Cryptocurrency Will End The Fed, Free The World [VIDEO]

I recently sat down with World Alternative Media during Anarchapulco to discuss a wide variety of topics, from organizational skills for anarchists, and the convenience of free markets vs monopolies, to cryptocurrency and the benefits of blockchain—particularly how it can end monstrous government entities like the Federal Reserve.

Overall, I wouldn’t feel as optimistic about eventually downsizing government or reducing it completely if it wasn’t for all the new technological advances, because as I explained to Josh Sigurdson, now people finally have the opportunity to make a lot of government “services” obsolete, specifically the awful central banking system.

Some libertarians forget that social media can be an echo chamber, especially with the current hyper-partisan political climate dividing us further, but a lot of people don’t realize how nefarious the so-called Federal Reserve is. Central banking is a core tenet of communism that only benefits the top 1 percent, so both capitalists and progressives should recognize that it’s a total scam from the beginning.

However, as I’ve pointed out, the key is getting enough people to stop being used by banks, and start utilizing honest money like bitcoin or monero, so central banks become irrelevant and the ivory tower finally comes toppling down.

The biggest benefit of crypto is that it’s decentralized and can’t be controlled by anyone looking to game the system, which is essentially the opposite of how the monetary madness “works” currently. As history has shown, central banks can actually be bought and sold by powerful interests pretty easily. Remember the famous quote from the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”

Because cryptocurrency is a brand new monetary system that continues to gain popularity, people are starting to realize that we don’t have to be slaves to fiat funny money any longer. Secretive, unaccountable entities like “the Fed” are slowly being stripped of their power.

Enjoy The Full Interview Here:

Ending central banks would basically be cutting the head off the monster that controls the world. And, until we had bitcoin to rival fiat money, there really wasn’t a weapon of change to do what was needed. Now there is!

Society will benefit greatly from less coercive control, and more individual freedom. The popularity of Anarchapulco demonstrates that the future is decentralized communities based on consent. Of course, anarchists / libertarians also have way more fun than statists / authoritarians.

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