Is the Government the new God? [VIDEO]

Anarchy means freedom. Anarchists simply desire to live without a violent, coercive State. It’s all about returning power to the people.

A free market will always be more friendly and fair than one controlled by a centralized monopoly of power. Naturally, capitalism is not cruel, but what exists in the US today sadly is.

Many people believe this is because Government has essentially replaced God. Of course, Jesus Christ himself was an anarchist.

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Eric Gajewski is an expert in Traditional Catholic Faith and a noted critic of the modern Vatican. He runs TradCatKnight, one of the largest and most comprehensive Traditional Catholic hubs on the web, specializing in end-times prophecy.

I’ve interviewed so many intriguing people as the host of Anarchast, my popular video podcast, but joining Eric’s show as a guest led the two of us down one hell of a rabbit hole.

We spoke about everything from tax revolt and the Federal Reserve, to changing the world through self-improvement, precious metals, and the Essene gospels.

The 2008 crisis was obvious to Austrian economists, yet it was also a precursor of what’s to come. Statists thought Donny Debt would really be different, but Trump is no savior.

US debt has basically tripled since 2008, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down before it all crashes and burns.

Enjoy the full show here:

The political and financial establishment is a Satanic tool of enslavement. Still, in many ways, breaking free from the tainted dollar system has never been easier.

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Jeff Berwick

Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and creator of the popular video podcast, Anarchast. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including his own, the world's largest anarcho-capitalist conference, Anarchapulco, as well he has been embarrassed to have appeared in the fake mainstream media including CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg. Jeff also posts video content daily to YouTube, Bitchute, LBRY and 153News.

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