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When Will the Big Banking Industry Collapse? [VIDEO]


After nearly 2 years since Bitcoin’s 2017 meteoric rise to $20,000—crypto is currently flirting with “All-Time-High” levels.

As the world’s most popular cryptocurrency began escalating beyond $13,000, the panic—and the bandwagoners—kicked into high gear.

I heard stories of people getting calls from friends begging for a crash course on how to purchase Bitcoin—FOMO, or fear of missing out, is never a good mindset for an investor.

Although the recent bull run has subsided a bit, the hype around cryptocurrencies is up, and even though we’ve still got plenty of work left to make banksters obsolete, more people are aware of fiat alternatives than ever before.

It’s simply a matter of convenience. If there’s one thing governments can’t stop (try as they might), it’s basic human innovation—people’s desire for easier, better lives is too strong even for the state’s institutionalized thuggery.


A better approach or a more efficient technology will naturally rise to the top—and crypto is to banking what the automobile was to the horse and buggy.

The major banks are all massively leveraged, but they’re not going to survive.

Indeed, not only will they fall but they will fall harder than most can imagine—the 2008 crash was nothing. Expect the banks to print massive amounts of “money” as hyperinflation takes off and even the biggest institutions come down.

In my recent vlog, I cover all of this and more from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Learn More In The Video:

Speaking of the Dominican Republic, this beautiful place has become the target of the latest fear-mongering campaign by the American state and it’s mainstream media collaborators.

The fake news has been reporting on the dangers of traveling to the Dominican Republic because American tourists are allegedly becoming sick and dying—yet out of the 7 million or so annual visitors, the stories have clearly been blown out of proportion.

It’s the fear industrial complex, but as I’ve said, we’re better off not operating from a place of fear—in life, business, and yes, in investing.

When we featured Bitcoin in The Dollar Vigilante back in 2011 when it was only $3, it was a bit risky, but I wasn’t operating from a fear-based mindset.

Of course, to this day, those who’ve signed up for our financial newsletter continue receiving cutting-edge insights into crypto markets, precious metals, and much more, so be sure to subscribe.

The banksters are the ones with something to fear… their corrupt days are numbered.

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