The Covaids Plandemic: Will You Be Leaving Quietly?

The USSA is back to enforcing masks. Doesn’t matter if you’re jabbed or part of The Great Unvaxxed. 

As per CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky: “New data” shows breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals can spread as much virus as an unvaccinated person. 

Despite this, the CDC director continued to demand that people go get vaccinated. And said that vaccinated people will have to wear masks again due to people who opted not to take the jab…


Then there’s Kanada. Which “absolutely” expects a rise in COVID-19 cases starting in September and is already preparing to respond to the potential surge.

You see, that’s how good these vaccines are: 

  • You still have to wear a mark
  • You are still contagious
  • You should still stay far away from children, old people, other vaxxers and The Great Unvaxxed
  • You should still be socially distant; and
  • You will need booster shots!

What’s not to appreciate? Hurry! Go get your vax at a Mcdonalds near you!

Oh, and basically no one can prove you’re indeed positive – because the PCR tests can’t identify between the Covaids and the flu. 

Told ya… 

All of this and more in today’s Lucy & Jeff walk n’ talk. And we also discuss the blatant selfishness of the 100 unjabbed athletes from Team USA at the Olympics, who, by not getting vaxxed, have shown themselves to be: 

  • Terrible teammates, potentially endangering their fellow athletes because they are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 and potentially knocking themselves and others out of their events through contact tracing protocols; and
  • Horrible guests, potentially endangering their Japanese hosts because they are at a far greater risk of bringing COVID into the largely unvaccinated Japanese population than vaccinated Americans are.

Ironic, isn’t it, that the three athletes who have been kicked out for testing positive are all fully vaccinated…

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Perhaps the Rulers would be wise to refresh their French Revolution studies. 

“The French Revolution was nothing but a precursor of another revolution, one that will be bigger, more solemn, and which will be the last.” — Francois-Noel Babeuf

Jeff Berwick

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