Why do people believe crazy conspiracy theories? [VIDEO]

How can some people actually believe the insane conspiracy theories about what happened 18 years ago in the USSA?

The horrific crimes carried out on that fateful day caused immense suffering and trauma.

When two airplanes took down three New York City towers, the world was stunned. For those too young to remember, memes serve as a reminder, mostly of the unanswered questions.


Nevermind that the highest ranking official to blow the whistle on 9/11 says the ‘Pentagram’ was not hit by a plane, but a missile.

Nevermind Trump making treasonous deals with Saudi terrorists that would make Hillary blush.

In my latest vlog from the dirty and noisy streets of Los Angeles, I reflect on where we are 18 years after September 11, 2001.

Watch the full video:

All this time and still no justice… but people are starting to wake up to reality more than ever.

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Jeff Berwick

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