Debate: Should Bitcoin Be Regulated By Centralized Governments? [VIDEO]

Government is a propaganda scheme to brainwash people so they forget they own themselves.

Look at the etymology of the word—”govern”, which in Latin is “guvernare”, meaning to control, and “ment” is “mentis”, meaning “mind”—to control the mind.

It’s mind control to convince you that your enslavement is for your own good.

I’ve spoken all across the world and regularly ask audiences if they believe they own themselves.

Even in the 21st century, the human psyche has yet to break free from this archaic, “socially-contracted” babysitter called the (nanny) state.

So when I’m on stage debating an opponent who claims to love and embrace cryptocurrency, I’m not too surprised to hear them advocating to increase the state’s power.

I recently traveled to Tel Aviv to present and debate at the Israel Bitcoin Summit. Gidi Bar Zakay, a former regulator, is a fairly eloquent speaker, but took the position that the way forward for crypto is through government regulation. It’s a juxtaposition that baffles most libertarians who’ve been interested in bitcoin for reasons beyond investing.

Cryptocurrencies are, by design, meant to be free—free from central planners and regulators, yes. That means, free from the state. It’s the most important feature!

Yet sometimes, the only way forward is to take a leap—not unlike Indiana Jones when, upon traversing that large chasm, had to step blindly–yet faithfully–onto the invisible bridge.

As I explained to Crypto Insider, the beauty and power of cryptocurrencies is that they regulate themselves.

You Can Watch My Full Debate With Zakay Here:

One thing I make very clear in the debate is my belief that humanity is at a crossroads—a fork in the road where for the first time in a long time, we can choose our destiny.

Of course, one path will lead to an Orwellian fascist takeover of reality…

The other path, however, can be unchained freedom, innovation, progress, and prosperity like the human race has never seen.

Years ago, I would’ve thought the hopeful option was impossible. But thanks to the internet and cryptocurrencies, never have I held more optimism.

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