Government-Approved Apartheid, Mindless Zombies, and Another One Bites The Dust

Something that outrages the masses today, is the very idea that people could possibly be charged, tried and convicted based on their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation etc. etc. Freedom fighters of all tribes would tell you stories about how they fought, looted, rioted, bombed, burned bras and marched naked for ‘equal rights’. 

Yet, there is no public outcry about a huge sign that recently went up inside the Vancouver airport: 

Unvaccinated line up this way. 

Fully Vaccinated go in a different queue. 

If this was 50 years ago in Apartheid South Africa, the world would’ve gone nuts, literally off their heads fuming at the brutal injustice and discrimination of it all… 

In fact, this is the sign that greets you today at the entrance to the Apartheid Museum in South Africa.

Uncannily similar to the one in Vancouver, Canada. 

Another globally condemned evil of that era was the Apartheid Passbook. Passbooks were used in apartheid South Africa to classify anyone who wasn’t white.This book would have stipulated where a Black South African was allowed to work, and it was also used to segregate the population and manage urbanization – people could not travel from one town to another without showing a passbook.

It totally controlled and restricted movement and freedom. 

The people of South Africa designated as “black” or “coloured” were forced to carry them at all times or risk being jailed or fined. Police stations would often conduct raids in the middle of the night to enforce the pass laws. They would break down doors, and demand to see passbooks, often taking parents away from children with little to no care about the consequences.

Restaurants, bars, beaches, bus stations – all facilities and amenities were separated.

Unvaccinated line up this way. 

Fully Vaccinated go in a different queue. 

Are you starting to see any similarities here? We talk about the Holocaust a lot – and the boxcars that wil take you away to the camps. But this is a much more recent, and perhaps closer-to-home example of how easy it is for governments to decree segregation, based on whatever they want to base it on. 

Watch today’s video for more examples of how history is repeating itself, the same mindless zombies silently acquiescing…because the government said so…

Watch on: | Rumble | Brighteon

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayan

Jeff Berwick

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