Covaids 1984 and the Kill Gates Globalist Dictatorship

The 1%.

A term typically used to refer to people among the top 1% wealthiest Americans, as measured by either annual income or net worth.

Most people hate them; want to be them. But these are not the people you should resent. They’re generally just people working hard and smart and

Turns out, the 1% have their own 1 percent. It’s called the 0.1%. And the top three categories of businesses that the poor 0.1% slave in day in and day out are – surprise, surprise:

Finance (Controls your money)

Technology (Controls your information)

Retail (Controls your food)

Healthcare (Controls your body)

Then there’s Bill Gates, who somehow manages to be worshipped for his skill and enterprise in all those…plus the fifth get-rich-big scheme: Climate Change and the Water & Energy Crisis.  

Forget the 1%, you want to be in the 15%

But having said all that, forget about the 1%. It’s clear from the many countries who are announcing they demand at least a 75% vaccinated population that where you really want to be is in the 15%.

Then… you want to stay far away from the 75%. Sorry gran, my kids can’t come near you because you’ve been vaxxed. More about why this is super important in today’s video where you can see Lucy and I freezing our tacos off. Also some good stuff on Satan Klaus and Kill Gates and a real-life reenactment in Spain of a Fingermen scene from V for Vendetta.

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In May 2020, the UK’s The Guardian wrote that “Vaccines are simple in principle but complex in practice. The ideal vaccine protects against infection, prevents its spread, and does so safely. But none of this is easily achieved, as vaccine timelines show.”

Then they gave all the reasons why there probably wouldn’t/shouldn’t be a Covaids vaccine:

“More than 30 years after scientists isolated HIV we have no vaccine. The dengue fever virus was identified in 1943, but the first vaccine was approved only last year, and even then amid concerns it made the infection worse in some people. The fastest vaccine ever developed was for mumps. It took four years.

Scientists have worked on coronavirus vaccines before, so are not starting from scratch. Two coronaviruses have caused lethal outbreaks before, namely Sars and Mers, and vaccine research went ahead for both. But none have been licensed, partly because Sars fizzled out and Mers is regional to the Middle East. The lessons learned will help scientists create a vaccine for Sars-CoV-2, but there is still an awful lot to learn about the virus. 

A chief concern is that coronaviruses do not tend to trigger long-lasting immunity. About a quarter of common colds are caused by human coronaviruses, but the immune response fades so rapidly that people can become reinfected the next year.

The genetic stability of the virus matters too. Some viruses, such as influenza, mutate so rapidly that vaccine developers have to release new formulations each year.

Another challenge: making any vaccine safe. In the rush to develop a vaccine – there are now more than 100 in development – safety must remain a priority. Unlike experimental drugs for the severely ill, the vaccine will be given to potentially billions of generally healthy people.

This means scientists will have to check extremely carefully for signs of dangerous side-effects. During the search for a Sars vaccine in 2004, scientists found that one candidate caused hepatitis in ferrets. Another serious concern is “antibody-induced enhancement” where the antibodies produced by a vaccine actually make future infections worse. The effect caused serious lung damage in animals given experimental vaccines for both Sars and Mers.”

That’s right folks. Animals keep dying in trials to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus, which is why they’ve never unleashed it on humans.

But not to worry, they’re not testing on animals this time. They’re experimenting on you and your kids and parent and friends.

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“Let the dead bury the dead, don't let the lemmings trample you on the way to the cliff”. 

–– Dr. Christiane Northrup

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