When The Currency Crisis Hits Home [VIDEO]

Kerry Lutz has been a student of Austrian Economics since 1977. While attending university, he stumbled upon an extensive cache of Austrian School literature in a dark, musty, abandoned section of the library.

Since then, Kerry has interviewed hundreds of financial luminaries. Suffice it to say he has a decent grasp of monetary theory, business cycles, and the like.

When it comes to emerging technologies and deciphering all things crypto, however, I’m humbled that Lutz, who worked for years as an attorney specializing in commercial law and litigation, considers me a go-to source:

“Jeff Berwick understands trends. He was on the Bitcoin bandwagon when it was $3 and was a seller at $19,000+. Now he believes that it’s gone full cycle and will be going even higher than before. The time to buy something is when it’s beaten up and down. Perhaps he’ll be right again. Certainly debt keeps piling up and there’s no solution in site, so it could well be cryptos to the rescue.”

Kerry recently had me back as a guest on his Financial Survival Network radio show, where our conversation covered pressing topics including precious metals, central bank money printing, the Chinese economy, hyperinflation and the role of cryptocurrency post-collapse.

One thing we definitely agree on is that inflation will eventually run rampant.

You Can Watch The Full Interview Here:


The most essential thing for economic survival and prosperity in the years ahead, as Lutz put it, will be “the ability to perceive reality and separate truth from government-inspired economic fantasy.”

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Jeff Berwick

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