If this is true, why don’t you hear about it? [VIDEO]

Mainstream outlets like CNBC constantly report skewed and useless information (unemployment figures, manufacturing numbers, etc.), so TV programming combined with twelve years of state indoctrination (public school) has many people dumbed down.

I’ll explain this simply…

Inflation is not a rise in prices, that’s the symptom of it. Inflation is an increase in the money supply.

Every transaction has one thing in common, whether it’s the US Dollar, the Euro, or the Japanese Yen, and that’s currency.

This is the primary cause of the business cycle, and this is how they manipulate interest rates… by manipulating money creation. Of course, ‘they’ are the bankster cartel with the help of the central bank.

There’s no mystery. TDV co-founder Edmond Bugos has been talking about it for two decades, and he’s one of a handful of people in the world that recalculates this statistic to be in line with the ‘Austrian’ definition of money.


Bugos breaks it down further:

“The prevailing theory and the way ‘they’ have marginalized this statistic (or why most professionals don’t track it) is by telling you that it is the effect of ‘economic growth’ rather than the cause.

They have done this in many ways, such as talking only about interest rates (something Greenspan brought in). Before Greenspan, the Friedman-influenced central bank would talk about money supply targets, and the Euro banks did this until the nineties.

The challenge with this statistic is that the lags and the precise effects are variable and hard to nail down.

One area I agree with Keynes is that not one man in a million is able to diagnose these effects precisely. That’s because the value of money is subjective in the end, and it is impossible to be able to predict how every individual in a large society will react or anticipate or compensate.

So the result is that all of this enables the establishment to suppress the rate of interest, helping the banks in turn to expand their assets, and the government to increase its tax revenues, the public debt, and so on.

The control of the money supply is the tool they use to manipulate interest rates, which is the source of the boom-bust cycle owing to three main factors: the malinvestment that it generates; the savings-investment imbalance it produces; and the fact that they have to reign it in once in a while to avoid realizing the risk of a total loss in confidence in the currency.”

I cover all of this in layman’s terms in my new walk and talk vlog from the breathtaking Bonaire Island in the Dutch Antilles.

Enjoy the full video:

It’s the end of days for the current system of government finance.

The powers that shouldn’t be have been relying on this racket to steal wealth from people for so long that finally, a potential solution in crypto has come to be!

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