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The Great Debate Over How To Rescue The World [VIDEO]

Can anarchism save the planet?

It’s not unusual for environmentalists to demand—beg—the state for solutions to the woes of climate change, industrial pollution, and deforestation.

Those concerned about the fate of the planet may feel so overwhelmed by the massive proportions of a planetary crisis that petitioning the whole body of government for assistance seems reasonable.

But is it?

Although I’m not too keen on the concept of “debates” because they’re framed as an effort to achieve victory rather than to learn something, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a lively exchange with author Daniel Pinchbeck and activist Sterlin Lujan, for episode 449 of Anarchast.

“I feel like libertarianism,” said Pinchbeck in our interview, “which is a very American phenomenon, it’s just something that… there’s an ideological barricade, and this overly fundamental belief that markets can solve problems… the market is not god…”

He also insisted:

“We’re going to have to somehow, whether it’s voluntarily or not, convince a huge number of people on the planet that they can’t eat so much meat, like maybe they can eat meat once a week, maybe once a month.”

He’s not a vegetarian, though.


While Daniel is apparently more than happy to use the state’s Ring of Power, my other guest, Sterlin, has a different take:

“…I said that I’m skeptical [of global warming], I’m not saying that I disagree, and I do recognize that there are problems, I do recognize that there are ecological issues that need to be addressed, but 100% with dire certainty, we cannot address those problems by first putting a gun in people’s faces and forcing them to be impassioned about solving those kinds of issues.”

I and everyone I know care deeply about having a clean, healthy environment, but the moment someone advocates the use of coercive violence to “fix” things, the ends do not justify the means.

Beyond climate change vs global warming, we also talked about the psychedelic experience and political awakening, ideology vs core principles, and privatization as a solution to avoid ecological destruction—like buying the Amazon to protect it.

Can business be just as evil as government? What is a corporation?

Is statism inevitable? Is libertarianism itself a conspiracy?

These were some of the questions we tackled, and my opinion is unswayed, but Pinchbeck gets pretty worked up during the discussion. He even starts yelling at one point.

Enjoy This Heated Debate Edition of Anarchast:


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