How To Profit From Gold The Easy Way [VIDEO]

2020 has started off with quite a bang. 


Australia is on fire, World War 3 nearly broke out, and gold is skyrocketing


Of course, the rise in gold’s value is something I’ve been predicting for some time–with or without a WW3 situation looming. 


While cataclysmic disasters and political turmoil can often boost the price of gold, the truth is that this precious metal has sustained consistent value for decades and has been the standard for centuries. 


Founder of GoldMoney, James Turk has been publishing free market commentary and insights since 1987. 


“Gold continues to preserve purchasing power for long periods of time,” explained Turk in our recent interview. “For example, an ounce of gold today buys the same amount of crude oil it bought back in 1950–and silver does the same.” 


Elaborating, James describes how, back when he was a kid in the 1950s, his parents would drive into a local gas station and fill up the tank with 2 silver dollars–amazingly those 2 silver dollars can still purchase the same amount of gas


“You can’t say that for national currencies,” said Turk, “and particularly in this present environment with financial repression by central banks keeping interest rates artificially low–you lose money by keeping money in the banking system.” 

Between the mainstream economist’s fiat worship and the online buzz over crypto, the value of gold and silver gets overlooked and neglected. 


Yet as far as a solid, reliable, and secure investment is concerned, these time-tested precious metals are still among my favorites. 


The Money Bubble” author broke it down like this: 


“Silver has two particular demands–it’s a gold substitute… but it also has industrial demand… so depending on whether the industrial demand is up or down… more forces impact the price of silver than the price of gold.” 


At one point during our interview, James gives a powerful analogy for how these two assets are similar, yet distinct: 


“Owning gold is like flying in a 747, owning silver is like flying in an F-16–they both get you there but it’s an entirely different ride.” 


Not only did we cover the 5000-year-old history of gold as money, as well as our bullish take on silver, but we also discussed everything from government regulation and KYC to Gresham’s Law and tangible vs financial assets


Recent market movements suggest that 2020 is looking like a great year for gold and silver. Before the money bubble pops, check out this informative discussion! 

Enjoy the full video: 

The evolution and history of currency is fascinating. With the current rise of blockchain technology, the story’s becoming all the more complex. 


At the end of the day, there’s always been a recurring theme surrounding money: its capacity for good, and its capacity for evil. 


But as the often-misquoted saying goes, “the love of money is the root of all evil,” so as long as you don’t worship it, gold, silver, and some cryptos remain useful tools.  

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