The Ultimate Versatile Cash Crop? [VIDEO]

Cryptocurrency and cannabis: what do these two controversial commodities have in common? 


For one, they’re both burgeoning new markets with massive potential, despite what governments and mainstream media may have you believe. 


“We’re kinda stickin’ it to the pharmaceutical cartel [and] the banking cartel,” said fellow entrepreneur Joby Weeks in our recent interview:


 “You buy the cannabis plant with Bitcoin, and then every time that you have a harvest, you get paid back half in Bitcoin–so you’re growing your crypto, if you will.”


There’s something extremely appealing about bringing the world of crypto and cannabis together into a business opportunity–they really seem to go hand-in-hand, but of course who has time to start their own cannabis growing operation? 


From the land, to the regulations, to the extreme skill and care required to grow high-quality plants, it’s simply not feasible for most people to get into the competitive cannabis market (at least not legally).


Thankfully, there may be an ideal solution that enables people to get in on this budding industry–it’s called CannerGrow and as Joby explained:


“Anybody, anywhere on Earth can set up a Bitcoin wallet, and instead of buying a stock or security…we’ll actually sell a physical hemp plant, so you can just buy one plant or ten plants or a hundred… 


Then every two to three months, you chop the plant down, do a 50-50 split with the farmer…and then two to three months later, chop the plant, 50-50 split…”


It’s a unique idea for high return investment opportunities as well as a way to become an active participator in the cannabis business–all while operating off a crypto foundation. 


Coolest of all, there are countless medical benefits being discovered all the time when cannabis is applied for different conditions and ailments.


“It’s like medicine,” says Weeks, “you can Google CBD in cancer, CBD in arthritis, or seizures, or epilepsy, or all this stuff, and you can see amazing medical studies…”


Check out this fascinating interview to learn more. 


Enjoy the full show:



Government’s selective banning of cannabis is certainly reminiscent of the games being played against crypto. 


While all countries vary in how they regulate these two commodities, the greatest irony is how restrictive the self-proclaimed “land of the free” has been. 


Although weed laws have seen some slight progress from state to state, there are still countless roadblocks between people and their treatment of choice. 


Meanwhile, cannabis prohibition was recently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Mexico. 


To be blunt, it’s absolutely incredible how explosive the legal cannabis market has been and there’s no doubt about its growth ahead. The skyrocketing value of this crop reminds me of crypto’s massive rise in the face of endless criticism and condemnation. 


Flower to the People! 


It was back in 2011 when I first featured Bitcoin in The Dollar Vigilante newsletter–BTC was only $3 at the time! 


Needless to say, I and many others have seen incredible gains over the years, despite all the resistance we faced from bankster interests. 



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