The Fast and the Fungible: Shemitah Crypto and Stock Market Crash Continues

It’s freezing in Mexico as I record this, so it must be the climate change! 

You know, somewhere along the line a Swedish teenager dictated that global warming become climate change, and then the flu became Covaids, the lethal injection became SADS and Vax Shingles and/or Aids became Monkeypox! 

My apologies to any and all sheeple who are offended at this blatantly racist stigmatization of monkeys. 

Of course, I suppose that makes sense, because it’s hard to blame STROKES and the SADS on global warming, right? 

And, have you heard? Hot weather (dehydration) causes blood clots. 

So yes, a snow blizzard in Mexico in June, as reported, is sketchy AF.  A massive hail storm… not so much.

Wake me up when September ends

And we’re not even in September yet. I’ve been warning for a while that bad things happen in Shemitah year, but I didn’t realize it’s known for its comedy too. 


“Insurrection-Deniers” being blamed for inflation…  

Janet Yellen screaming “What Inflation?” and then, “What recession?” 

Jokus – the United States’ walking meme. It’s clear the world needs Biden like fish need a bicycle.

Israel and UAE masking up for the “5th wave”. And, Germany, who just a month earlier dropped all vax requirements for travel, already warning of a mask mandate from October to next Easter. Whether this will be as a caution against Covaids 5.0 or Monkeypox remains to be seen. 

And, speaking of… 

Canadian travelers have been warned to be extra cautious of the primate shingles. 

But don’t worry! Because even if you or your partner has monkeypox, you can still have sex if you keep your clothes on… or masturbate that magical 6-feet from each other… 

This is a Shemitah year so nothing surprises me. 

Except maybe the fact that not brushing your teeth properly can lead to strokes, heart disease, and dementia. 

Who knew? 

Lots more in today’s video about crypto, the stock market, Binance, Michael Obama, and tacos.

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“Money will come and go. We all know that. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now.” – Dom Toretto | Fast and Furious 5

Jeff Berwick

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