The 4th Industrial Reich Is Here, It’s Called Agenda 2030

If like me, you were a kid in the 1970s, your idea of what the future would be like was influenced heavily by the lives of The Jetsons – a middle-class family of four – Jane, George, and their two kids, Elroy and Judy – who lived in a space town called Orbit City in the year 2062.

They set the scene for a future that was neither dystopian nor utopian — definitely not “Mad Max” but not the peaceful Federation of “Star Trek” either.

In fact, George Jetson was born on July 31, 2022, which means we’re supposed to be 40 years away from the Jetsons’ apartment high above the clouds where they had a flat-screen TV, tablet computers, and a robot vacuum. (Of course, in Jetsons: The Movie, made in 1990, there are indications they live that way because of ground-level pollution)

To 1960s audiences, the Jetsons’ videophone seemed like a dream.

But that’s not all, The Jetsons’ modern appliances included voice-activated alarm clocks, holograms, and a bored version of Siri. The whole family routinely made Zoom calls, Elroy had a drone and what looked like an Apple Watch, and George’s boss relaxed on a tanning bed, which wasn’t created until the 1970s.

They even had what looks like 3D printing for homemade meals. At that point in time, the Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle might even have had Soylent Green on tap.

Because, lest we forget, the 1973 overpopulation classic Soylent Green is also set in 2022… a cannibalistic cautionary tale predicting Impossible Meat Substitutes. (More about that next time) 

Ah, the seventies. 

An era marked by stagflation, gas queues, unemployment lines, and the peak of the Misery Index. But are we really on the same path the American economy took during the 1970s? And if so, can we stop it?

Not if Satan ‘The Terminator’ Klaus has anything to do with. Or any of the “anti-facists” who are the biggest fagg…I mean facists of them all. 

Get your 3D printer ready, because eat the bugs you must…unless shoot the gun you can. 

In today’s show we take a closer look at Nancy Pelosi. Is she high on life… or Adderal? Fauci gives tips on how to prevent the Monkeypox, and I try to do the math to see how Finland, Ausjalia, Israel, Kanada, China, Africa, and the South Pole can all warm up twice as fast as the others. 

And lots more which may cause you anxiety – the latest in ‘legitimate’ reasons for arrest.

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Jeff Berwick

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