The Ten Stages to Satan Klaus’ Fourth Reich Genocide

Three guesses who said this:

“Even crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk”.

If you said Kill Gates, you’d be on the right track. Elon Musk, too, subscribes to the ideal that humans should merge with AI to avoid the risk of becoming irrelevant. He is the co-founder of Neuralink, a start-up that reportedly wants to link the human brain with a computer interface.

But it was in Satan Klaus’s 2020 book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset” when the deep state came out of the shadows.

That’s right, our favorite globalist Klaus Schwab, he of the WEF and steering committee member in the Bilderberg meetings, made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of “The Great Reset” when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”.

In his book he clarifies that this refers to implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.

On the surface, the Great Reset means reduced incomes and carbon use. But Schwab and the WEF also define the Great Reset in terms of the convergence of economic, monetary, technological, medical, genomic, environmental, military, and governance systems. The Great Reset would involve vast transformations in each of these domains, changes which, according to Schwab, will not only alter our world but also lead us to “question what it means to be human.”

Lucy and I agree: Those who aren’t already questioning what it means to be human are in deep trouble… Because governments sure aren’t cheerleaders for being human. Not for a long, long time. If ever. Certainly not during the 1918 Spanish Flu when Rockefeller and his friend, head medical expert, Frederick Gates, experimented with “shedding” vaccines. Also not very human friendly to say that “we’re going to take things away from you for the common good” –– courtesy Hillary Clinton. Definitely not very human to keep a whole island trapped like prisoners –– refusing entry and exit to friends and family of Ozzie inmates.

More about “it’s not a conspiracy when they do it openly” in today’s video! As well as a masked cat, which gave Lucy a lot of satisfaction.

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Talking of islands though… There are some pretty nice ones in Mexico.

Not remotely similar to the 2005 movie The Island (creepily set in 2019), where a white-garbed dystopian community lives in an isolated compound –– governed by a strict set of rules. The residents are told that the outside world has become too contaminated to support life with the exception of a beautiful blue-skyed, palm-treed pathogen-free island. Each week, one resident gets to leave the compound and live on the island by way of a lottery, an idyllic promise that gets them giddy with excitement.

Except, they’re really clones about to be terminated to provide needed organs when the elitist person who supplied his or her DNA falls ill.

It’s a lot closer to reality than you might think.

While every aspect of the Great Reset involves technology, the Great Reset specifically entails “the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” or transhumanism, which includes the expansion of genomics, nanotechnology, and robotics and their penetration into human bodies and brains. Of course, the fourth Industrial Revolution involves the redundancy of human labor in increasing sectors, to be replaced by automation. But moreover, Schwab hails the use of nanotechnology and brain scans to predict and preempt human behavior.

  • The Great Reset means the issuance of digitized medical passports, as well as the transparency of medical records inclusive of medical history, genetic makeup, and disease states. But it could include the implantation of microchips that would read and report on genetic makeup and brain states such that “[e]ven crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.”
  • On the genomic front, the Great Reset includes advances in genetic engineering and the fusion of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics.
  • In military terms, the Great Reset entails the creation of new battle spaces including cyberspaces and the human brain as a battle space.
  • In terms of governance, the Great Reset means increasingly centralized, coordinated, and expanded government and “governmentalities,” the convergence of corporations and states, and the digitalization of governmental functions, including, with the use of 5G and predictive algorithms, real-time tracking and surveillance of bodies in space or the “anticipatory governance” of human and systems behavior.

It's not a movie with a happy ending. For most. 

There are some things you can do for a better outcome though, and one of those is to find your community. Whether that is to join The Dollar Vigilante, or share your thoughts about our planned development in Puerto Vallarta, the choice is yours. 

“No man is an island, entire of itself.” ― John Donne

Jeff Berwick

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