There are now many examples of anarchy working in real life.

For example, I happen to be a diplomat and one of many “founding fathers” of the anarcho-capitalist country, Liberland, which continues to expand its operations and become more recognized in Europe.

I just returned from Cheran, Michoacan, which has been government-free for the last seven years and happens to be one of the nicest towns of 30,000 people I’ve ever visited.

Watch my full interview with Chris Harrigan, a documentary producer who visited Cheran with us:

I also just briefly visited the anarchist town of Freetown Christiana in Denmark which has been government-free since 1971… and while it was a rainy day and I didn’t have much time to explore too thoroughly there, it was as nice as every other anarchist place I’ve visited.

Prior to that, I spent three days at Burning Man which is essentially an anarchist enclave of 90,000 people who gather for a week every year in the desert of Nevada, to live free, without much government rule.

Brainwashed statists try to claim, “anarchy can’t work in real life”... well, these are four examples and all four of them are perfectly safe and wonderful locations without an oppressive dick-tator.

There were some signs of government at Burning Man. Road pirates (police) were attempting to extort people coming in or out of the area. In some cases, undercover cops would sneak into Burning Man and try to kidnap or extort people who they caught smoking cannabis.

That’s pretty funny considering you can buy as much cannabis as you want at many nice stores in nearby Reno.

Otherwise, however, Burning Man is a voluntary community that gathers for a week each year and does have a set of rules or guidelines. Still, those guidelines are agreed upon by everyone entering. And none of the rules are anything oppressive. They include leaving “no trace” of you having been there, meaning that everyone is expected to take all garbage with them when they leave.

The one rule that I wasn't entirely fond of was the emphasis that it’s exclusively a “sharing economy” where everyone shares everything and money (whether fiat or honest currency like crypto) isn’t supposed to be used to sell anything.

And yet, it works for them. You can’t buy anything there. Pretty much anything you want or need can be found by people who are sharing certain items.

The rules are generally agreed to by everyone in the community, so I had no problem adhering to it all.

I did leave fairly quickly though, as I much prefer the luxury and convenience of just calling Uber Eats or paying for a nice dinner rather than having to find someone willing to share some particular food or drink with me!

That said, Burning Man was yet another example of how well voluntary communities can work without government. There is very little resembling government or police in the entire place and I never met or heard of anyone who had anything stolen or who had been assaulted.

There is something about a peaceful, anarchic community that creates a very happy and safe environment---quite the opposite of what the state and the mainstream media want you to think.

Freedom is definitely a growing idea. And, one of the best places to experience true freedom is at Anarchapulco every February in Acapulco, Mexico.

As Chris Harrigan mentioned in our interview, Acapulco as a whole is very anarchist and that’s what makes it a perfect location to host the world’s largest anarchist conference.

Anarchapulco just launched its new website design and theme for 2019, “Life Unchained”. You can check it out and grab tickets now before it sells out at anarchapulco.com.



Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante

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