Anarchapulco Speaker David Icke Banned From An Entire Continent

Enemy of the State…

It’s not just a 90’s blockbuster film starring Will Smith… in our 21st century Orwellian style government, anyone can be the next target.

Since launching The World’s Premier Liberty Event five years ago, I’ve seen first-hand how anyone who makes enough waves in standing up against ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ can quickly fall victim to targeted harassment, arrest, stalking, censorship, banning, visa cancellations, and so much more.

One of the most recent notable victims is David Icke, who was just banned from entering Australia, just hours before his flight, where he was set to give multiple speeches to large welcoming crowds, people who are now being prevented from hearing what Icke has to say.

Thankfully, just last week David made it into Acapulco, Mexico without any issues for his featured speaking day at Anarchapulco 2019—where he delivered his unique combination of enlightenment and entertainment to more than two thousand people.

We had a great time, the most remarkable conversations, and some friends were even able to give David Icke his very first bitcoin!

However, he has unfortunately not been so lucky in the land down under.

According to the Washington Post, the Australian government denied his visa for allegedly making “anti-Semitic” statements—an unfounded accusation often weaponized by the media—not to protect Jewish people from discrimination, but simply as a tactic against political dissidents.

David Icke, of course, has vehemently denied these ridiculous claims.

“I’m the most non-violent person you can ever meet,” responded David during an interview with Studio 10, an Australian TV show, “it’s about information, it’s about opinion… once you start having governments dictate what people can see and not see, you are in a tyranny!”

Yes, truth is treason in the empire of lies.

In typical fashion, so-called journalists used David’s pleas against him. The NPC hosts of the Australian talk show began accusing him of anti-Semitism, with one asking:

“Do you actually believe that between 6 and 12 million Jews were killed by the Nazis and the Germans in World War 2?”

Establishment mouthpieces can be masters of wizardry—they like calling it “propaganda”, but it’s pretty much wizardry 101—casting spells with loaded words.

David Icke Speaks Out After Ban From Australia

Exclusive: David Icke speaks with us about being banned from entering Australia ahead of his speaking tour and address claims he's anti-Semitic and a Holocaust denier. #Studio10Watch the full interview 👉

Posted by Studio 10 on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

But David’s comparison of modern censorship to Nazi book-burning sums up the entire issue, as he puts it:

“…surely in any free, open, mature society, people have access to all information available, and they are free to make their opinions and their perceptions based on that information. Once you start skewing the information and saying, ‘you can hear this but you can’t hear that,’ then that’s how tyrannies work, and that’s why Nazis burned the books, and Nazis shut down public meetings, and the Stalinists did the same, that’s what tyrannies do!”

Thankfully, governments haven’t really interfered with Anarchapulco too much—though, when they realize our ultimate mission, they won’t give up easily. Even the State Department’s demonizing of Acapulco as a “dangerous” place to be only further reiterates how, as Ron Paul likes to put it: the government hates competition.

Speaking of the good doctor, he’s been a regular headliner at Anarchapulco and was famously a victim of the state’s targeted harassment during his two bids for president, yet most of the damage and abuse came from the fake news—the propaganda arm of the state.

So many of the incredible, brilliant, peace-loving world-changers who have graced the Anarchapulco stages have been victims of government harassment and mainstream media slander—which shouldn’t be surprising, but still somehow never ceases to amaze me just how desperate these goons are to hold onto their precious power.

We’re not stopping, though. In fact, we’re only pushing back harder.

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