YouTube Magic: People Are Being Disappeared [WATCH]

As I’ve been warning for months, the Interweb overlords are beginning to cull the content that we consume. Similar to the restrictive power of government, the “Big Tech” companies that once helped us disperse and share so much knowledge for years are now afraid that maybe we’re getting too smart for our own good. 


On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I was supposed to appear on comedian Sam Tripoli’s TinFoil Hat Podcast, a fun show that takes a satirical look at some serious issues. However, about two hours before I was scheduled to go on, Sam let me know that his podcast had been “disappeared.” 


I recently said this would happen around December 10, and now it’s happening even sooner…  


If you don’t know about Sam Tripoli, he’s a great LA-based comedian who’s friends with other libertarian comics such as Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope. 


While his TinFoil Hat Podcast has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years, it’s no laughing matter that it was getting a little too popular for the establishment bigwigs’ liking — so they decided to try to silence Sam’s voice entirely. 


This is something that keeps happening increasingly to controversial and libertarian personalities in the media. People like Alex Jones or Milo Yiannopoulos come to mind, those who are divisive enough that most people look the other way. 


Yet up until recently, this type of censorship has not been much of a problem for people on the left. When YouTube began to crack down on “hate speech” and other forms of so-called controversial content, that’s when some comedians like Tripoli and Jimmy Dore spoke up. 


As Sam tells me, he basically woke up to his phone “literally in flames” — blowing up from fans and supporters telling him that his YouTube page had been deleted. The main thing that surprised Sam about this is he had “no previous strikes” and most of his original videos had received the green or yellow symbol that allowed him to monetize them and make more for his YouTube channel. 


YouTube’s official explanation to Sam? That he was “pushing pharmaceuticals without prescription,” referencing two of the products that are SPONSORS for Sam’s show! The extra suspicious part? Both of those products literally have ongoing ads on Fox Sports Radio! 


Clearly there is a double standard here and Sam believes that it’s because of the nature of his content. 


“Whatever hate speech is, I don’t know what that term means,” Sam said. “All I know is that I didn’t do that… The mainstream media is dead.” 


Like most anarchists, I find any kind of censorship alarming, especially when it happens to comedians, who are supposed to be the arbiters and standard of free speech in the “free world” — always pushing the envelope while telling the truth in digestible ways. 


A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down — and laughter, after all, is the best medicine. 

Now, when the establishment attempts to suppress these voices, it usually means the official narrative is losing — people want the truth, and we can handle it. 


Fortunately, while anti-authoritarian voices are getting deplatformed or kicked off of traditional social media outlets, some of them are now finally transitioning to modern platforms like BitChute and others focused on decentralization, so we can continue to speak freely! 


Watch Sam’s reaction to being DISAPPEARED (plus my hot take):


Hopefully Sam’s popularity only grows as a result of this, as he and other comedians who speak truth to power continue to flourish on other outlets — after all, most people are ahead of the curve on this issue and are moving away from old, dying platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where censorship is the new norm.


The Tinfoil Hat Podcast getting deplatformed is just a small example of the years of work now gone from the internet forever. The good news is that with more censorship comes more alternatives to YouTube, like BitChute


In the meantime, I did finally make it to Tripoli’s LA studio to appear on his funny and fascinating show


We spoke about everything from comedy, sponsorship, and lack of fairness, to tariff wars, macro economics, the DNC, the democratic fallacy, and creating change. 


Enjoy the FULL (Banned from YouTube) show HERE:


Clearly the “powers that shouldn’t be” are ramping up their propaganda and indoctrination machines for a reason. 

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