port that has been shut because of this “accident” is not just any port, but the largest port by volume in the US for handling farm and agriculture machinery and AG products, just when Midwest farmers have to plant this year’s crops. And, apparently, the bridge could take 10 years to rebuild. Something which is not hard to believe as Transport Secretary Pete Buttgeek round-up all the previously disadvantaged and discriminated against DEI special folk to build it back better. Starting with the mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott. 

Let’s see, what else? 

Scientists are “baffled” by the cancer epidemic among young people, heart attacks are caused by sleeping with open blinds, and spike protein is replacing sperm, but not fast enough to cull humanity. 

For that, we have NASA firing rockets into the solar eclipse on April 8th, and COINCIDENTALLY, CERN is starting up the old Hadron collider again…on the same date. And, I’m not saying they’re going to open a portal or something for evil to come through, but how convenient that the solar eclipse will be followed by a “devil comet”.

There’s more, but only watch if you love Lucy. And tacos… and kishus.

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Jeff Berwick

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