Bankster’s Paradise: New Normal World Order and Police State

After 102 days of no new Coronavirus cases, New Zealand’s Prime Murderer has just shut down 1.6 million Auckland residents – after FOUR people of the same family tested positive. Apparently they were tested after a man had strong symptoms including a fever and a cough, and the man’s partner also had strong symptoms…(Of the blahs and blue toes?).

The story is being shrouded in mystery.

Of course.

What else do you expect of a government that introduced a stealth law giving itself “extraordinary powers” and ordering police to conduct warrantless searches for viral criminals and use force in the face of viral misconduct?

The four confirmed cases acquired the virus from an unknown source. Authorities have not been able to find a link to overseas travel, or managed isolation, or contact with a high-risk person.

New Zealand’s borders have been closed since March and the only people allowed in have been in a two-week quarantine. Still, after 102 days of NOTHING, people who haven’t been out of the country or in contact with a border-crosser suddenly tested positive for Covid-19 – the virus which takes about 12 days to show its ugly face.

Previously, in late June, two cases of coronavirus were confirmed in New Zealand after going 24 days without a single case – leading to the resignation of the health minister who had already been demoted because he took his family to the beach during lockdown.


So where did it come from?

Maybe from the same place as Tanzania’s Covid-positive papayas and goats?

Or maybe IT’S THE FLU!

It’s kinda hard to feel sorry for the Kiwis though, who have meekly accepted their new totalitarian state without a bah… In fact, some were so mad with fear that they erected community roadblocks, with reports of community harassment and brutality to fellow community members – all in the name of stopping people from accessing the beach.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Aussies aren’t doing too well in their new police state.

The Melbourne March faded like snow in the sun at the first sign of police interference. And on today’s Lucy and Jeff Show you can watch how a woman is attacked by Oz cops and teens thrown around WWE style – for not wearing their muzzles.

In the USSA people would just draw their guns…oh, wait – skyrocketing gun sales have triggered a nationwide ammo shortage. Gun stores say it could last into 2021. Guess you’re going to have to shoot blanks. Sorta like all the big strong NFL and rugby players who are all bark and no balls in the face of the sniffles. 

Here in Campeche, Mexico, we are staying in a lovely hotel…no beach access allowed. If you’re wondering why we’re in a hotel on our mobile home road trip, watch the video to see why Lucy and I will never be on the cover of RV Lifestylers…

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You’re much more likely to see us on a plane or a boat in future. So if any pilot with a plane wants to come on an adventure with us, let me know in the video comment section!

Maybe we’ll visit our tiny-home community in Nicaragua where the beaches stretch for miles and no one cares if you want to build a sandcastle. Or just fly to Sweden which seems to be one of the only countries in the world not to bow to the One World Order.

“As long as siblings or other members of the family do not show symptoms of disease they can go to school, preschool, or their workplace.” – Sweden’s Public Health Agency

Even Swedish beaches are open…

Jeff Berwick

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