Happy Juneteenth! Goodbye Aunt Jemima and Hello Greatest Depression and Hyperinflation

How dare you feature a smiling black granny on a box of buttermilk pancake mix? Are you implying she has to make it for you? Or a happy black uncle on a bag of rice? Are you saying he worked his hands to the bone in the Southern paddies to bring that rice to you, you privileged scumbag? And that he is happy about it?

I really don’t know what these brands and their racially stereotyping Mad Men were thinking. Putting African Americans on food products? For 130 years?  


Of course, it is especially important to eradicate all these neon flickering signs of white supremacy today of all days: Juneteenth – the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.

Sadly, quite a few troubling brands remain.

One of them is ConAgra. According to a Boston news site, the image on a box of Cream of Wheat, a beaming black man in a white chef’s uniform, has not been altered much since its debut in the late 19th century.


And then there are the many, many concerns expressed about the matronly shape of Mrs. Butterworth’s container. Based on an elderly white woman, Joy Butterworth’s tone of voice, physique and style of dress too strongly resemble that of a slave mammy. Off with her head!

With this one ConAgra Brands really showed their true colors. Racist, ageist, sexist, body shaming and offending the fashion police! Worst is they tried to pull it off by saying Mrs. Butterworth was “intended to evoke the images of a loving grandmother.”

It is ironic that two-centuries-old slavedom is the topic of the day, just as we are entering Slavedom 4.0 – the new and improved version. Not based on the color of your skin, or your ethnicity, or your religion… just plain old working for your Masters, earning them money and working off your debt, in exchange for them protecting you against the evil of viruses, or being out on the streets, begging for food.

So quit your low-wage job today, because it pays not to have an independent income! The US government’s CARES Act is literally incentivizing unemployment – creating millions of “philanthropy” addicts in one go.

Lucy and I were wondering what happened to Neil Ferguson, that eminent London doctor who “resigned” after being caught with his mistress, not adhering to his own wide-spread advice about social distancing. The same one who used a computer model to predict enormous death estimates – over 2.2 million in the US alone. Dr. Ferguson had previously published almost equally sensational death estimates for mad cow disease, bird flu and swine flu. The perfect man to fan the propaganda that makes people believe hospitals are running out of space and equipment and staff because of the “overwhelming” number of Coronavirus cases. Those same hospitals that are in line for their share of the 22 billion-dollar CARES-pie, also known as “Covid-19 High Impact Payments” …

This and more in today’s video, including a true All-American Hero!


Today, on Slave Day, think about what they’re doing. Really think about it. Then think about what you’re doing to stop it.

Publilius Syrius, a Roman slave who later became emancipated, said: “Debt is the slavery of the free.” He also said, “The opportunity is often lost by deliberating”.

The time to break free mentally, spiritually and physically is now. Tomorrow will be too late.

Wake up and take note!

“A debt … is just an exchange that has not been brought to completion.” 

– David Graeber, Debt: The First 5,000 Years

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